eCommerce Essential Technologies & Tools: Increase Productivity of Supply Chain Operations Today

by | Jun 12, 2020 | E-commerce Industry

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With the announcement of online services resuming, although with restrictions, the eCommerce sellers all around the country are moving back to their operations and are ensuring that their services reach the consumers quick and easy!

As the Corona outbreak has forced consumers to rely on the services of online platforms to fulfil demands, there has been a steep slope of changing consumer behaviour towards purchasing goods right from their homes and this trend is sure to last as the world is now adapting to new practises of strong hygiene and social distancing. 

Due to these, eCommerce businesses can expect a huge surge in demands, customer queries and expectations of faster deliveries. However, restrictions imposed by the lockdown resulted in severe on ground disruptions for logistics services, along with the migration of many labourers back to their hometown forcing the e-commerce players to revisit their operations and reduce dependence on manual tasks. 

For all eCommerce sellers to be able to address these challenges, it is highly necessary to incorporate important tools and technologies that can enable automation of services to ensure no more delays in business operations

To be able to address these requirements, we have compiled the list of some of the most useful tools to help you focus on potential solutions to improve profitability, increase productivity and handle operations during this time enabling a better future for your eCommerce business.


Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform with 1M+ brands and businesses across 175 countries running their eCommerce store-fronts on it.

Shopify enables retailers to move their business online to focus on their online growth. 

With plug-and-play themes to choose from, the platform enables businesses in developing store designs, management of products and collections, enablement of marketing campaigns, etc.

Businesses can easily automate manual tasks such as order processing, marketing campaigns, analytics and reporting, customer communication and launch any new feature or integration with third-parties as well. 

With Shopify, your business can incur low development and resource costs along with zero maintenance costs all of which can help scale up profits, proving for this platform to be a topmost technology to onboard in your business. 

Razorpay (Thirdwatch)

Razorpay Thirdwatch provides an in-depth AI/ML based solution for eCommerce companies to tackle Return to origin (RTO) orders and Cash on Delivery (COD) fraud, which allows businesses to increase their operational efficiency and reduce losses.

With surge in demands, cancellations or RTOs increase as well and for businesses to maintain a profitable flow, it becomes crucial to focus on restricting these returned/cancelled orders to cut back on any extra costs of shipping. 

Thirdwatch analyses over 200 parameters about each eCommerce order placed in near real-time to recognize various patterns like address issues, fraud behaviour, suspicious email IDs/phone numbers, impulse purchase behaviour etc 

These checks enable businesses to prioritize genuine orders for fulfilment, management of undeliverable orders, and to flag out suspicious/fraud orders making this platform a highly essential tool for your business.

Yellow Messenger

Yellow Messenger is a leading conversational AI platform that caters to over 250+ enterprises across the globe, handling over a billion conversations quarterly.

The platform allows businesses to directly reach out to their customers via their preferred channels, eliminating the need for aggregators. This is especially crucial in these unprecedented times where digital commerce is on the rise and consumers are looking for an exceptional brand experience.

Yellow Messenger enables enterprises to leverage WhatsApp Business accounts to drive end-to-end eCommerce and support. The advantage here is that with a channel like WhatsApp that has a pre-aggregated audience, you can easily start with a basic WhatsApp Business account with little backend requirements. This enables you to kickstart impactful conversations with your customers without having to wait for all the pieces of the selling ecosystem to fall into place, making it one of the fastest ways to interact with your customers.

In short, conversational AI in conjunction with a communication channel like WhatsApp opens up a low-investment, high-reward channel for direct commerce


ClickPost is a logistics intelligence platform which helps eCommerce companies rapidly optimize their operations, logistics costs in order to improve customer experience.

With AI-based selection of courier partners and pre-integrations with 100+ courier services, the platform ensures lower logistics costs for businesses with the ability to onboard partners within a day making the entire process seamless. 

Clickpost allows real-time tracking of orders with constant updates via email, texts, etc. to reduce manual efforts and increase accuracy of deliveries all of which lower the rate of RTOs and hence an improved customer experience.

ClickPost helps companies automate their tracking & customer communication to allow better customer experience and enhanced satisfaction making it an extremely useful tool for your business.


Trusted by more than 4 million customers, this cross-border payments platform empowers small businesses, marketplaces and enterprises to grow their global commerce, serving around 200 countries and territories.

Payoneer’s technology, compliance, operations and banking infrastructure empowers businesses by delivering a suite of services that includes cross-border payments, tax solutions and risk management.  

Businesses get the option to instantly connect with customers around US, UK, EU, Japan, Canada, Australia and Mexico with accounts in multiple currencies having the freedom to receive payments in different formats including Credit Card, Debit card, etc, view payment history and receive notifications about key financial transactions, special offers, and other account activities.

Payoneer allows you to tap emerging opportunities and expand to new markets making it a necessary tool for your business.


One of India’s highly reliable last-mile delivery platforms with a network of more than 25,000 delivery partners, more than 5000 vans active across 65 cities in India,  Shadowfax is a cross-category crowdsourced logistics platform offering tech-driven solutions towards optimizing partner efficiency and providing a cost-effective express logistics solution for eCommerce, restaurants, FMCG, pharma as well as online & offline retailers. 

Shadowfax ensures deliveries even to remote areas with an omnichannel offering specifically designed for essential businesses to help them service the complete city within 24 hours.

The logistics platform allows best-in-class rider serviceability, multi-modal delivery options via vans or bikes, and flexible delivery schedules like hyperlocal in the vicinity, next day in farther areas. Apart from this, Shadowfax has exclusive tie-ups with Indian Railways, airlines and leading trucking operators to maintain an uninterrupted intercity supply of goods

All of these features make the delivery provider a profoundly important technology for your business to have in order to increase business profitability. 


Shiprocket is India’s leading eCommerce logistics aggregator, serving 40,000 active Direct to Consumer sellers with its lowest shipping costs, widest pin code reach and dedicated customer service. Providing bulk shipping rates with no minimum order requirements.

The company optimizes existing logistics infrastructure using data and AI to offer seamless shipping solutions for every online seller. Shiprocket is partnered with as many as 17 expert courier partners enabling sellers to ship products across 26,000+ pin codes in India and to over 220 countries globally.

With Shiprocket’s Logistics Aggregator Model, Courier Recommendation Engine (CORE), Shipping Rate Calculator and more such services sellers get to choose the right courier partners for each shipment, cost efficiency for the given pickup and delivery pin codes and transparency about the relevant shipping costs for their delivery areas.

Shiprocket provides better coordination with the buyers according to their shipping requirements and ensures a higher chance of delivery by optimizing cost per shipments making it a highly recommended tool for workflow automation for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 


Unicommerce has been simplifying supply chain operations for 10,000+ eCommerce sellers, retailers, and brands by automating their operations across online & offline sales channels.

A one-stop solution for all eCommerce needs, the platform provides integration or has partnership across all domains of the eCommerce ecosystem. The solutions are designed to benefit eCommerce businesses by enabling sustainable operations that result in growth, cost efficiency, and an overall increase in productivity.

Unicommerce enables processes such as multichannel order, inventory and returns management, advanced warehouse management, dropship fulfilment solution, omnichannel selling across 40+ online marketplaces, website platforms, offline stores and much more.

With 30+ pre-integrated Logistics providers, and 10+ ERP & POS systems, Unicommerce provides a single source of various technologically backed solutions to increase productivity for all business operations making it a top requirement for your eCommerce business.

In Conclusion 













These tools and technologies can help you eliminate any more obstructions and lack of services that may put your business at risk.

The effects of Coronavirus have given way to new trends and practices indicating how technology will take over and a restricted approach to manual dependency on things is going to drive the way eCommerce operates henceforth and so it becomes necessary for your business to incorporate high-end services to quickly tackle losses and bring back your productivity and profitability that will ensure a better future for your business.

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