Unicommerce Strikes the Right Chord in Ecommerce

by | Sep 5, 2014 | E-commerce Industry, Inventory Management, Multichannel Retailing, Order Fulfillment

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They dreamt of starting a company 8 years back but they couldn’t do it for one or the other reason. When they started Unicommerce, it not only became one of the 50 most promising cool startups of the year 2014 but also one of the fastest growing ecommerce management software & fulfillment solutions in India. Unicommerce offers a tech platform (cloud-based solution)to ecommerce companies and to sellers, who are selling on multiple market places – enabling them to manage their order, inventory, and warehouses at a centralized place.

They are Ankit Pruthi (CEO), Karun Singla (CTO), and Vibhu Garg (COO), founders of Unicommerce, founded in 2012. With an intention to set up a company, they quit their jobs sometime in October 2011. While serving their notice period, they thought what idea to implement. They took 3 months to come up with an idea of inventory and warehouse management, and within few months they developed a product Uniware. They decided to launch it and the response from the market was tremendous.

In the next one year they reached out to every mid size and large size company in the country, and by December 2013, there were around 50 enterprise clients doing 20,000 orders a day through their system.

During this period, they diverted their focus to the problems of small retailers (SME’s), who were struggling to keep track of invoices, inventories, deliveries, payments, and catalogs where their merchandise listed in a multi-channel market. To solve this, they developed a sophisticated solution that used SaaS (software as a service) model. This solution gave retailers a single panel to track orders on multiple channels. It can integrate with more than 25 shipping services for timely deliveries.


Right now, they have more than 250 clients – enterprises plus SMEs. And collectively they would be processing close to 30,000 to 35,000 orders a day through their system.

Within a year of start up, they received funding from Nexus Venture Partners – India’s leading Venture Capital fund.

Anup Gupta, MD, Nexus Venture Partners said, “Unicommerce is fulfilling a growing market need in India and overseas for simple, easy to deploy and use order, inventory management and fulfillment platform for online and offline businesses. We are excited about the opportunity and delighted to partner with the bright and nimble team at Unicommerce.”

The biggest challenge, according to Pruthi, is getting small businesses to overcome their technophobia in adopting SaaS. “We’re resolving this by training them to use the product.” he said.

Unicommerce has plans to expand its business globally along with better penetration in Indian markets.