Fully Automated Multichannel Order, Inventory & Warehouse Management  Solutions  for Ecommerce Businesses, Retailers & Sellers

Robust Warehouse Management Solution

The fully automated warehouse management solutions of Unicommerce allows you to handle all your inward and outward warehouse operations,  such as: 

  • Maintaining healthy stock levels for all sales channels

  • Enabling location-allocation to multiple facilities

  • Providing real-time inventory and order updates

  • Allowing logistics management and shipment tracking

  • Rendering auto inventory replenishment management

  • Implementing features such as handheld, FIFO, FEFO, cycle count etc

Advanced Omnichannel Retailing Solutions

The highly effective omnichannel technology of Unicommerce helps you to seamlessly manage both your online and offline sales channels by enabling you to:

  • Centralize order and inventory across multiple locations

  • Access real-time updates on stock availability

  • Route online orders to the closest offline store to improve processing time

  • Provide faster deliveries and achieve higher order fulfilment rate

  • Minimize logistics cost and improves operational efficiency

  • Utilize features such as Click and Collect, Endless Aisle etc

Reliable Multichannel Order & Inventory Management

The extremely accurate and fully automated order and inventory management solutions of Unicommerce assist you in analyzing your products better by:

  • Centralizing inventory management across 45+ marketplaces, carts, websites, etc
  • Offering complete visibility of stocks for multiple sales channels from a single panel  
  • Increasing delivery efficiency and lowering operational costs
  • Allowing Quick integration of online and offline inventory for faster order processing
  • Enabling features such as auto inventory replenishment, handheld, aging inventory, etc

Effective Dropshipping & Marketplace Seller Management Solutions 

The efficient vendor management solutions offered by Unicommerce closely monitor all your vendor relations and empower you to strengthen communications with them to achieve:

  • Efficient order processing and inventory update from sellers on your website

  • Accurate order status and accurate reports for each order being routed

  • Real-time tracking and management of shipments to improve deliveries

  • Seamless integration with your existing ERP/CRM systems to marketplaces

  • Cost-effective operations for enhancing product assortment to avoid stock-outs


Unicommerce provides seamless integrations with leading accounting software systems such as Tally ERP, Busy., etc  to create reports based on performance, inventory, purchase, sales, etc., manage and track key business metrics,  plan cost-effective business operations, simplify the process of return filing and a lot more.


Unicommerce enables integrations to 30+ leading shipping providers to upscale delivery process and improve customer experience by allocating shipments to multiple shipping providers based on serviceability, tracking and updating shipment status, splitting or merging shipments as per requirement and more.


Unicommerce enables accurate analysis and handling of all kinds of returns, RTO or CIR by automating online returns management process, providing returns reconciliation to improve profitability, improving reverse pickup operations, reducing the time taken to process online returns, allowing partial returns for multiple order items, integrating returns process to client ERP systems and a lot more

Advantages of Using Unicommerce Technology Solutions

Experience tremendous growth, increased profitability and enhanced productivity of your  eCommerce business operations with Unicommere!

Online/Offline Store Integration
Dynamic Order Allocation

Warehouse Inward / Outward
RFID Barcode Scanning

Centralized Inventory
Vendor management

Easy stock rotation
Barcoding-integrated stock software
Warehouse inventory management
Integrated Omni-channel Order Management

On Eating Frogs

“If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the bigger one first.”

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