Our Unicommerce Team

Kapil Makhija – CEO


IIT then IIM, Joined as a Director and now a CEO. Strategist of Unicommerce, who has successfully taken the Unicommerce to new heights and opened the gates for new dimensions and global expansions. He brings an infectious energy to work each day, defining company strategy and direction, gaining alignment and ensuring each team has what it needs to execute. His vision is to make the firm a pioneer in supply chain automation industry by providing a robust and simplified solution.

Ankit Khandelwal – COO


IIT, then Vice President and now COO. Operations expert of Unicommerce, who has successfully built the team and helped the company to conquer the initial barriers wearing multiple hats leading sales, product and operations in the initial phases. Now, he is the commanding officer to take it to the new heights. His vision is to build a strong customer-centric team to provide best in class service.

Bhupinder Garg – CTO


IIT, then Technology Director, now a CTO. He leads the Unicommerce product vision and technology strategy for simplifying supply chain industry. He is a hands-on engineer, architect and practical go to market strategist, who loves adapting cutting edge technology to solving tough business problems in away that delivers long term value to our customers.

Technology and Product Team – The Architects

Product Creators & Innovators, a team who always works to evolve the Unicommerce solution to meet latest demands.

Sales Team – The Face of Unicommerce

Product Consultants, a team who knows what’s best for your business and help you choose the best Unicommerce solution.

GoLive and Support Team – The Product Experts

Highly Skilled Product Experts, a team who understand your business model and help to set up the Unicommerce solution to get best out of the product and always available to answer all the queries

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