Ensure 100% Inventory Traceability With E-commerce Returns Management

Manage your CIRs and RTOs effectively, ensuring smooth & quick turnaround time with our highly efficient returns management software.
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Unicommerce’s E-commerce Returns Management System

The return management solution of Unicommerce offers a centralized panel to manage account reconciliation for marketplaces returns and inventory against all the returns. The return module is highly efficient to centrally manage CIRs and RTOs effectively, ensuring smooth and quick turnaround time. If returns are a pain point in your organization, you definitely need to check our curated solutions.

Optimize, Automate, and Streamline E-commerce Returns Management

Unicommerce’s Returns Management system is specially crafted to manage end-to-end order returns with complete efficiency. It is systematic, organized, and authentic to deliver unimaginable results. 

Deploy the future-ready e-commerce returns management system that will eventually let you amplify your profit margins while growing your bottom line.

  • Scalable Return Operations 

The comprehensive e-commerce returns management software lets your business adapt to the changing landscape while managing returns seamlessly that eventually improve your profitability.

  • Less Manpower Cost 

The automation of operations leads to less manpower cost eventually letting you improve your profit margins.

  • Reduced Operational Cost 

With the complete transparency of operations, you can prevent unreasonable returns by optimizing the overall operational cost. 

  • No Wastage Of Resource 

The refined and systematic operations through a single panel let you save the unnecessary movement of inventory, which eventually saves the wastage of resources. 

future-ready ecommerce returns management system

Enhance your customer experience by building and maintaining robust relationships with them so that they shop again from you.

  • Smooth Order Replacement  

The AI-driven technology system allows you to execute return pick-up and deliver replacement orders simultaneously. 

  • Facilitating Quick Refunds 

The advanced system ensures clear visibility to the vendor about the returns received, thus eliminating the delay in managing the complexity of customer refunds.

  • Variety Of Product Options 

The smooth system facilitates easy returns processes exposing the products immediately over various marketplaces, giving customers a plethora of options. 

  • Quick Updates On Returns 

With the streamlined operations over a unified platform, retailers can directly associate with customers while communicating the current status of their returns. 

smooth order replacement

Run your business operations smoothly and efficiently by minimizing the rate of order returns that will eventually reduce your operational cost.

  • Reports And Analytics 

You can reduce the potential returns by deeply scrutinizing the reasons for the returns with the reports and analytics segment of the system. 

  • Outbound QC

AI-based outbound QC lets you check the quality of the product so that your customers don’t return damaged products. 

  • Order Verification Workflow 

The returns management software features an order verification workflow that helps you reduce returns in unserviceable Pincodes 

  • Automated Operations 

With the returns features, every function becomes automated, letting you minimize the possibility of incorrect product delivery. 

order verification workflow

Streamline and manage workforce while maintaining profit margins with thousands of outbound deliveries and incoming returns.

  • Fast Order Returns 

With the clearer visibility of inventory and system being structured properly, you can process movements of reverse logistics quickly.

  • Improved Order Fulfillment 

The e-commerce returns management system streamlines the order fulfillment process with 3PLs, allowing you to fulfill orders efficiently. 

  • User Specific Role 

Vendors can assign specific user roles across their teams to ensure that all the information for a return moves quickly between your systems 

  • Centralized Panel 

The comprehensive product returns management solution through a centralized panel lets you manage returns across all sales channels. 

fast order returns with unicommerce

Features of Unicommerce’s Returns Management Software

Organize the events included in the Reverse Logistics process while powering up the business operations with a smooth, efficient, and one of the best Returns Management solutions from Unicommerce. 

Automatic Reverse Pick Up

Frame your own rules and regulations on the basis of which the order delivery and the return pickup can be automatically allocated to the desired shipping provider. 

Scalable Integration

Incorporate 160+ stable integrations in order to seamlessly create Customer Returns for all the marketplaces returns and Courier returns for all shipping provider returns.

Quick Turnaround Time

Centrally manage CIRs and RTOs effectively, ensuring smooth and quick turnaround time with our robust yet flexible return module.

Partial Returns

Ease out your efforts of managing the returns of the multiple order items with partial returns feature that facilitates fragmentary returns easily and effortlessly 

Advanced Returns Dashboard

Get actionable insights about why customers are returning the products with an elaborated and advanced returns dashboard that eventually lets you optimize your operations. 

Scan Returns Accurately

Update the shelf code and return reason with the unified platform of Unicommerce and capture complete information about returns, leading to faster and accurate returns. 

Customer Initiated Returns (CIR)

Handle returns that are initiated by your customers, through multiple sales channels including marketplaces and vendors, depending upon the origination of the return.

Return to Origin (RTO)

Manage the returns which were not delivered to the doorstep due to certain reasons, including door found locked, location not found, etc., seamlessly with the product returns management solution. 

100% Trackable Inventory

Ensure 100% traceability of returned products by grading and segregation into various buckets on the basis of multiple quality check parameters.

Our Solutions Are Known for

Superior Returns Management feature, preferred by

E-commerce experts for its future-ready attributes.

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“Unicommerce was easy for us to use since the very start and we’ve been using it for over 5 years now. Within a few weeks, we had our analytics functioning, all our e-commerce channels synced, inventory managed and order processing onboard with the help of the software. Unicommerce is user friendly and intuitive. We’re able to find solutions to our tasks effortlessly.”
Vishal Drolia

Proprietor, Vastramay

“Unicommerce has been very helpful for us in managing inventory, order processing, and accounting for our website and all marketplaces. Its real-time inventory and order sync features have given us the ability to work on all the online channels seamlessly. Its bundling feature has given us the flexibility of selling in combo packs. Unicommerce has played a key role in our growth journey and we recommend using their products for scaling up in the online space.”
Abhishek Kushwaha

Business Head - E-commerce, XYXX Apparels

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