Let’s Grow Together, It’s More Fun That Way

Who We Are?

We are the backbone of e-commerce industry. Anyone who is selling online or facilitating selling online needs us.

You can manage and automate entire order fulfiment process online using our product – this includes multichannel orders, warehouses, vendors and related things. We are growing like a teenager – growing fast, enjoying it, learning new things everyday – and soon going to be a strapping young lad!

Partnership Models

The commerce technology landscape is constantly evolving, and agile inventory control solutions are changing the way retailers manage their backend operations. We at Unicommerce wish to build a strong partner ecosystem shaping the future of commerce and providing retailers best-in-class solutions and services.

Strategic Partners

Company level partnership to solve key pain points in the e-commerce ecosystem. Involves deep collaboration including technical integration to ensure a robust end to end platform for our customers.


Our extended sales force to enable higher reach for our products for customers looking for e-commerce focused supply chain solutions, and in return ensuring a recurring source of revenue depending on the number of customers on-boarded.

Referral Partners

Simply refer clients using a customized URL and help us acquire new business and earn revenue for every deal closed.

Value Proposition

We have already experienced the positive feedback loop of Network Effect in our initial journey. That’s exactly why we’ve decided to do it formally at a larger scale to accelerate the momentum.

What's in it for us?

• ​We believe ‐ The Pie is simply Too Big for One. Don’t want Indigestion by being too greedy! We feel inviting more people will rock the party.

• We do have a strong sales and marketing team of our own – But hey, there is no such thing as Too Much or Too many when it comes to Sales!

What's in it for you?

• Risk-Free, Zero Investment. You get paid for just introducing us to the prospects.

• And secondly – the recurring revenues ! Do we have to say anything more ?


For Individual: All you have to do is – Introduce us to people who you think are interested in our solution.

For Organisations: We expect your deep involvement in complete customer acquisition process and welcome all sorts of custom associations tailored around unique needs of both the parties.

How much?

• This is not the right place to discuss Numbers. But you will find the numbers interesting. Selling our product is like planting a Mango tree. Put in the effort once, and enjoy the Mangos every summer.

• Now you don’t want us to tell you – how ridiculously good recurring income feels, do you ?

Our Partners

Join Hundred of Partners Across the industries

What Our Partners Say


We are very excited to partner with Unicommerce. Our software has been customised to offer GST solutions to quickly onboard businesses to GST and ease compliance for them. Given our technical expertise we are committed to make GST compliance easy and smooth


Archit Gupta

Founder and CEO ClearTax


It is important to understand that both, brick & mortar and e-commerce retail have to work hand in hand in delivering value to consumers. Omni channel commerce not only facilitates physical and digital retail but also builds a strong partnership between solution providers helping brands to achieve smooth online and offline operations. Ginesys and Unicommerce partnership is all about enabling omni channel retail in India


Prashant Lohia

CEO & Founder, Ginesys


Tata CLiQ is focused on bringing about ecommerce 2.0 through a comprehensive omni-channel offering, where customers will be able to move seamlessly between the physical and online world as they browse, experience, purchase and receive their products. By onboarding brand stores, customers are offered the latest products and ranges, as well as exclusive lines not available on other platforms


Sauvik Banerjjee

Chief Technology Officer, TataCLiQ.com

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