Revolutionizing Healthcare: How Dhani Secured a Phenomenal 99.99%+ Order Fulfillment Rate using Unicommerce’s WMS!

dhani services case study

Company Overview

Founded in 2017, Dhani Services Ltd. is an organization that offers consumer services and products through its app called Dhani. Providing products and services in healthcare and finance to customers, Dhani strives to solve problems with its curated digital platform.

Talking about their healthcare segment, Dhani offers best-in-class healthcare access over video calls with doctors. Moreover, Dhani Doctor is supplemented with Dhani Medicines – which is enabled to provide customers with quality yet affordable medicines delivered to their doorstep. Right from healthcare products (vitamins, minerals, nutrition, food, etc.) to medicines, they give plenty of options.

While the demand for their pharmacy segment had been increasing — due to their discounts and exciting offers — Dhani felt the need to integrate their inventory with a systematic approach that can enable them to manage their warehouse inventory.

Challenges Faced by Dhani

  1. Difficulty in monitoring the stock movement
  2. Hard to track the batches of the products
  3. No centralized view across all facilities, slowing down the scale-up plans
  4. Problems in order status tracking on their website and app
  5. Develop a centralized seller panel to manage more than 4500 sellers

With Unicommerce we have effectively centralized the view of the inventory. Furthermore, the solutions offered by Unicommerce have not only streamlined our operational workflows but also enabled us to fulfill orders on time. Not to mention that their robust quality control processes enabled us to reduce the potential returns seamlessly.

Nikhil Chari

Co-founder, Dhani Healthcare

Collaboration with Unicommerce

  • Dhani was able to gain better control over their warehouse operations, which made them enable 166 facilities over Unicommerce’s software. This led to the seamless management of operations, eventually allowing them to grow their orders by 20X.

  • To understand their sales order more efficiently and scrutinize their routine sales, Unicommerce enabled 10 custom fields in Dhani’s sales order report including fields such as Doctor Address, Doctor Name, Doctor Registration, and more.
  • The placement of inventory was a challenge for the brand. Unicommerce enabled them with the shelf management feature to organize the shelves in their warehouses, due to which Dhani was able to rearrange the whole area as per their need.
  • Unicommerce offered seamless integration with the leading logistics providers that made them enhance their delivery services while ensuring a 99.99%+ order fulfillment rate.

Impact On The Business – Then and Now, How the things changed

After onboarding Unicommerce as their e-commerce technology partner, Dhani was able to expand its operations across multiple facilities and boost its business sales dramatically. Right from centralizing inventory to maintaining a live inventory count of 34.5M+, Unicommerce’s warehouse management solution enabled Dhani to handle end-to-end warehouse operations. The brand subsequently enabled 166 locations while ensuring a 99.99%+ order fulfillment rate. 

Unicommerce provided a comprehensive GRN workflow that enabled Dhani to control the quality of its products, yielding growth in orders by 20X. Coming over to the order returns, Unicommerce empowered Dhani to reduce their order returns by 73%, which eventually led them to minimize their operational costs and enhance customer experience. 

While Dhani’s initial challenge was to manage inventory in batches, it not only overcame it but also successfully executed it with full tracking. It was able to handle a live catalog count of 455K+ all while dispatching 1.6M+ orders/month, reducing the dispatch time by 37%.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Real-time inventory management ensured a 99.99%+ fulfillment rate

    Handled 455K+ live catalog count and reduced the order returns by 73%

    Efficiently managed a live inventory count of 34.5M+

    Enabled 166 facilities while dispatching 1.6M+ orders/month that reduced the dispatch time by 37%

    Seamless operations management led to 20X growth in sales order

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