Simplify Direct To Consumer (D2C) E-commerce With Full Stack Solutions

To achieve higher growth, 200+ D2C brands across India, the Middle East, and South East Asia, partner with Unicommerce across the e-commerce value chain by leveraging the existing ecosystem!

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Perfect Backend System to Manage D2C E-commerce Operations

Establishing D2C operations requires a huge investment of time and money for enabling technological capabilities. While it has many advantages over traditional retail, the execution can be cumbersome. Unicommerce is working with 200+ leading D2C brands to simplify their D2C e-commerce operations. From enhancing productivity to automating various parts of business operations, the system is crafted specifically for the D2C business model.

Hamilton Housewares Achieved 99% Order Fulfilment Rate

Hamilton has been able to restrict losses, limit inaccuracies, provide efficient deliveries, reduce manual dependency and much more to unlock the true potential of its business.

Enamor Sells Seamlessly on 7 marketplaces

Enamor began to track, manage and update its inventory in real-time, reduce its order processing time from hours to seconds, seamlessly handle orders from over 7 marketplaces and a lot more all of which empowered Enamor to streamline e-commerce operations.

End-To-End Automation Solution For Successful Direct To Consumer (D2C)

E-commerce Implementation

Our solutions are designed specifically for D2C e-commerce platform businesses so that they achieve phenomenal growth, and better customer satisfaction rates across multiple sales channels including marketplaces & own website.

Improve the brand experience of your customers by rendering highly advanced and thoroughly customized services.

  • Hyper-Local Fulfilment

Our robust D2C e-commerce solutions make sure that you offer faster delivery to your customers through automated operations while adopting hyper-local order fulfillment.

  • B2B/B2C Returns

By having Unicommerce in your system, you can maintain both B2B/B2C returns with speed while minimizing the possibility of incorrect product delivery. 

  • Maintain Authentication

By selling directly to your customers using Unicommerce, you can maintain the standards of your offerings by serving authentic benefits of direct-to-consumer quality products to your customers. 

  • Deal with Faults Easily 

One of the benefits of adopting Unicommerce’s D2C e-commerce platform is that you indulge in detailed quality control operations, enhancing the customers’ buying experience. 

faster delievery with d2c platform

Get complete control over your business operations by eliminating the disruptions caused by intermediaries and middlemen.

  • Improved Customer Service

With the D2C e-commerce solution, you get robust ERP & POS integrations that can help you enhance post-purchase services as per the research of your customers’ behavior tendencies. 

  • Manage Brand Perception

By depending on our superior e-commerce system and being both the manufacturer and the retailer you get control over how your customers should perceive your brand’s image. 

  • Distinguished Brand Marketing 

Let us handle your operations so you can make your marketing campaigns stand out which is impossible with traditional retailing - given intermediaries get control over branding activities. 

  • Inform Customers 

Be it a new product launch or an added feature, you get an advantage to update your customers’ know-how with correct and detailed information about your brand. 

get complete control with d2c ecommerce solution

From product designing to end sales to post-purchase activities, you can manage the engagement, delivery all while analyzing the behavior of your customers.

  • Direct The Process 

With our centralized, you get the information of your customers, so that you can build long-term relationships with them while tailoring the entire buying process of the customers.

  • Improve Product Design

Make the most of the direct learning with our unified support and get in contact with your customers to make the desired improvements amid the production process. 

  • Customer Segmentation

Utilize the data to segment your customers based on both demographic and psychographic aspects, personalizing their overall experience. 

  • Identify Friction

By getting a single view of operations with our D2C-driven e-commerce solution, you can identify and examine the frictions present in the customers’ buying cycle in order to rectify them.

d2c driven ecommerce solution

Expand the share of your business in different markets, reaching out to a wider customer base with our curated D2C solutions.

  • Expand Product Portfolio

By automating everything through our future-ready D2C solutions, you can broaden your product line with more intricate designs, attracting niche customers.

  • Expose Catalogue Efficiently 

With our catalog management feature, you can put forward your entire product catalog to your customers, showcasing an array of variations in size, texture, color, etc. 

  • Reduce Cost

By using our centralized D2C eCommerce platform to cater to the audience’s needs, you can minimize your operating costs and utilize those resources to expand your business horizons. 

  • Reports & Dashboard

With our elaborated dashboard, you can check the performance of your brand in a particular market in order to expand your presence and serve more customers.

future-ready d2c solutions from unicommerce

Features of Unicommerce’s D2C Business Model

Establish strong bonds with your customers directly by avoiding the hassles of involving intermediaries with direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model.

bundle order processing

Bundle Order Processing & Picking

Process orders in different combo packs with our unique bundle management feature so that you can be distinctive in the sea of e-commerce brands, attracting more customers.
order management integration

Order Management Integration

Streamline your order management operations by amalgamating the stable integrations in your system to incorporate your logistics, payment processing, D2C sales and CRM operations, etc.
dynamic order fulfillment

Dynamic Order Fulfilment

Fulfill orders timely as our system comes pre-integrated with the world’s leading logistics players, helping you enhance the experience of your customers while establishing the mark of your D2C brand.
full inventory visibility

Full Inventory Visibility & Accuracy

Get the full visibility of your inventory so that you can serve customers while avoiding the issues of overstocking or stockouts.
grn workflow

Comprehensive GRN Workflow

Run extensive quality checks of your inventory while segregation good and bad inventory to authenticate the standard of your offerings.
batch management

Batch Management

Classify the nature of the inventory and segregate the orders based on the expiry management methods, such as FIFO & FEFO. 
end to end tracking

End-To-End Tracking

Track the shipments of the products by automating the updates in our system so as to inform customers about their delivery status, resulting in an improved experience.
partial shipments

Partial Shipments

Split or break the shipment of orders to treat individual shipments separately while hastening the process of order routing. 
data insights

Actionable Data Insights

Increase the clarity of your daily performance by keeping track of your routine operations, including metrics such as pending orders, SLA breached, failed orders, unverified orders, etc. 

Our Solutions Are Known for

Specialist in simplifying Direct-to-Consumer selling for leading brands across the globe.

gartner best warehouse management systems awards
alden nasscom best warehouse management awards
“Building the D2C brand from complete scratch was a roller coaster journey for us! We are thankful to the team of Unicommerce & their top-notch e-commerce technology solutions, which played a key role in streamlining D2C selling for us”.
Pratik Gupta

Global Head, Digital & E-commerce, Marico Limited

“Being a D2C brand, we prioritize ensuring timely deliveries and a smooth purchase experience for our customers. Our partnership with Unicommerce comes at the right time in our growth journey as we scale multiple brands. They have an evolved e-commerce-focused supply chain platform and their ability to meet evolving business needs of D2C brands like ours makes us confident of the value that Unicommerce will add as we move towards building a House of Brands.”
Ayushi Gudwani

Founder and CEO, FS Life

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