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Unicommerce’s Dashboard is a great way to understand the complexity of eCommerce data. Get more visibility of the data with Unicommerce’s advanced analytics and dashboard and keep a tab on relevant things you should know about your business.


Dashboard Overview page gives you an overall glance of the system for the current date,  highlighting three main parameters:

  • Order Alerts: Pending, SLA Breached orders, Unverified and Failed Orders
  • Product Alerts: Number of Failed and Disabled Inventory
  • Channel Alerts: Number of broken connectors and channels pending to be configured


Sales dashboard show the charts highlighting the revenue earned and items sold on each channel. The revenue can be calculated for a day, month and quarter of a year.It also gives an information regarding:

  • Top performing Channels
  • Top performing Categories
  • Top performing Products
  • Top Product’s revenue in Top Channels
  • Slow moving products in last month


Fulfillment dashboard tells about the shipments pending to be processed. The graphs comes with pre-filter of week, month & quarter and shows the following charts:

  • Pending Shipments
  • Total Orders Vs Total Orders Dispatched
  • Pending Orders
  • PO Raised Vs PO To Be Raised Vs Pending Putaways


Keep a tab on returns using Returns dashboard. It shows the charts of the Channel and SKU wise return with the comparison to the total units sold. Also download the reports on a click, includes dashboard like:

  • Shipping Provider Returns Summary
  • Total Returns
  • Channel Wise Return %


Inventory dashboard shows actual view of the system inventory snapshot along with quick report download option. It includes:

  • Total Counts of SKU’s
  • Cost of Inventory
  • Out of Stock % of SKU’s
  • Inventory Availability of Fast Moving SKUs
  • Products With Zero Order In Last Month


Payments dashboard shows the graphical representation of the all payment related information and have following snapshots:

  • Received Payment
  • Outstanding Payment
  • Channel Settlement Summary
  • Total Outstanding Order Value


Post GST implementation, compiling sales data was a big challenge for all sellers, That’s why we don’t get surprised when our customers report us that filing returns and accounting became easier using Unicommerce’s Tally GST Reports.

With just minimal cost invested you get to streamline your business, track daily/weekly operational activities to improve productivity and enhance growth via through Unicommerce Reports:

  • Sale Order Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Tally GST Report
  • Tally Return GST Report

… & many more

Every report, every view, every graph of this Ecommerce Order Management Software has been thought over, carefully designed to help you in making the right judgement, take the right calls. That’s why our customers feel confident to process millions of orders every month through our order management system software.

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What Our Clients Are Saying?

As we scale up our operations, it is important to invest in the right technology platforms and partners to ensure that we are able to offer a superior experience to our customers. With a robust and scalable solution like Unicommerce as our warehouse management and vendor panel solution, we are fairly confident that we will be able to manage our supply chain operations much more seamlessly and we would be better prepared for our next phase of exponential growth

Atit Jain
COO & co-founder, Bulbul

We have been using Unicommerce for a while now and is a very important part of our operations and order fulfillment. Unicommerce has made our life easy in processing orders from various channels be it our own website or market places. The team is very good and supportive.

Jasmin Gohil
CTO, SUGAR Cosmetics, Mumbai

With Unicommerce on board we aim to further strengthen our Omni Channel capabilities & this will also help us follow a systematic approach for our Order System Management. With a proven track record in the Fashion sector, we are glad to have Unicommerce as our Technology Partner

Prashant Bokli
Head of IT, Being Human
Checkout Our Products

See our products live in action along with our experts.

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