Unicommerce Helped A Leading E-commerce 3rd Party Fulfillment Provider achieve paperless operations for 40+ brands across 6+ warehouses!

e-commerce 3rd party provider case study
e-commerce 3rd party fulfillment provider achieve paperless operations

Company Overview

Our client in the e-commerce services sector provides technologically backed services, catering to 40+ brands across fashion, footwear, personal care etc. to help them fully outsource their e-commerce operations (fulfillment, cataloging etc.) to enable seamless enhanced experience for the brand’s customers

Our client enables the leading brands to streamline sales across 14+ marketplaces including Amazon Flex, Flipkart Smart etc. and has already reached the scale of 1 Mn+ order item dispatched per month across 6 warehouses around the country.

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

Our client provides solutions to eCommerce businesses by helping them with warehouse spaces, fulfillment operations, cataloging, marketplace operations etc. 

A sought after service provider in the market, the client required a highly scalable solution to manage its overall operations, business distribution across multiple clients, and manage complex integrations, all from a single unified platform.

  • Complex picking processes disrupting high scale operations
  • Unorganized warehouse operations across multiple locations
  • Management of order processing at a large scale 
  • Tracking bulk returns and keeping track of unsold goods 
  • Error-prone reports causing discrepancies  throughout the business

Collaboration with Unicommerce

  • Unicommerce allowed superior warehouse operations and reduced picking errors by providing the client a Handheld/Mobile app that automated key inbound and outbound processes across multiple locations.

  • Unicommerce’s pre integrations with 100+ leading online marketplaces & logistic partners resulted in simpler order fulfilment mechanism for the client.
  • Unicommerce enabled complete data visibility and generated comprehensive dashboards and reports, all through a single panel.
  • With improved automation across business processes, Unicommerce helped the client in adapting a paperless approach to reduce paper consumption at operational level.
  • Unicommerce provided the client with an accurate returns management system that helped them in cutting back on the returns up to 25%

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

With Unicommere the client can now easily manage high scale operations by helping all the leading brands process over 1 Mn order items per month across 6 warehouse locations

The client has complete visibility of entire warehouse operations which not only enables robust inventory management at item levels with solutions like handheld but provides seamless returns management, and above all 100% paperless operations across all processes

Unicommerce’s comprehensive business analysis in form of error-free business reports and dashboards has helped the client exponentially reduce manual dependency for various operations.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    2Mn+ Units Dispatched/Month

    2.2Mn SKU Live On Sales Channels

    40% Decline In Returns


    30K+ Inventory Count