How Unicommerce’s Multichannel Solutions helped Philippines-based beauty brand, Ellana Cosmetics achieve 99.99% order fulfillment rates

ellana cosmetics case study
ellana cosmetics achieve 99.99% order fulfillment rates

Company Overview

One of the most popular cosmetic brands in the Philippines, Ellana Cosmetics is a unique personal and beauty brand that works towards creating highly effective yet environmentally sensitive products. Ellana Cosmetics brings multiple product categories including skincare, personal care, hair care, makeup, under the convenience of a single roof. 

Ellana Cosmetic believes in formulating products that can encourage healthy and radiant skin. The brand strives to offer cruelty-free products, nourishing the skin without damaging the planet. Known for its reusable and recyclable packaging, Ellana Cosmetics uses ingredients that are both filler-free and gentle. 

With the best-selling products and a growing customer base, Ellana Cosmetics was on a rapid search to stabilize operations, fulfill orders faster while enhancing their customers’ experience. 

To help the brand improve its supply chain operations, Unicommerce came into the picture as their trusted eCommerce supply chain technology partner. And the results delivered were phenomenal! 

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

Ellana started its operations in 2007, and since then it has been serving people with sustainable beauty products. With growing prospects, the brand was facing issues in order processing and order fulfillment. They were in dire need to optimize logistics costs. They needed a single tech interface that can help them; manage their operations across multiple sales channels, integrate last-mile delivery platforms, and analyze error-free and accurate reports. Moreover, Ellana wanted to inform and educate its mission and vision to people living in small provinces while giving a personalized experience to their customers.

  • Delayed order processing & fulfillment
  • Unaligned multiple sales channels operations
  • Narrowed customer base across regions
  • Inaccurate business reports & analytics

Collaboration with Unicommerce


Delivery Platforms Integrations:

Unicommerce provided Ellana hassle-free and quick eCommerce integrations with last-mile delivery platforms such as Fleet and XDE. This accelerated the order fulfillment rate to 99.99%.

Customized E-commerce solutions:

With Unicommerce’s highly customizable solutions, Ellana was able to add ‘Barangay’ or Small province fields and other provinces of the Philippines, enabling them to reach a wider audience and further allowing them to segregate sales accordingly.

Multi-channel Integrations:

Using the technologically advanced inventory management, order processing, and warehouse management solutions, Unicommerce assisted Ellana to streamline its eCommerce operations across multiple sales channels – Lazada, Shoppe, and various Shopify stores.

Systematic dashboards & reports:

Unicommerce’s software Uniware offers systematic dashboards & reports where a user can check their daily progress. The system helped the brand to keep a track of their daily operations as they can now check their pending orders, SLA breached, failed orders, unverified orders, etc.

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

Unicommerce has been working every step of the way to empower the leading Cosmetics brand in the Philippines to strengthen their last-mile deliveries and amplify their customer services. Post onboarding Unicommerce as their eCommerce technology solutions provider, Ellana Cosmetics not only managed to simplify their shipping and delivery processes to serve a wider audience, but they were also able to seamlessly manage their live catalog count of 1.5K+ items.

With the addition of various regions such as Barangay & Provinces, the brand made sure to make faster, better, and more efficient deliveries. Moreover, knowing the customers’ exact locations resulted in 800+ dispatches in a month with 99.99% fulfillment rates as promised.

With a mission to increase their overall profitability with automation and ease of integration, Unicommerce aligned Ellana with top eCommerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, and logistics platforms such as Fleet XDE, and much more.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Robust logistics integrations with top last-mile delivery partners such as Fleet & XDE to enhance the operational efficiency

    End-to-end eCommerce to ensure smoother operations across Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, etc resulting in 800+ dispatches

    Real-time management of inventory & dispatches for quick and efficient deliveries ensuring 99.99% fulfillment rates