Inventory Management System Case Study – 2Mn+ Units Dispatched Per Month for Leading Sleep Solutions Brand Flo Mattress

flo mattress case study
unicommerce helped flo mattress achieve 10x growth in sales

About the Brand

Flo Mattress is India’s most innovative sleep solutions brand with two variations of their mattress: ergo (for those who prefer softer ergonomic support) and ortho (for those over the age of 60 or anyone that needs firmer orthopedic support). Selling Direct to Consumers, the homegrown brand is dedicated to untangling the process of mattress shopping and lets customers order a mattress (even a custom size) online, in 3 simple clicks. Flo customers get a 100-night free trial and a 10-year warranty with their purchase.

Challenges Faced by Flo Mattress

The company was searching for a reliable supply chain solutions provider to support them in making their products available to customers across the country, improving the order fulfillment processes & maintaining high customer experience by reducing returns and cancellations.

  • Handling both B2B & B2C sales across channels (own website & marketplaces)
  • Fulfilling custom-sized (mattress) orders
  • Managing inventory for raw material
  • Centralizing fulfillment from multiple locations
  • Tackling returns & order cancellations

Solutions Offered by Unicommerce

  • Unicommerce enabled Flo Mattress to seamlessly manage orders across their own website, track inventory accurately and handle returns effectively, helping them maintain their productivity and increase profitability.

  • With Unicommerce, the brand was able to manage inventory of raw material such as fabrics, foams, labels, stickers, booklets, etc., adjust inventory upon consumption and update inventory levels in real-time.
  • The brand can now easily create custom sales orders and keep a track of each item automatically, to further manage B2B sales through Unicommerce saving them time & lowering the manpower costs.
  • Solving the huge packaging issues with varying dimensions, Unicommerce allowed Flo Mattress to use a split shipment feature to assign unique AWB in case of two mattresses present in a single order.

Impact on the Flo Mattress

The brand was encountering various issues while managing sales of custom size mattress orders across channels, i.e, own website & marketplaces, but with consistent support from the Unicommerce team, the brand now processes over 12K orders per month from a single panel and has seen an overall 10X growth in sales.

With Unicommerce the brand seamlessly handles fulfillment of custom sized B2C & B2B shipments, with better traceability of each order item, improving their order fulfillment rate by 30%.

Unicommerce allowed the brand to simplify inventory management, have complete visibility over stock levels across multiple warehouse locations and track orders in real-time leading up to efficient deliveries and a drop in cancellations by 90%.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    2Mn+ Units Dispatched/Month

    2.2Mn SKU Live On Sales Channels

    40% Decline In Returns


    30K+ Inventory Count