How Unicommerce’s Multichannel Order & Inventory Solutions enabled Luxurious Craving, an online luxury goods platform in Malaysia, to ensure smooth operations across Amazon Japan, eBay, etc.

luxurious craving case study
unicommerce ensured luxurious craving to smooth operations

Company Overview

Luxurious Craving is the most celebrated online platform in Malaysia, offering a huge range of lavish and luxurious designer products from the most sought-after local and international brands. 

The product range offered by the online e-commerce platform includes both fashion goods and accessories. From swanky fashion footwear to designer clothes, the Luxurious Craving has a plethora of options to choose from. 

Being a go-to place for all Malaysian consumers, Luxurious Craving was scaling up on sales. Be it expanding operations across multiple demand channels or fastening up the order fulfillment process, the brand wanted to manage everything via a single tech platform. All of this led them to join hands with Unicommerce. And the growth rate was incredible!

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

Luxurious Craving is one of the most marketed platforms as they offer a huge range of fashion products. Given it’s an online platform, onboarding other local and international brands, it became difficult for them to manage their order volume on a daily basis. Moreover, the growing customer base led the e-commerce platform to go on a rapid search for a platform that offers supply chain technology solutions. Initially, it was really difficult for them to maintain and manage their vendors efficiently. Not only did they want to carry on their supply chain operations flexibly across multiple sales channels, but also wanted to track logistics operations.

  • Unstable operations across vendors
  • Lower profits from multiple sales channels 
  • Inaccurate invoices and tax slips
  • Unable to add Japanese language font for Amazon listings 
  • Difficulty in maintaining real-time updates on operations

Collaboration with Unicommerce


Vendor Management Solution:

Managing multiple vendors is one of the imperative tasks for an e-commerce platform. From managing the vendor’s catalog to taking care of the competitive prices while ensuring on-time delivery, Unicommerce helped Luxurious Craving manage sales across multiple vendors with its highly advanced procurement solutions, helping them enhance their customer service.

Tax Class Configuration:

Avoiding error-prone invoices was one of the goals of the e-commerce platform. With Unicommerce, the brand was able to configure the right currency codes, adapt to tax type & tax range, etc. allowing them to maintain transparency in their operations.

Shipping reports feature:

The customized solutions of Unicommerce enabled the brand to develop shipping reports in their preferred XLSX format for shipping providers such as FedEx.

Sales Channel Integration:

Using the multichannel order & inventory management system software solutions, Unicommerce assisted Luxurious Craving to manage orders and purchases in bulk. The brand now seamlessly handles all its operations across multiple sales channels.

Language Support Integration:

Japanese language font support was provided to the brand to manage product listings more effectively over marketplaces such as Amazon.

Real-Time Updates:

Unicommerce helped Luxurious Craving attain highly customizable and systematic reports under the dashboard segment resulting in accurate tracking of their sales, fulfillment, inventory, returns, payments, etc.

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

Luxurious Craving, post adapting the multichannel inventory and omnichannel management solutions of Unicommerce has managed to easily dispatch 6K+ orders per month, all while reducing their fulfillment time and enhancing their deliveries.

Unicommerce has enabled the brand to seamlessly integrate and maintain an uninterrupted business with over 67+ vendors & 165 brands, helping them maintain an inventory count of around 9.2K+ items. 

With Unicommerce, the brand has worked on increasing their overall sales, catering to a larger audience in the fastest time, and enhancing their overall productivity to mark higher ROI and amplified growth.

  • Efficient management of operations across 67+ vendors and 165 brands
  • Tailor-made shipment reports for shipping providers such as FedEx
  • Real-time maintenance of orders and inventory for quick deliveries resulted in 6K+ dispatches per month
  • Smoothly worked with Amazon Japan, giving Japanese language font support across the marketplace

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    1.7K+ Live Catalog Count

    Operations Managed across 67+ Vendors

    6K+ Orders Dispatched per Month

    165 Brands Managed Seamlessly