The Story of Nua’s 120% Order Boost & 99.99% Fulfillment with Unicommerce

Empowering Menstrual Care: How Unicommerce’s customized solutions propelled Nua to seamlessly Manage 120%+ Order Volume Growth in 21 months

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What Nua Achieved Using Unicommerce?

order fulfillment rate

99.99%+ Order Fulfillment Rate

order volume growth

120%+ Order Volume Growth in 21 Months

live inventory count

2.6 M+ Live Inventory Count

average dispatch time

24 Hrs Average Dispatch Time

increase in catalog size

330% Increase in Catalog Size

warehouses introduced

3 New Warehouses Introduced (From 1 to 4)

about nua

About the Nua’s Customized Sanitary Pads

Nua is a new-age brand transforming women’s wellness in India with thoughtful Period Care and Skin Care solutions. The brand is committed to offering a safe and superior experience, with a promise of no nasties, backed by safe ingredients, rigorous tests, and constant customer feedback.

The brand provides a range of products, including Ultra-Safe Sanitary Pads that are 100% toxic-free and rash-free, Cramp Comfort Heat Patch that provides on-the-go relief from menstrual cramps, Period Pain Drink Mix to alleviate body aches and fatigue, and many more – all keeping in mind the needs of modern women.

Understanding that every woman’s needs are unique, Nua offers customizable sanitary pad packages, allowing users to select pads based on their flow and preference. Going beyond just products, the brand also emphasizes open communication about menstrual health, aiming to break taboos and empower women with knowledge.

As Nua expanded its e-commerce operations, the brand recognized the need to seamlessly manage bundle products, refine its picking process, and integrate both B2B and B2C workflows on a unified platform. To realize these efficiencies and further streamline their operations, Nua collaborated with Unicommerce.

Challenges Faced by Nua

  • Lack of Unified B2B and B2C Operations – Operations at Nua were growing rapidly and required a unified solution for managing both B2B and B2C orders. This meant that the brand was juggling two distinct systems for order processing. Such disjointed management not only strained operational efficiency but also introduced room for inconsistencies and errors.
    As a brand that valued seamless customer experience, this division posed significant challenges in terms of inventory allocation, pricing differentiation, and more. Hence, they needed a single-window, integrated platform capable of handling the intricacies of both B2B bulk orders and the direct, fast-paced nature of B2C transactions.
  • Managing a Vast Product Range – Nua has an extensive product catalog with a total of 211 SKUs. This included 132 individual products and an additional 79 specially curated bundles. The sheer volume of products, paired with high order numbers, led to potential oversights.
    Also, the brand creates specialized bundles, which add another layer of complexity, as it involves combining different items into one package, demanding careful attention to ensure correct assembly. Keeping track of stock levels for each item and bundle while ensuring that prices and offers were consistently applied was a monumental task.
  • Inefficient Allocation and Routing Across Multiple Facilities – As Nua’s operations spanned across multiple cities, the brand wanted to optimize order allocations and routing to best serve its customers. Ensuring that products were dispatched from the most suitable facility and reached their destinations promptly required a well-coordinated and streamlined system.
    When allocating orders, the brand had to consider the product availability in each facility and proximity of each facility for faster deliveries to maintain customer trust and increase satisfaction.

  • Finding the Right Reporting Solution for Better Insights -One of the challenges faced by Nua was related to reporting. Reporting plays a crucial role in tracking and analyzing various aspects of the business, such as sales, inventory, order status and more. Yet their previous tech stack didn’t fully cater to the customized reports they needed.
    For instance, they wanted specific details highlighted in these reports, such as real-time courier status, which was crucial to tracking lost shipments. They needed a solution to access these comprehensive data insights for better decision-making.
  • Need for Detailed Invoicing -Customers at Nua often opt for a mix of products, such as pads of various types ranging from heavy, light, or medium flow in a single box custom to their requirements. However, it was challenging for the brand to effectively consolidate and present these items on one cohesive invoice.
    The brand also needed customized invoice templates that went beyond just listing products sold. They needed a detailed breakdown of internal packaging materials (CFC). This information was crucial for their team, ensuring they could quickly understand and use the right materials while packing.
  • Custom Integration Requirements -While many businesses might find solace in off-the-shelf integration solutions, Nua’s distinct order processing needed something more specialized. The brand sought a custom cart integration for a seamless, real-time data flow between its cart and backend operations.
    Recognizing these unique needs, Unicommerce provided the brand with a customized Magento integration. It wasn’t just about linking two systems; it was about crafting a solution that was in harmony with Nua’s e-commerce operations.

Solutions Offered to Nua

  • Unified Platform for Effortless Order Management – Nua’s rapid expansion in the e-commerce sector brought along the dual demands of catering to both businesses (B2B) and end consumers (B2C). Therefore, Unicommerce introduced a unified order management platform where Nua could view, manage, and analyze both B2B and B2C orders in real time.
    This centralized system eliminated the need to juggle between different systems, ensuring a smoother operational flow. Our system enabled the brand to manage huge order volumes, especially for B2B deals. Simply put, no matter how large an order, Unicommerce ensured it was processed smoothly to facilitate on-time deliveries and maintain Nua’s strong reputation.
  • Efficient SKU Management at Batch Level – Nua’s extensive product catalog, with 211 SKUs, benefited from Unicommerce’s advanced product bundling features. Whether it was creating comprehensive period kits or combining regular SKUs with added freebies, such as their “hygiene care combo,” Unicommerce made bundling a breeze.
    Moreover, Unicommerce addressed the critical issue of expiry management. The system automatically allocates items from SKU batches based on the “first in, first out” principle, reducing the risk of outdated products in the warehouse. Going beyond the basic FIFO, our system also empowers the warehouse team to select batches for processing based on their needs, ensuring flexibility and precision in inventory management.
  • Strategic Order Allocation and Seamless Routing – Unicommerce’s approach to strategic order allocation and routing was instrumental in addressing Nua’s complex operational needs. Our system designed these custom allocation rules to ensure that orders were intelligently directed to the nearest facility.
    The system developed 30+ tailored allocation rules, taking into account various factors such as geographic proximity, product type, and more. For instance, when a customer places an order, the system intelligently assesses the destination, the available inventory across facilities, and the product-specific requirements. If a customer ordered acne heat patches, the custom allocation rule would ensure that the order was seamlessly routed to the Hyderabad facility.
    By ensuring that products reached their destinations efficiently and swiftly, Nua not only reduced delivery times but also minimized shipping costs, ultimately contributing to an enhanced customer experience.
  • Robust Customized Reporting – Recognizing the role of reporting, Unicommerce provided customized reporting capabilities to the brand, including the integration of Tally reports that facilitated seamless data import into Nua’s ERP system. These reports were thoughtfully configured to showcase specific elements that were important for Nua’s decision-making process.
    Moreover, Unicommerce incorporated real-time courier status updates within the reports, enabling the brand to effectively track lost shipments and promptly address any associated issues. This comprehensive approach to reporting empowered Nua with actionable data, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions.
  • Precision-Driven Invoice Template – When customers chose a variety of menstrual pad types, such as heavy, light, or medium flow, all within a single package, it appeared as a single pack to the customers. However, from the brand’s perspective, these were distinct SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) combined within a single order. Generating an invoice for such mixed SKUs was challenging. To resolve this, Unicommerce implemented a customized invoice template solution.
    This specialized invoice template not only listed the products sold but also provided a detailed breakdown of internal packaging materials – CFC (internal packaging material). It also showcased the types of packaging materials used and their respective quantities. This customization enabled Nua’s team to quickly identify and use the appropriate materials during the packing process.
  • Seamless Custom Integration with Magento – Unicommerce recognized that Nua’s unique order processing required a specialized solution for integration with their Magento e-commerce platform. Instead of a generic integration, Unicommerce crafted a custom e-commerce integration tailored to Nua’s specific needs.
    The key differentiator in this custom Magento integration was the data flow process. Rather than a typical synchronization where data is periodically exchanged between systems, Nua’s operations required a real-time and seamless flow of data. This customized integration allowed Nua to push orders to Unicommerce through APIs in real-time, ensuring that there was no delay in order processing.
  • Custom Field Incorporation for Enhanced Flexibility – To provide Nua with enhanced flexibility, Unicommerce incorporated custom fields into the system. These custom fields served various purposes, adding versatility to Nua’s order processing:
    1. Subscriber Customer Plan Details: For Nua’s subscriber customers who were part of specific plans, Unicommerce created custom fields to capture plan details. This allowed Nua to manage subscriber orders precisely, ensuring that each subscriber received their intended products and services as part of their plan.
    2. Custom Field for Special Requests:Unicommerce added a custom field at the order level to facilitate special requests from customers. This feature enabled customers to communicate specific instructions or requests related to their orders, enhancing their overall experience and allowing Nua to provide personalized service.

“Unicommerce has been a game-changer for our brand. Their unified platform streamlined our operations, from managing a vast product range to efficient order allocation and reporting. The full-stack solution truly understands our unique needs and empowers us to provide top-notch menstrual care solutions to women.”

Abhishek Ramanathan

Co-founder and COO, Nua

Impact on the Business of Nua

Nua witnessed a remarkable transformation in its operations and business outcomes through its collaboration with Unicommerce.

  • Unicommerce helped Nua achieve a staggering 99.99%+ order fulfillment rate, ensuring customers received their products promptly and as expected.
  • In just 21 months, the brand experienced a remarkable 120%+ growth in order volumes, and our robust system seamlessly managed this growth.
  • Unicommerce’s solutions allowed Nua to efficiently manage an extensive product catalog, which expanded by an impressive 330%, growing from 48 to 211 SKUs.
  • The ability to monitor and manage a live inventory of more than 2.6 million items significantly contributed to enhanced operational efficiency for the brand.
  • Nua expanded its sales channels from 4 to 5, now encompassing platforms like Flipkart, Meesho, Pharmeasy, JioMart, and its own D2C website.
  • The introduction of 3 new warehouses, from 1 to 4, strategically improved the brand’s logistics capabilities, while the average order-to-ship time was reduced to 24 hours, ensuring swift order processing and timely deliveries.
  • This reduction in dispatch time also led to a substantial decrease in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) from 8.92% to an impressive 4.28%, further enhancing the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Nua’s partnership with Unicommerce has not only enabled them to overcome significant operational challenges but has also positioned them for continued growth in the menstrual care industry.

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