How Unicommerce Helped A Leading Grocery Marketplace achieve 5X growth in sales in less than a year!

leading grocery marketplace case study
unicommerce helped leading grocery marketplace achieve 5x growth

Company Overview

Our client, one of the leading Online Grocery marketplace, has been scaling up business in the essentials industry and receives thousands of orders each day including staples, dairy, medicines and more. The consumer base of our client depends on its ability to offer a wide range of fresh products & delivery at doorstep

With over 20 vendors & multiple warehouses in place, the brand was struggling to manage customer experience amidst high scale operations using their existing system.

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

The client has always aimed at delivering quality products within the fastest delivery slots and to achieve that, the client required a highly accurate and robust platform to tackle a surge in demands & run uninterrupted operations to further optimize its manpower & logistics cost.

  • Maintaining stock freshness of perishable goods
  • Increased Returns due to delivery of soon to expire products
  • Management of sales across Multiple Warehouses & Vendors
  • Integration of their online sales with existing CRM
  • Manual dependency for precise calculations of sales & revenue

Collaboration with Unicommerce

  • Expiry tolerance based Order picking feature with predefined tolerance limits of the product’s expiry date helped the client avoid sales of expired/soon to expire products retaining customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Unicommerce’s comprehensive dashboards and reports further helped the client to analyze its sales, predict revenues and manage order flux
  • Unicommerce’s vendor panel solution helped the client enable hassle-free routing of orders previously unfulfillable from their own warehouse to their vendors, thus avoiding delayed deliveries
  • Unicommerce developed Batching to further help the client manage inventory of the grocery items in Batches and sell them on the basis of FEFO – First Expired First Out
  • Movement of inventory in batches further helped the client to have visibility over expired/near expiry products to limit their customer returns and plan their selling strategy in a better way
  • Integration of their existing CRM with Unicommerce helped the client’s Customer Service Team to communicate with the end-user regarding on-time delivery returns and refund statuses

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

With Unicommerce onboard, the client managed to lower the manpower cost, maintain stock freshness and automate most of their business operations across multiple sales channels.

The batching solution enabled identification & management of soon to expire products, resulting in improved customer satisfaction enabling exponential growth of the business from processing a few thousands to over 30K products on a regular basis

Unicommerce helped the client reduce returns up to 20% helping the brand to achieve 5X growth in sales in less than a year.

They are now processing more than 0.5 Mn order items per month which has been possible by having the ease of communication across 20+ vendors via a single panel. Unicommerce’s customized reports have helped the organization to measure their day to day operations holistically.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    20+Vendors Managed

    0.5 Mn+ ItemsDispatched / Month

    Upto 20%Returns Reduced