How REDTAG Leveraged Unicommerce’s Integrated Omnichannel Order Management System

REDTAG, a leading Fashion Retail brand in GCC, finds success in Elevating Customers’ Post-purchase Experience by using Unicommerce’s Integrated Omnichannel Order Management System

redtag case study

What REDTAG Achieved Using Unicommerce?

live inventory count

275,117+ Live Inventory Count

6.8X SOI Growth

GMV growth

7.3X GMV Growth

warehouses with streamlined inventory

4 Warehouses with Streamlined Inventory

seamless logistics

Enabled Seamless Logistics and ERP Integration (Oracle)

about the redtag fashion retail brand

About The REDTAG Fashion

REDTAG is a chain of fashion and home stores in Saudi Arabia, UAE offering a great variety of choices and a pleasant shopping experience at amazing prices. Launched in 2006, the brand strives to offer its customers a truly immersive shopping experience.

REDTAG strives to open up new stores across the MENA region, around both malls and high streets. While it currently holds 225+ stores across the GCC, it has been growing at a rate of 20 percent annually.

While REDTAG wants to expand its presence across regions, the brand is also looking for a platform through which it can centralize its sales orders. Moreover, the brand also plans to strengthen its inventory processes, for which it needs power-packed integrations and a unified dashboard.

Challenges Faced By REDTAG Fashion

  • Lack of Visibility Due to Challenges in Capturing Order Details – Capturing order details from Shopify in the absence of a robust order management system was a challenge. The brand did not have appropriate visibility to catch the details at different stages of order fulfillment.
  • Struggled with Inbound Processes and Stock Movement – Handling inbound processes, especially those associated with stock management, like inaccurate inventory levels, stockouts/overstocks, and limited visibility into stock movements, was difficult for them without a single tech-enabled platform.
  • Complicated Operational Processes for Returns – Enhancing customer experience was the vision of the brand. They wanted to streamline the operational processes, including order returns, to enhance customer experience and elevate the post-purchase experience of the end users. But due to the absence of a stable order management system, it was difficult to execute post-purchase management.

  • Difficulty in Managing Multiple Logistics Partners – Previously, the brand faced a challenge in managing its multiple logistics partners for shipping products of varying dimensions and sizes. To overcome this challenge, they required a stable logistics integration system that could automate and streamline the management of its logistics partners.

Solutions Offered to REDTAG Fashion

  • Agile order management: Unicommerce’s Order Management System (OMS) provided the brand with SKU-level traceability, which not only organized the outbound processes at the warehouse level but also empowered them to dispatch orders without compromising the quality. Furthermore, Unicommerce offered the brand various custom features to capture the order details, including discount allocation criteria, shipping charges, and more. With the seamless order management solution integrated, the brand is now managing 275k+ Live Inventory Count.
  • Customized invoice: – REDTAG wanted to generate its invoices in the Arabic language as per Govt regulations. With Unicommerce on board, the brand was able to achieve it while including some additional fields in the invoice.
  • Seamless picklist management: – One of the advantages of picklist management is that the picker doesn’t have to go to the same shelf and take identical round trips to fetch the products. To save wastage of time and resources, Unicommerce enabled the brand with a picklist management feature to solve the following two use-cases.
    1. When there is a partial cancellation of the order, inventory needs to be added back to the warehouse.
    2. To process partial orders and create a new picklist for the items that haven’t been unscanned yet.
  • Robust Integrations: – Unicommerce enabled the brand with different integrations. While Unicommerce’s APIs easily supported their existing integrations, such as Warehouse and Returns Management (Infor) and ERP Integration (Oracle), it also provided them with multiple logistics partners and Website integration (Shopify).

“We’ve witnessed phenomenal growth in our e-commerce business, and we are delighted to have Unicommerce as our chosen supply chain technology solution provider. It’s truly rewarding to discover that both brands are aligned with a customer-centric approach. This partnership will enable us to ensure on-time delivery for all our customers while streamlining our operations for maximum efficiency.”


Chief Retail Officer, REDTAG

Impact on the Business of REDTAG Fashion

With Unicommerce onboard, REDTAG has been able to handle certain use cases that it was planning for a long time like:

  • Managing “pick from store”
  • Creating invoices in Arabic
  • Centralizing order processing and stock management
  • Enabling APIs for integration with REDTAG’s current Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Returns Management solution
  • Streamlining inventory across 4 warehouses

Moreover, Unicommerce also enabled the brand with ERP Integration (Oracle) to carry out enterprise processes without any hassles. Talking about the logistics integrations, Unicommerce enabled the brand with multiple integrations.

The leading fashion and home brand, REDTAG, managed to mark extensive growth in various aspects of operations, management, and ultimately ROI. Here are some numbers to prove this!

  • 275,117+ Live Inventory Count
  • 6.8X SOI Growth
  • 7.3X GMV Growth
  • 4 Warehouses with Streamlined Inventory
  • Enabled Seamless Logistics and ERP Integration (Oracle)

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