The House of Rare Achieved 9X Order Growth while Managing 51 Stores & Marketplaces with Omnichannel Solutions

the house of rare rabbit case study

What The House of Rare Achieved using Unicommerce?

178K+ dispatches per month

710K+ live inventory count

34% drop in order returns


51+ stores and marketplaces managed


Maintained Average O2S Time of 27.4 hours


12 hrs average dispatch time

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About the Company

The House of Rare is a premium and luxury brand that offers designer wear for men and women who love exclusive, luxury, and international designs. The brand owns and manages two retail brands under one roof, Rare Rabbit: a men’s designer wear, and Rareism: a fashion label catering to women.

While the brand saw initial traction, its previous backend system started to break, making it difficult for The House of Rare to grow its business. The brand also wanted to integrate with the ERP system (Ginesys) for accurate accounting but it wasn’t able to achieve that with its previous system. Moreover, the brand wanted to shift to an omnichannel model for which it needed a system to centralize all the inventory and order operations.

Let’s have a look at how Unicommerce empowered the brand with its omnichannel solutions!

Challenges Faced By The House of Rare

  • Centralized System – The brand wanted to give a unified and seamless experience to its customers across its offline and online stores. In addition to this, the brand wanted to centralize its inventory using a unified system to get better control over operations. To offer an immersive shopping experience, they needed a stable structure, right from when they receive orders to logistics and fulfillment.
  • Detailed Reports – The House of Rare wanted to get a deep understanding of its sales order and inventory. But unfortunately, their previous system failed to offer them advanced functionalities, such as customization in reports, custom use-cases, and omnichannel-focused features.
  • Returns Management – Managing reports and scrutinizing the orders returned in detail was another concern for the brand as it wanted to have an in-depth idea of both: Customer Initiated Returns (CIR) and Return to Origin returns.
  • Order and Inventory Sync – The House of Rare was also facing issues in its previous system in syncing up its overall orders and inventory across all stores and fulfillment centers, which eventually led to high unfulfillable orders.

Solutions Offered by Unicommerce

Allocation Rules Enablement

  • Allocation Rules Enablement – Unicommerce enabled the brand with a hopping feature so that it can automatically send the order details to the nearby store for quick fulfillment. With this feature, the brand was able to set allocation rules regarding where the order needed to be allocated. With Unicommerce, it allocated orders based on pin codes, city, state, region, and more.
  • Quick & Seamless Inventory Allocation – To manage the stock level and achieve complete inventory visibility, the brand’s ERP system (Ginesys) pushes the inventory details (store-wise SKU detail) from the brand’s 51 stores into Unicommerce’s system. Unicommerce then compiles the details of the entire inventory and passes it to the brand’s own website (Shopify) along with multiple marketplaces, providing 360-degree visibility of inventory to the brand.
  • Optimized Order Routing and Allocation to Facilities – Before partnering with Unicommerce, the brand struggled with order routing and allocation. To resolve this issue, Unicommerce implemented dynamic real-time mapping in their warehouses, allowing orders to be fulfilled from warehouses with available inventory. Upscalio also leveraged Unicommerce’s platform (Uniware) to create dropship panels and establish 128 allocation rules based on various parameters, including channels, facilities, and SKU codes. This flexibility enabled the brand to prioritize order allocation to vendor panels, ensuring that critical orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Returns Reports

  • RTO reports – Unicommerce enabled the brand with fields to generate the reports for orders which were returned to the origin. This also represents the number of SKUs returned to origin with respect to the total number of items sold. Some of the important fields, which Unicommerce enabled in the reports are putaway date, display sale order, etc.
  • CIR reports – To understand the number of returns initiated by the customers, The House of Rare leveraged Unicommerce’s CIR reports in the returns dashboard. For this particular report, Unicommerce enabled columns, such as selling price, voucher code, etc.

Custom Use Case Handling

  • Custom Use Case Handling ERP notification report – To check the efficacy of its ERP integration with Unicommerce, the brand uses a report that shows failed/successful entries of dispatched orders for both marketplaces and its own website to the ERP system. This enabled the brand to avoid and minimize discrepancies in the accounting of cash inflows via sales.
  • Picklist management – Unicommerce enabled the brand with a picklist custom use case through which it can check the picklist start and end time along with order-wise picklist quantity. This led them to monitor the performance of warehouse staff and organize the warehouse layout.
  • Classification of orders – Unicommerce provided differentiation for both app and website orders to let the brand calculate the ROI and performance of both individually and plan the course of action for the future accordingly.

Power-Packed Integrations

  • SMS integration – The SMS integration enabled the brand to maintain complete transparency of its orders by giving regular tracking updates to its customers. This also regulated customer stickiness since customers gained insights into their orders on time.
  • ERP/Accounting
    SMS integration – Unicommerce enabled the brand with Ginesys integration so that it can accumulate its inventory and get an overview of its overall inventory and orders seamlessly.
  • Marketplaces and Cart Integration – With Unicommerce as its technology partner, The House of Rare is seamlessly integrated with multiple sales channels, such as Shopify (own website), Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa Fashion, and Tata CLiQ.
  • Logistics Integration – To fulfill orders on time without roadblocks, Unicommerce offered leading logistics/shipping integration, such as Pickrr, Shyplite, DHL, and Blue Dart.

“We are extremely happy and satisfied with Unicommerce and its services that have enabled us to streamline our operations with efficiency and total control. We’ve always aimed to make a transition into an omnichannel model, while that seemed like a challenge in the past, Unicommerce empowered us to bring an omnichannel presence with its centralized dashboard where we got a unified view of our orders and inventory management”

Parivesh Trivedi

Head Tech & Operations, Rare Rabbit

Impact on the Business

Having unique automation and operational capabilities, Unicommerce has been every step of the way with The House of Rare. The simple yet power-packed interface of Unicommerce has empowered the brand to expand its presence from local to international markets, such as Canada and the USA along with demonstrating 9X sales order growth from July’20 to Dec’21. From empowering the brand with omnichannel enabled solutions to increasing the number of sales channels from 3 to 8, the brand has been able to manage 4 warehouses and 51 stores through the scalable Unicommerce platform.

Moreover, with the in-depth CIR and RTO reports, The House of Rare was able to determine its order returns while witnessing a 34% drop in returns

While it maintained a catalog count of 36K+ items and a live inventory count of 710K+ products, the real-time management of operations enabled them to dispatch 178K+ orders per month. Additionally, with the continuous involvement of Unicommerce (from order placed to order packing to dispatch), The House of Rare was able to dispatch all orders in 12 hours of average time while maintaining an SLA breach of 3.4%. 

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