Uniware Omnichannel Implementation for the Leading International Tyre Manufacturer and Online Retailer in India

leading international tyre manufacturer case study
unicommerce helped leading international tyre manufacturer achieve growth

Company Overview

The leading tyre manufacturer came to India almost a decade ago and through a rapidly expanding distribution network, has established itself as a leading international tyre maker in the country. Today, they offer a wide range of tyres featuring the best of their innovative technology. Their tyres are designed, produced and marketed to meet the challenges of mobility in the Indian market. Their range of products in India caters to the rising demands of the Passenger Cars, Truck, Bus, Two Wheelers & OTR (Off the Road) vehicles.

Client’s Goal

The tyre manufacturer has innovated in the distribution space, providing drivers with a much better tyre buying experience.

In order to ensure high quality with the highest levels of service, they required an automated technology solution to manage the all their manufacturing unit and countrywide spread distribution stores.

Simplified O2O Management

Seamless Online/Offline Retail

Centralised Order Management


Centralised Inventory Management

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

Their manufacturing unit came to India almost a decade ago and with ever increasing number of drivers across the country, demand for quality tyres was required both directly by the automobile manufactures and customers.

Before they partnered with Snapdeal for online sales in 2016, they knew there are great opportunities for niche product lines in the online market. But the breakup of sales between offline stores and online channel marked presence of several challenges in front of the leading international tyre manufacturer in the country.

  • Their major challenge was to automate business processes to enable an efficient and seamless fulfillment cycle across both sales channels.
  • The tyre company had an exceptional sales coverge among the offline customers, and this transfer of business to online retail required lots of planning to manage their inventory efficiently with only identifiable inventory in warehouse.
  • Being the top international tyre manufacturer of the country they required a robust IT solution which would help them to make an omnichannel transformation for improved customer experience.

Collaboration with Unicommerce

With introduction to the online market they required a system which can manage the fulfilment across online and offline retail. Unicommerce, the E-commerce Supply chain solution consisting of centralized order, inventory management solution with integrations to marketplaces, webstore, ERP and POS automated the fulfillment of orders from marketplaces and their offline stores.

  • Secure and fast implementation of the operational requirements with Cloud based SaaS solution.

  • Seamless integration of the offline stores with Unicommerce Point of Sale (POS) to fulfill their complex needs.
  • Centralized order management solutions to seamlessly manage fulfillment across all manufacturing units and Distribution centers.
  • Centralized inventory management for real time view of inventory across different sales channels.
  • Click & Collect and Reserve & Collect helped improve customer delight by giving the customers of the leading tyre company an accurate inventory visibility and Pickup service in the nearest stores.

Implementation Details

Unicommerce provides a simple solution architecture enabling seamless integration across the client systems. The Omnichannel implementation for the tyre company ensured that their systems were always updated with all the relevant information, enabling higher transparency to the management as well as the customers.

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

The tyre manufacturer expanded its existing distribution and provided its dealers with a parallel sales (online) pipeline supported by Unicommerce’s simplified Omnichannel solution to unlock new revenue streams as well as helped provide a seamless experience to their customers, across multiple channels (online store, brick and mortar stores etc.). This implementation helped them achieve significant benefits:

  • Increased online conversion helped the company scale its online operations.
  • Automated operations led to better inventory and order management.
  • Simplified and transparent fulfillment process improved overall productivity.
  • The solution enabled more geographies across the country, without any significant investment for the company.