When you are selling ‘Experiences’, every little thing counts.Surface Transport & Logistics

Jazzmyride is India’s largest online seller of Car and Bike accessories. Though it started barely 3 years ago, it has been on an amazing ride since then. Not only did they go from 0 to 7000 in terms products range on their website very quickly, they have bagged exclusive online selling rights of some of the most reputed global brands like Turtle Wax (USA), ABRO (USA), Xenos.
  • Reached
    Dispatch SLA Adherence
  • Reduced
    Manpower Cost
“Cloud based Uniware allows us to think beyond boundaries and build
a business not bound by any location constraints.”

                                   For Jazzmyride, accessories were never just accessories. For them,accessories were about ease and style. They were about giving a newer experience, a better experience to their customers. They were selling ‘Experiences’ to people, neither products, nor service. And when you are into such business, every little thing counts. Products being available (in stock) and timely deliveries – such things or the absence of such things definitely contribute to making of that experience.

While scaling up their operations, one of the biggest challenges for Mr Sunil Dhingra, the founder, was to retain that great experience, retain their brand, their positioning. But this had to be achieved in a cost efficient manner. They wanted to do it with as less hands as possible. That was possible only if they could automate tedious man hours consuming activities. Technology was the answer.

Indian E-Commerce industry is toughest to be in.Only the most Comprehensive and the Best E-Commerce Product can survive in this industry.

Unfortunately, Jazzmyride, could not find the Tech solution which could solve their problems.They explored many products, even tried one American Software product. But it failed the scalability test after they crossed 1 lakh orders. They realized that every e-commerce industry in the world is not the same. In fact, Indian e-commerce industry is very tough to be in. India competes with US in geography, competes with China in population, and competes with Europe in diversity – that’s exactly why Indian e-commerce is toughest to be in. Any product for Indian e-commerce has to be very comprehensive in terms of depth and breadth of scope and features. Product which worked in India can work anywhere else in the world. But the same is not true for product made outside India. That’s why Sunil started looking for a product with global standards of quality, tailored for Indian e commerce industry and made by guys who understand technology and e-commerce like the back of their hand. And he found all these three things with Uniware, the product by Unicommerce team. During the Demo of Uniware, Jazzmyride was delighted to see Uniware automatically fetching orders from Multiple marketplaces and updating inventories on all those channels. They found this feature so valuable that they were ready to pay us the full amount just for that. That’s why they were pleasantly surprised that they got the ‘rest of the features’ without any additional cost. Of course, there were many sophisticated and useful features in the ‘rest’, which they later found out once they started using Uniware! Predictably, their adoption of Uniware had an immediate impact on their dispatch SLAs adherence. With Uniware they were touching 97%, a figure they did not think was possible at the scale they were operating at. Not just that, but even while growing rapidly, they could cut down manpower cost by a whopping 30% ensuring better profitability numbers.

Better Numbers is Just Half the Story!

Apart from these quantifiable effects, Sunil vouches for some unquantifiable but immensely important
results of Uniware adoption. Sunil feels that Uniware has enabled Jazzmyride to be

  • Agile – even at this scale
  • Flexible – even while using a process driven system
  • Light – even with increasing work load
  • Focused – even while geographically scattered

The two way auto syncing with multiple channels brings motion, pace to the work. It keeps things
moving instead of getting stuck at any place waiting for human intervention. That keeps the organization agile. The depth of control that Uniware allows its users while using any features makes them feel empowered rather than feeling restricted by systemic approach. The numerous custom fields allows every company to bend some rules thereby giving them the flexibility required in handling off the track cases.

Anything that can be automated has been automated in Uniware. That’s why you can get so much done with very less manpower, keeping your team light. And Being on Cloud, all you need is a browser to manage your business, from anywhere, any time of the day. This factor becomes increasingly important when, like for Jazzmyride, when you are dealing with multiple warehouses, vendors, dealers all scattered geographically, on everyday basis. You will never feel over whelmed or lost by the geographical spread of your business. Uniware enables you to be focused, not get side-tracked, lose sight of priorities, what’s important. In fact, Sunil has been quite impressed by the fact that Uniware allows them to work so closely with vendors, partners and dealers. And he credits Unicommerce for helping him implement newer, out of the box business models successfully. In his own words, “Any e-retailer worth his salt, who is selling on multiple e-commerce websites, NEEDS
Uniware. Period.”


“The performance of Uniware has gone from Good to Great since we
started using it.”

Sunil Dhingra, (CEO, Jazzmyride.com)

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Happy to choose Unicommerce as our e-commerce technology partner! It has been a catalyst for our significant sales growth across 10 marketplaces over the span of 3 years.

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We are very much satisfied and happy to have found Unicommerce as our Complete Inventory & Order Management solution. Managing 6000+ SKUs and Integration with different platforms become very simple because of overall efforts by Unicommerce team.Customer support team have been very supportive with their personalized efforts on Whatsapp and other media channels. Great work team!

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