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The E-commerce industry has been going through some drastic changes, as the entire world stepped into the new normal post the Coronavirus outbreak.From consumers relying heavily on online shopping, choosing to not step out of their homes, showing major shifts in product choices and a lot more such changes, the eCommerce ecosystem and the businesses in it have been giving their all in to cope up with everything that has been put on their plates.

Determined to simply eCommerce selling for all, especially in these unprecedented times, Unicommerce takes on a new initiative to help sellers, retailers, brands and businesses always be on top of all the latest trends and developments going on in the eCommerce world.Curiously and cautiously crafted, Unicommerce’s quarterly trends reports incorporate the major transverses observed all around the industry to enable businesses to be aware, make the calculated choices and turn trends into opportunities for growth.

The topics covered in the recent reports published include:

  • Overall GMV growth of the eCommerce industry
  • Emerging trend of Direct to Consumer Selling
  • Region-wise growth factors and demand trends
  • Pattern of orders for New Vs Reoccurring shoppers
  • Preferred or emerging product categories

and much more such crucial elements that can empower businesses to make the most of these changing times.

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