How India’s Leading Online AgriTech Company Managed 24 Warehouses with Unicommerce

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Company Overview

Companies in AgriTech space focus on the upliftment of the agricultural sector in the country. This unique business model, serving farmers and agri companies as their core base of customers encounters distinctive operational challenges as well.

Serving over 1 Mn farmers with services offered in 12+ agriculturally driven states including Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, our client, India’s leading AgriTech firm needed completely automated and fast solutions to manage their increasing client base.

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

Keeping track of derived data on farming and produce by top farmers, assisting them with expert advice on various agronomy fronts including produce, crop life cycle, etc in real-time as well as managing 24 warehouses in these geographies was turning into a real task for the company.

  • Maintaining Stock Freshness
  • Manually Driven Warehouse Operations
  • Complex Returns Management
  • Managing Inventory Across Multiple Locations
  • Integrated Shipping & Logistics
  • Better Reporting & Analytics

Collaboration with Unicommerce

Being a novel business with a focus on agriculturally inclined geographies, our client required tailored solutions to manage their services and they found answers to all their prerequisites with Unicommerce’s scalable and advanced offerings.

  • Unicommerce delivered advanced customer support solutions that helped the client manage and serve customer-centric services in realtime enabling faster and effective operations.

  • Unicommerce’s warehouse management system (WMS) enabled the client to automate major warehouse functions across their sales channels (their own CRM, Franchises, ERP system- Navision etc.) and helped them maintain error-free operations.
  • Unicommerce’s precise reports and dashboards helped the leading AgriTech firm analyse efficiency across all their operations and prioritise their workflows.
  • Unicommerce’s centralized inventory management system and order management helped the client to sync products in real-time & keep track of their evergrowing order volume increasing their profitability.
  • Unicommerce enabled easy processing of returns and cancellations across various channels from a single panel helps enhance productivity while reducing the cost of operations and logistics.

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

Right from order and inventory management to returns, reports, and data analysis, the services by Unicommerce have resulted to be a key factor in the day to day management of client’s services.

Taking the business from a small scale to making it a huge platform for all agri related operations, our client managed to achieve immense recognition with the help of Unicommerce’s technologically backed solutions.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    24 WarehousesHandled

    6K+Product Listings

    0.5 Mn+ OrdersProcessed/ Month