Attain 99.99%+ Fulfillment With Warehouse Management System

Marico, a leading consumer company achieved a 99.99%+ order fulfillment rate using Unicommerce’s Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) for its D2C online business.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

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    Unicommerce's Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    While a basic warehouse management software only manages the stock location and stock level of the goods in a warehouse, Unicommerce’s advanced warehouse management system software understands the dynamism required in a warehouse solution. Managing 6000+ warehouses, Unicommerce assists you in centralizing the crucial tasks that are important in an omnichannel retail scenario, such as maintaining healthy stock levels automatically and ensuring location-allocation in multiple warehouse sites. Furthermore, you can also automate purchase management while routing and tracking the shipments.

    Enable Smart & Integrated Management Of Resources

    The e-commerce-focused Warehouse Management solutions of Unicommerce is currently managing 6000+ warehouses and is best suited to handle the complexities of any type and size of e-commerce business.

    Build capability to process the orders in bulk and ensure fast order dispatches with limited stock-picking time in the warehouse.

    • Gain Complete Inventory Visibility

    Achieve broader inventory visibility across the stores and distribution centers (DC’s) with the centralized WMS system to give actionable insights of orders to your customers.  

    • Quick Clearance Of Aging Inventory

    Identify and remove old inventories from your warehouse quickly so that you can utilize the warehouse space in an optimum manner. 

    • Fast Consolidation And Sorting 

    With the chaotic management and distribution of inventory, you can pick the inventory for order preparation in a timely manner.

    • Precise Inventory Report

    Get the complete report of your warehouse stock so that you can scrutinize if there’s anything missing.

    quick inventory dispatch via warehouse management

    Take the advantage of the revolutionary Warehouse Management System to automate your crucial day-to-day warehouse operations! 

    • Cost-Effective Inward/Outward Operations 

    Establish organized inward and outward warehouse operations to save on the unnecessary cost of the labor force. 

    • Automated Functions 

    Automate the routine business processes and reduce the chance of manual errors while enhancing efficiency with better control over operations

    • Systematic Inventory Placement​

    Simplify your stock placement in the warehouse by mapping the inventory positioning virtually with the ‘virtual inventory’ concept and save both resource wastage & cost.

    • Robust Quality Check

    The vigorous quality control processes let you scrutinize and track the condition of your inventory all while minimizing the potential returns and cost associated with it.

    minimize manpower cost through warehouse management

    Witness a higher ROI with the automation in the operational workflows that not only lets you boost your business sales but also lets you expand across regions.

    • Stable 150+ Integrations

    With simple stable and powerful cloud-based integrations services, you can dramatically expand your product portfolio across multiple sales channels easily.

    • Scalable Warehouse Operations 

    With warehouse operations being highly flexible to the competitive business environment you can manage a large number of orders. 

    • Synchronize Operational Processes

    By automating your warehouse functionalities you can shift your focus on enhancing your business growth capabilities, and demonstrate amplified profit margins.

    • Analyze Performance Routinely

    With the complete view of reports and dashboard, you can analyze the performance of the warehouse daily to achieve your future goals.

    increase sales growth through warehouse management

    Focus completely on improving your customers’ buying journey so that they visit your online stores frequently.

    • Reduce Shipping Time  

    Integrated with the leading logistics players, Unicommerce lets you allocate the logistics & reduce the shipping time while avoiding the delivery of erroneous orders.

    • Streamline The Flow Of Reverse Logistics

    Fasten the reverse logistics turnaround time throughout the value chain while powering up your business operations.

    • Showcase Products In Combo Packs 

    Exhibit your product offerings in the form of combo packs across multiple marketplaces to lure your customers.

    • Manage Expiry of Perishable Goods

    Seamlessly manage the expiration date of the products with a limited shelf life so that your customers don’t compromise on the quality.

    enhance customer experience through warehouse management


    Make the right choice and sell online seamlessly by leveraging the Warehouse Management System (WMS) of Unicommerce to succeed in the present times of cut-throat competition.

    handheld devices icon

    Convenient Handheld Devices

    Gain actionable insight into your warehouse operations with easily manageable handheld devices to further improve inventory accuracy, reduce waste, and boost labor efficiency.

    warehouses icon

    Location-Allocation Across Multiple Warehouses

    Enable cautious and quick handling of inventory across multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers to save on product distribution costs.

    inbound icon

    Smooth Inbound Operations

    Perform an array of inbound operations, including scanning an SKU, shelf-wise cycle count management, purchase process management, and more.


    outbound icons

    Effortless Outbound Operations

    Execute smooth and efficient AI-based outbound QC along with manifest management, shipping labels, and invoice creation from a unified platform.

    barcode icon

    Accurate Barcode Scanning

    Capture accurate and intricate details of inventory on the item, SKU, and batch level with the advanced and superior barcoding system.

    batching icon

    FIFO/FEFO Based Picking And Batching

    Mitigate stock losses and say goodbye to bad inventory across warehouses with systematic batching and stock rotation methods, such as FIFO and FEFO.

    cycle count icon

    Error-Free Cycle Count

    Accurately analyze the physically recorded data, map inventories correctly while avoiding downtime for faster processes with an efficient inventory cycle counting feature.

    bundle management icon

    Organized Bundle Management

    Enhance your product portfolio across multiple sales channels by selling your products in combo packs with a systematized bundle management feature. 

    return icon

    Robust Returns Management

    Solve the biggest pain points in online retail with a robust and future-ready returns feature that assures 100% product traceability.

    Our Solutions Are Known for

    Rated #1 in the Warehouse Management Solution for its scalable retailing capabilities

    gartner best warehouse management systems awards
    goodfirms top warehouse management software awards

    “With a robust and scalable solution like Unicommerce as our Warehouse Management and Vendor Panel Solution partner, we have been able to manage our supply chain operations seamlessly. And this has helped us be better prepared for our next phase of exponential growth.”

    Atit Jain

    COO & Co-founder, Bulbul

    “Unicommerce is a great one-stop solution for the e-commerce and logistics requirements of any business. It has helped us directly to integrate our warehouse inventory on a real-time basis onto marketplaces as well as on our own website. The orders are seamlessly processed at the warehouse and this has allowed us to scale our online sales seamlessly.”

    Tanuj Agarwal

    Director, Suditi Industries Ltd.

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    Automate Operations And Ensure Quick Order Processing From The Warehouse!

    Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost