How Unicommerce Powers Attitudist to Achieve 99.99%+ Order Fulfillment Rate and 121% Growth in Sales Order

attitudist shoes case study

What Attitudist Achieved Using Unicommerce?

99.99%+ Order Fulfillment Rate

121% Sales Order Growth

60K+ Live Inventory Count

1662% Growth in SKU Count

576% Growth in GMV

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About the Brand

Attitudist is a leading men’s shoe brand that is revolutionizing the way people think about premium quality footwear. The mission is to provide handcrafted shoes of exceptional quality at affordable prices, making luxury accessible to all. They specialize in vegan leather, offering cruelty-free shoes that blend artisan designs with the latest trends.

Their range encompasses men’s vegan footwear, including formal, casual, and athletic designs. What sets Attitudist apart is the commitment to using the latest design techniques and cutting-edge technology to craft shoes that are stylish as well as comfortable.

However, before partnering with Unicommerce, the brand faced several challenges in its warehouse and inventory management processes. These challenges often resulted in inefficiencies and hindered the company’s growth potential.

Challenges Faced by Attitudist

  • Lack of a Centralized Inventory Management System – Attitudist struggled with accurately tracking and monitoring their stock levels, leading to frequent stock outs or overstocking.
  • Fragmented Order Management – The brand aimed to efficiently handle orders across its D2C website and other sales channels. Efficient order management plays a crucial for every brand; failure to do so can result in delays, errors, and inconsistencies in order fulfillment.
  • Inefficient Warehouse Processes – Manual processes, paper-based documentation, and reliance on spreadsheets caused errors, delays, and difficulties in tracking and managing products effectively.
  • Returns Management Complexities – The brand struggled with managing returns efficiently and wanted to streamline its returns operations. They aimed to improve both Customer Initiated Returns (CIR) and Return to Origin (RTO) processes.

Solutions Offered by Unicommerce

  • Seamless Item Traceability at SKU Level – With the help of Unicommerce’s advanced item traceability, Attitudist was empowered to seamlessly trace its inventory at the SKU level. This feature provided Attitudist with the ability to track different aspects of inventory, such as cost, expiry, manufacturing details, and vendor information. Attitudist gained complete visibility into the lifecycle of their products, allowing for efficient inventory management and informed decision-making.
  • Robust Inventory and Order Management – Unicommerce revolutionized Attitudist’s warehouse operations by providing them with a centralized inventory management system, enhancing efficiency across the board. The brand now has the ability to see the current stock levels of its products in real-time. This has allowed them to better manage their inventory and avoid situations like stock outs or overstocking.

    Additionally, Unicommerce’s order management solution simplified the complexities associated with handling orders across their D2C website and Amazon. The brand effortlessly received and processed orders, automated fulfillment workflows, and eradicated errors in the process.

  • Space Optimization Made Easy with Shelf Management – Space optimization is a crucial aspect of warehouse management, and Unicommerce addressed this challenge for Attitudist through its shelf management feature. From adding or removing shelves to rearranging the entire area, Unicommerce worked closely with Attitudist to customize the layout and configuration of shelves to meet specific requirements. By optimizing shelf space and implementing efficient storage practices, the brand significantly improves its warehouse operations.
  • Automated Returns Management – Attitudist faced challenges in managing returns, but Unicommerce simplified this process for them. The platform’s robust return management system has enabled the company to handle customer-initiated returns (CIR) and return-to-origin (RTO) processes seamlessly, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

“Our partnership with Unicommerce has been a game-changer for our business. With their innovative solutions, we have overcome our warehouse and inventory management challenges, paving the way for exponential growth. Their commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology has truly elevated our brand to new heights.”

Haritima Mishra

Founder & CEO, Attitudist

Impact on the Business

By onboarding Unicommerce, Attitudist has effectively tackled its warehouse and inventory management challenges. This collaboration has brought about remarkable improvements and growth for the company. The brand has achieved an impressive order fulfillment rate of 99.99%+ and witnessed a staggering 121% growth in sales orders.

Furthermore, Attitudist’s gross merchandise value (GMV) has experienced an astounding growth of 576%. These remarkable results can be attributed to Unicommerce’s efficient warehouse management system (WMS), which incorporates features like SKU-level batching, shelf management, and more.

The brand has also witnessed an exponential growth of 1662% in its SKU count, highlighting the company’s expanding product range and customer demand. Currently, the brand maintains a live inventory count of 60K+, showcasing its ability to efficiently manage a large volume of products.

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