E-commerce Order Management System Case Study – Bira91 Achieved Exponential Growth in Sales

bira91 case study

In Conversation with Humair Khan, Assistant Manager- Marketing, BIRA91

”With the kind of buzz our brand has created amongst our customers, we believed that an expansion of services, more into their lifestyles was in line. With that thought, we moved into the e-commerce space. Seeing the rapid rise in the number of orders and constantly increasing SKUs, our goal became delivering the best experience to our customers by fulfilling orders on time and Unicommerce has been an excellent partner in helping us achieve this goal.”

unicommerce helped bira91 achieve exponential growth

How would you describe Bira91 for us?

Bira91 is a beer company and we believe in providing an experience to our customers beyond just a pint of beer. We started selling Bira91 merchandise via our website to the consumers so that they remember the brand beyond just the drink and enjoy our flavour stories through these uber cool merchandise.

Being a fully homegrown, D2C brand what have been the major business challenges for Bira91?

There were some significant issues that we had difficulty managing, one of them being that of order processing within SLAs and the other of inventory tracking. Our previous service providers were not instrumental in handling these challenges, and with growing demands, we were determined at enhancing our customer experiences with the best services possible.

Please tell us what made you choose Unicommerce as your Order & Inventory Management Solutions Provider?

At the end of the 2019 fiscal year, we were getting a very good traction in the market and needed to rethink our entire supply chain strategy to enhance our services, deliver superior brand experience, increase profits and be on top of our game, and thus we were on the lookout for a platform that could help us achieve all this and that is when we discovered Unicommerce which is known to simplify e-commerce selling for its clients and has a brilliant reputation in the e-commerce industry.

Which Unicommerce solutions have you been using and what impact has it brought to your business? Please feel free to highlight any numbers, growth in sales, increase in dispatches, etc.

Ever since we started using Unicommerce we have seen exponential growth in sales. Our order volume has gone from 50-100 to a massive 500 orders per day in just the last 4 months, which makes us really happy and currently, we are using the Warehouse Management System of Unicommerce but we eventually plan to expand and integrate to our ERP solutions as well.

Could you please tell us about the experience you have had with Unicommerce so far?

Right from the demo call to now using the platform as our technology solutions provider from the last 6 months, the experience has truly been rich for us. We have been supported by the team from all aspects and they have provided us with a hassle-free management system to deal with our e-commerce operations. With their completely automated and supremely fast solution, we have managed to shift focus from having to deal with day to day issues to working on business growth strategies.

What would you like to say to the Unicommerce team about your journey so far and expectations for the future?

I would definitely like to appreciate the entire team of Unicommerce for helping us make the transition from our previous software to theirs. In these 4 months, we have achieved so much more than what we had eventually planned for and that has happened due to the continued support from Unicommerce and how they are always just one call away to listen to all our problems and give timely and effective solutions to those.

We look forward to continuing with their services and utilize more of their features into our business in the near future and would surely recommend it to all the other eCommerce businesses and sellers out there.