E-commerce Returns Management Case Study – 40% Decline in Returns by Fashion Brand Company

brand studio case study
unicommerce helped brand studio achieve growth

Company Overview

Brand Studio is India’s first-ever tech-enabled fashion brand, with a presence across all major marketplaces including Myntra, Flipkart, etc and 7 prominent fashion platforms: Locomotive, Highlander, Mark Taylor, Black Coffee, Folklore, Vishudh & Tokyo Talkies associated with it.

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

A rapidly growing business, Brand Studio has been on the radar of shoppers withᅠhigh demands and a total turnover of overᅠ400 Crᅠand needed a highly advanced technology partner to tackle their warehouse operations and ensure seamless services to their clients.

  • Managing customized order allocation and inventory sync
  • Handling boxwise pack slips accurately
  • Shipping bulk orders partially due to rushed timelines/fulfilment rate
  • Tackling bundle order processing or picking
  • Dependency on manual processes for warehouse operations
  • Generating error-free reports and analysis

Collaboration with Unicommerce

  • Unicommerce enabled the brand to have asmoothwarehouse management systemby automating major functions across multiple sales channels.

  • Unicommerce allowed the brand tomanage itspackaging and shipments,along with having a complete summary ofboxwise items
  • Unicommerce supported seamless integrations of Brand Studio with leading marketplaces including Myntra, Flipkart, etc. thus increasing the order fulfillment rates.
  • The brand was able to track inventory count, manage dispatches, order allocation,  returns and get the status of entire warehouse operation across multiple locations in real-time
  • Brand Studio was able to generate separate shipments for bundle items with unique picking processes of shipping bundles using Unicommerce

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

The seamless integration provided by Unicommerce with multiple sales channelshas enabled Brand Studio to expand their portfolio toᅠ2.2Mn SKUs being liveᅠon these platforms with anᅠinventory count of 300K+ items

Unicommerce helped Brand Studio in segregating,ᅠaccurately picking/packing and shipping bundle productsᅠto further improve operation efficiency and scale their business growth.

With theᅠWarehouse Management Systemᅠof Unicommerce, Brand Studio has been dispatchingᅠaroundᅠ2M+ units per monthᅠon the basis of inventory availability, across multiple warehouses,ᅠspread overᅠ1 L sq ft of space

The overall product count of the brand hasᅠincreased byᅠ50%, with fulfilment rateᅠrising up quickly along with a significantᅠdrop in returns byᅠ40%ᅠpost Unicommerce was onboarded as their WMS Technology Partner.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    2Mn+ Units Dispatched/Month

    2.2Mn SKU Live On Sales Channels

    40% Decline In Returns


    30K+ Inventory Count