How a leading Consumer Electronics Brand Dispatched 170K+ orders per Month Seamlessly for its D2C Operations with Unicommerce’s Technology Platform!

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About The Brand

The company started its journey in 2016. The vision behind the brand was to make fashion meet the world of consumer electronics. Moreover, the audio products are designed in a way so that they are both affordable and durable with ultra-fashionable features.

As the demand for their affordable product range increased, the solutions they were using started to break, which made them realize the need for a robust order management system to manage operations (from order routing to allocation) for its website operations.

Challenges Faced by the Brand

  • Order Allocation Difficulties- Facing difficulties in allocating and splitting orders across different warehouse locations
  • Reporting Issues- Witnessing issues in reporting and data sanctity, especially for the sales order report
  • Order Status Management- Difficulty in monitoring the status of orders at various stages
  • Order Returns Management- Problems in synchronizing the order returns with their current Warehouse Management System

Solutions Offered By Unicommerce

solutions offered by unicommerce

1. Order Management Solution:

  • State-wise allocation: Prior to Unicommerce, the brand was facing issues in order routing and allocation. To solve this problem, Unicommerce enabled state-wise allocation (orders are checked and allocated to the nearest warehouse) in their 3 warehouses; Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurugram.
  • Automated returns management: The existing warehouse management solutions of the brand was able to automate the returns syncing process and update the order returns automatically by consuming the reverse pickup API of Unicommerce. Additionally, with the simplified process, the brand fastened up inventory turnaround time, elevated customers’ buying journey, and exposed the returned items quickly on their website.
2. Integrations:

  • Inventory sync: Unicommerce synchronized the brand’s inventory with their cart while enabling smooth integration with their current warehouse management system.
  • Shipping integration: Moreover, Unicommerce brought forth an integration with the leading shipping aggregator. The integration enabled them to reduce its logistics cost while simplifying the entire order fulfillment process.

3. Report & Dashboard

  • GST report: Since the brand is already integrated with Tally, Unicommerce — with a mission to scrutinize their Tally GST report with complete accuracy — introduced 13 fields with complete customization (according to their requirements). Some of the fields were Total Invoice Amount, Selling Price, Taxable Value, CGST Tax, and more.
  • Returns report: Unicommerce also enabled the brand with suitable data to scrutinize and analyze its order returns. Many columns were customized in the Tally GST Returns Report as per the formula provided by the boAt’s team.
  • Sales report: Unicommerce provides customization in its reports so that the brand can get the exact report as per their needs and requirements. To sort the sales order data, and save time efficiently, Unicommerce filtered the columns after implementing 21 filters, including Sale Order Item Code, Display Order Code, Item SKU Code, and more. This allowed the brand to further export the report directly with ease.
4. Custom Use Case Handling:

  • Gift card feature: Unicommerce also provided the brand with a facility from where their gift card orders get fulfilled. To enable the feature, Unicommerce provided a facility purely dedicated to gift cards. To further let them fulfill the gift card order seamlessly, Unicommerce set an allocation rule mentioning if the order belongs to the gift card then the order will be allocated to a particular facility only.

Impact on the Business

Having the capabilities of an order/inventory management system to support multi-location order fulfillment, multi-warehouse, and logistics integrations, Unicommerce became the brand’s support system. The strong interface of Unicommerce enabled them with a split shipment feature so that they can send multiple products belonging to a single order in separate shipments. This systematic management of orders has enabled the brand to manage a live inventory count of 400K+ products.

Reverse logistics is a cumbersome process as compared to forward shipping. And being an electronics brand, it had the risk of immense loss in case of damaged goods during the returns process. The solution by Unicommerce enabled the brand to set their own allocation rules & parameters. This enabled them to maintain a return rate of 7%.

The strong yet simple infrastructure of Unicommerce empowered the brand every step of the way while amplifying their customer service experience by hastening the delivery process. The real-time order management solution led them to dispatch 170K+ orders all while managing 3 warehouses across Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurgaon.

impact on consumer electronics brand india

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Real-time order management ensured 170K+ dispatches per month

    Managed a live inventory count of 400K+ products

    Stable APIs minimized the order returns and maintained a return rate of 7%