E-commerce Order Management System Case Study – MPL Sports Attained 90%+ Fulfillment Rate

mpl sports case study
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About The Brand

MPL Sports is an athleisure, merchandise, and sporting equipment brand from Mobile Premier League (MPL), one of the world’s largest mobile esports and skill gaming platforms. MPL Sports is the official kit sponsor of the Indian Men’s, Women’s, and Under-19 Cricket Team.

MPL Sports deals with the cricket team merchandise of the multiple player kits – match day, training and travel range.

The brand also offers top-quality merchandise across various categories, professional-level sporting equipment, and affordable athleisure apparel made for all-round style and comfort.

With an aim to provide a seamless shopping experience to billion-plus cricket fans across the country and streamline its merchandise business operations, MPL Sports partnered with Unicommerce, India’s largest e-commerce-focused supply-chain SaaS technology platform.

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

Challenges Faced by the Brand

  • MPL Sports wanted to sync inventory across multiple facility centers for their website (www.mplsports.in) while tracking order updates through a single platform.
  • Having inventory distributed across multiple warehouses made it difficult to locate and pick the order, making order routing a challenge for the brand.
  • Striving to deliver customized apparel to cricket fans, the primary challenge for MPL Sports was to pass on the customization details to the customization vendor in an automated manner

Collaboration with Unicommerce

mpl sports and unicommerce collaboration

Improved Inventory Management across Multiple Facilities:

Having a consolidated e-commerce warehouse management system in place enabled MPL Sports to process and fulfill the order quickly. The simplified view of inventory through Unicommerce gave more control to the brand so that they can manage inventory across 8 facilities (7 warehouses) and connect them through online sales channels. While the orders were fetched using Unicommerce’s platform, the robust APIs of the software worked as a centralized system in notifying the same to the 3PL partners of MPL Sports, enabling them to both track and fulfill the orders faster.

Seamless Order Routing:

With the Order Management System (OMS) in place, MPL Sports was able to fetch multiple items from different warehouses for a single order with ease, hastening the process of order routing. This also enabled them to ensure quick and timely order deliveries, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

Simplified Fulfillment of Customized Merchandise:

As mentioned earlier, MPL Sports wanted to give fans a chance to customize the Team India jersey with a preferred name and/or number. To fulfill the same, the robust mechanism of Unicommerce passed on the intriguing details of the customized merchandise, including the name and number that the buyer wanted to add, to the fulfillment partners, especially for customized items. While it was a challenge earlier, Unicommerce provided the SKU codes, on the basis of which, the brand was able to pass on the additional parameters related to customization, making the entire process technically seamless, increasing customer satisfaction and delight.

Impact on the Business

MPL Sports was able to effortlessly allocate orders and inventory across 8 facilities and manage a live inventory count of 49K+. While the superior support system of Unicommerce simplified warehouse and order management processes for MPL Sports, the real-time order updates enabled the brand to dispatch 15K+ orders per month at peak, achieving 90%+ fulfillment rates.

“We are delighted to partner with Unicommerce and leverage their unique tech capabilities to elevate our e-commerce operations. In addition to offering quality merchandise at affordable prices catering to every single cricket fan in the country, it is our highest priority to provide them with a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience. Unicommerce’s platform has allowed us to better serve our consumers wherever they may be in a timely manner.” 
Shobhit Gupta, Head – MPL Sports.

“As a brand, our aim is to give every cricket fan an opportunity to don the Indian team jersey along with other products that have been specially crafted for them. To streamline our capabilities as we cater to fans across the length and breadth of the country in the fastest time possible, we joined hands with Unicommerce. We are delighted with the tremendous results that the platform has brought in and we look forward to solving more customer issues using this technology.” 
Subhadeep Basu, Head – Projects & Fulfillment – MPL Sports

mpl sports and unicommerce collaboration - results

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Smooth and seamless operations across 8 facilities

    Real-time maintenance of order fulfillment ensured 90%+ fulfillment rates

    Automation in the entire process enabled the brand to dispatch 15K+ orders per month at peak

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