How India’s Leading Multi-Brand Car Service Company Attained 9X Sales Growth in 1 Year by optimizing Dropship and Inventory management operations

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About the Company

The brand is India’s leading multi-brand car service company, striving to enhance and simplify the car servicing experience for customers across the nation. The brand has created superior solutions that make the auto-servicing processes systematic and cost-effective

While the company is evolving continuously in newer and better ways, they aim to offer 40% savings, 100% genuine OEM/OES spare parts, and 100% warranty along with free pick-up and drop-on car services.

The brand has been rendering its enhanced services across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Kalyan, Chandigarh, and Ahmedabad, it has recently launched operations in Nigeria.

Challenges Faced by The Man Company

  • Unsynchronized Inventory Operations – Managing the inventory was a challenge for this car service company as they had different codes for the different marketplaces, which in turn showed an item as 10 items (if they are sold on 10 different marketplaces).
  • Inventory Management Across Multiple Vendors – The primary challenge for the brand was to align the operations across vendors to create a marketplace.
  • Difficulty in Tracking Order Status on Website – Notifying website customers so they can track the stage at which the order has reached was one of the challenges for the brand.
  • Lack of Inventory Visibility – The brand was lacking visibility over its inventory operations across its own website and multiple other marketplaces.
  • Difficulties in Order Allocation – Striving to enhance order fulfillment, the company needed a systematic fulfillment model to allocate orders to the concerned distributors and provide an option for the vendor to accept or reject an allocated order. Moreover, the company wanted control over the allowable time window for order fulfillment before an order moves to the next priority vendor.

Solutions Offered by Unicommerce

solutions offered by unicommerce
  • SKU Management Feature – With Unicommerce’s SKU management functionality, the brand was able to get a centralized view of inventory and SKU-wise visibility across multiple sales channels. This, in turn, saved them from unnecessary duplication as each SKU has a unique code, which remains consistent across multiple marketplaces, hence, enabling the brand to add the actual number of available inventory.
  • Seamless Marketplace Operations – The brand wanted to create a marketplace where vendors can sell their products and customers can buy directly from the vendors, which got possible with Unicommerce’s Dropshipping solution.
  • Robust Allocation Rules – The car service company was able to create dropship panels using Uniware, which enabled it to set the allocation rules on multiple parameters, including channels, locations, and SKU codes. Also, the rules can be set as per the priority to allocate orders to the vendor panels.
  • Custom Notification Script – Unicommerce enabled the Custom Notification Script that enabled the brand to send updates to the website customers, letting them know at which stage the order is so that they can track it in real time. Furthermore, with the current order status, the brand could send the AWB number of the courier partner for tracking once the order is in the shipping stage and out of the warehouse.
  • Auto Hopping Feature – With the advanced omnichannel-enabled features, Unicommerce offered the brand an auto-hopping feature that enabled the store staff to accept or reject any or all of the items of an order. Once rejected, the item will hop on to another store. This feature further empowered the company to improve the customer experience.
  • In-Depth Reports & Dashboards – With the accurate reports and dashboards feature of Unicommerce, the brand was able to retrieve sales order reports, put away reports, and inventory snapshots, which enabled them to have enhanced visibility over their operations as they could analyze inventory availability, the total count of SKUs, number of items sold, etc.

Impact on the Business

India’s leading network of car service centers saw an exponential increase in their sales orders after joining hands with Unicommerce. Being their preferred supply chain SaaS technology platform, Unicommerce enabled the brand to witness 9X sales growth in 1 year. Moreover, the robust dropship panels enable them to align operations across 4 vendors.

While the brand was able to manage operations across 5 channels (Amazon FBA, Flipkart Smart, etc.), it seamlessly aligned operations from 3 warehouses to 11 warehouses now. In addition to this, the fulfillment model that Unicommerce introduced enabled the company to dispatch 40K+ orders per month.

Coming over to the centralized inventory management, the feature allowed the brand to maintain a live inventory count of 119K+ with a catalog count of 12K+. Moreover, with the continuous involvement of Unicommerce (from order placed to order packing to dispatch), the brand was able to maintain an average dispatch time of under 12 hours.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Simplified operations across 11 warehouses and 4 vendors

    Automated management of processes led to 9X sales growth

    Real-time management ensured 40K+ dispatches per month