How Neeman’s Leveraged Unicommerce Omnichannel Platform

Neeman’s Footwear achieved a 99.99% Order Fulfillment Rate with a Smart Omnichannel Platform Providing Inventory Management and Better Order Synchronization

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What Neeman’s Footwear Achieved Using Unicommerce?

1,132,320 Live Inventory Count

2,604 Live Catalog Count

Seamlessly Managing 148% Growth in Sale Orders

Catalog Size Increased from 984 SKUs to 2,604 SKUs

about neemans footwear brand

About the Neeman’s Footwear Brand

Neeman’s is a Hyderabad-based footwear brand focused on bringing to life fashion that is both comfortable and responsible. Disrupting the footwear industry in India, Neeman’s started with a simple notion of creating footwear that perfectly fuses design and does not compromise on the comfort factor; behind the great products, there’s innovative technology, no synthetic materials, and out-of-the-box thinking!

The brand arrived on the scene in 2018 with its revolutionary shoes made from Merino Wool and has since then gone on to introduce a unique sneaker line made from recycled plastic bottles, a collection of flip-flops made from recycled tyres, and much more. 5 years and over a million pairs sold later, Neeman’s is now largely regarded as the brand that is revolutionizing footwear trends in the country and encouraging Indians to ‘Change the Norm’ with what they buy & and wear.

With its rising popularity and a conscious approach to crafting its products, the brand has become the choice of the masses by making comfortable & and responsible fashion accessible to all at optimum price points.

With its growing stature as one of the fastest-growing footwear brands in the country, Neeman’s explored the need for a solution that could help them strengthen their inventory and order management to tackle the high order volume. Neeman’s joined hands with Unicommerce to fulfill that very need.

Challenges Faced By Neeman’s Footwear

With a footwear brand like Neeman’s, experiencing high growth, it was essential to map orders, sales, and inventory all under one single view and dashboard.

  • Scalability – Neeman’s was looking for a solution to get its entire inventory accurately synced with the orders, as the previous solution provider could not accommodate real-time inventory sync. Receiving orders from multiple marketplaces, the brand found a gap between their received and fulfilled orders as the dashboard didn’t timely display their received orders, which made them lose sales during peak events such as festive and topical sale days. This made them rethink their choice of Order Management Solution.
  • Improper Inventory Management – One of the major challenges for Neeman’s was managing a large inventory where they considered every single article irrespective of the size or design of a separate SKU. To achieve that, the brand needed unique serialization on the item level in order to map its inventory accurately and save time simultaneously. Generally, the barcodes are printed after receiving the goods in the warehouse, and then the labeling is commenced, but the brand needed the barcodes to be printed prior to receiving the products so that they can save some time and make the process more streamlined.
  • Multiple Warehouse Management – Having an Omnichannel presence, the brand has their products available in multiple warehouses and stores and is actively selling on various online marketplaces, making it difficult for it to map their inventory with accuracy. The brand was in dire need of proper tracking and inventory management across multiple warehouses and retail or offline stores.

  • Reports and Dashboards – Neeman’s needed detailed reports, mainly barcodes, sale orders, and inventory snapshot reports, to be customized according to their workflow. They needed the accumulated data to be displayed in the form of reports, which can be utilized to analyze customer behavior and other imperative aspects used for creating targeted campaigns.

Solutions Offered to Neeman’s Footwear Brand

  • Wide Spectrum to Scale Business – Unicommerce introduced its omnichannel solution to map inventory from multiple locations to various marketplaces. On implementing the solution, it was easy for Neeman’s to push inventory and process orders. To let a business stay informed and clear, Unicommerce assigns a separate team dedicated during the high sales period so that the brand can monitor the operations without room for errors. This makes the entire process transparent and agile, resolving the biggest pain point for the brand.
  • Smart Inventory Management by Unique Serialization – By leveraging Unicommerce’s item-level traceability/unique serialization feature, every product (each SKU) is assigned a unique code, marking each one as a separate entity. This made the eco-friendly shoe brand map their inventory with ease, helping them save time in product picking and conveniently manage the inventory of more than 984 SKUs on more than 10 sales channels (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa Fashion, Myntra PPMP, Ebay US, Tata Cliq, Ajio and Shopify – D2C website of Neemans)
  • Easy Picklist Generation – Unicommerce brought in smooth picklist generation as well as ease of invoicing for the brand through a centralized management dashboard in the application installed on their handheld device. The app provided quick information on the product availability and the exact location/shelf the product is placed in; this made the manual process less time-consuming and extremely convenient for managing picking from the warehouses.
  • Barcode Customization – The brand needed to print barcodes in bulk ahead of the GRN process and the GRN item report. Unicommerce made it simple for them to print barcodes ahead of time and begin labeling once the products arrived via customizing the process. This made the process less time-consuming and more streamlined as they were able to do super-quick invoicing and labeling with the help of handheld devices integrated with the solution provided by Unicommerce.
  • Reporting – Enabling accurate reports and dashboards, the brand was able to retrieve item barcode reports where they can have the purchase codes along with the items in the barcode report. To make it more precise, Unicommerce created a new column in the barcode report to add which items are registered against which purchase or vendor code; this, in turn, helps the brand map the vendors against the purchase codes. With the help of real-time inventory reports, the exemplary brand was able to be in sync with its inventory updates and have the order fulfilled on time.
  • Multiple Integrations – As the technology-enabled brand needed various marketplace integrations, including Amazon, Flex, Flipkart, Shopify, etc., Unicommerce helped the brand integrate its inventory and manage orders across all the required marketplaces smoothly. 11+ shipping providers were integrated based on the allocation rule, where the brand sets a priority order as to which order should be sent via which shipping provider according to their serviceability in the region
  • Seamless Multiple Store Management – Utilizing Unicommerce’s omnichannel solution, the brand efficiently handled numerous exclusive brand outlets, websites, and online marketplaces, all from a centralized dashboard. Neeman’s successfully capitalized on the solution’s capabilities, including the endless aisle feature, enabling customers to seamlessly purchase products online and return them offline or purchase offline and return online.

“Unicommerce brought a smart solution for the long-term challenges being faced by Neeman’s! We were in need of something that can help us grow our business as well as stay with us as a reliable partner in the dynamic e-commerce Industry.”

Taran Chhabra

Founder, Neeman's

Impact on the Business of Neeman’s Footwear

Growing exponentially, Neeman’s is a highly scalable brand integrated with 11+ shipping providers, catering to the maximum pin codes in the serviceability region. The innovative footwear brand was able to achieve exponential growth with a whopping 148% rise in sales orders, which was seamlessly managed using our Omnichannel solution.

With Unicommerce’s robust inventory management solution, the brand achieved smooth inventory to marketplace mapping, resulting in a 100% order fulfillment rate. As the brand was facing difficulties in inventory and order sync during the high-selling period, Unicommerce provided a dedicated team of professionals to closely monitor the operations and make sure that the brand did not face any sync issues.

With better inventory management, Neeman’s Footwear brand was able to

  • Catalog size increased from 984 SKUs to 2,604 SKUs
  • Currently operating from 16 facilities, which were 3 previously.
  • On receiving barcodes prior to the GRN process, the brand was able to decrease the time consumption in the process, lowering the average order-to-ship time to 29.7 hours
  • 1,132,320 Live Inventory Count
  • 2,604 Live Catalog Count
  • Seamlessly Managing 148% Growth in Sale Orders

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