Oryvo Achieved Maximized Efficiency and Minimized Workload with the Robust Technology Solutions of Unicommerce!

oryvo case study
oryvo achieved maximized efficiency with unicommerce

About the Brand :Oryvo

Oryvo is an online shopping platform in the UAE that offers a huge variety of products in the Beauty, Fashion, Fragrances and Toys segment. The online store provides a great shopping experience with a collection of both local as well as international brands for customers to choose from. 

Oryvo ensures that its users enjoy top quality and highly authentic products and is immensely active on all its social channels to interact, share and allow customers to talk about their experiences of the products purchased from the platform. 

The brand is immensely popular among the UAE online shoppers and sees a daily demand for thousands of different products from around the region via both their Amazon & Noon selling channels. Oryvo was searching for a technology solutions provider that could help them streamline their business operations and give them the power to provide the best of services to their customers.

Challenges Faced By Oryvo

  • Improper management of inventory across sales channels 
  • Manual dependency for order processing & fulfilment
  • Inaccurate and time-consuming business operations
  • Irregular updates and errorful reporting of various processes

Solutions Offered By Unicommerce

Using the highly reliable inventory management software of Unicommerce, Oryvo began to carefully manage its inventory, enabling them to better perform stock deductions.

The brand now seamlessly manages its sales across multiple channels including Amazon and Noon using the plug and play integrations provided by Unicommerce.

Unicommerce allowed the brand to access real-time updates of various business processes helping them increase order fulfilment rates and enhance customer services.

Impact On the Business

Unicommerce has been helping Oryvo to amplify their sales while simplifying their e-commerce operations to become the first choice of UAE shoppers and enhance their overall serviceability towards them. 

The brand has been able to automate crucial day to day e-commerce business processes and increase productivity using the solutions of Unicommerce – 

With Unicommerce onboard as their technology solutions provider, Oryvo has been able to cut back on all extra expenses right from inventory to manpower costs and is all set to expand its horizons by experiencing superior ROI and improved overall profitability. 

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