How Kuwait-based Toyfull streamlined Warehouse Management Operations
with Unicommerce’s Next-Gen Solutions!

Company Overview

Founded in 2020 by Solomon Mathew, Toyfull is a Kuwait-based e-commerce platform, curated to provide a one-stop for all Toys and Gaming products. From infants to adolescents, they have a unique collection to suit the choices of all ages. Toyfull brings multiple products, including board & challenge games, building & blocks, educational toys, dolls & playsets, puzzles, video games, plush toys, etc., under the convenience of a single roof.

Talking about the quirky concept, the idea to start off the online toy business was conceptualized amid the hard times. When the pandemic was at its peak, they thought to spread some happiness in the form of Toyfull. Furthermore, the brand also designs its own quirky merchandise, which you can find on its website.

While the website saw initial traction, as the scale increased, the manual processes became tedious, making it difficult for the Toyfull team to manage e-commerce operations.

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

Be it managing the warehouse processes, or keeping a track of inventory, the brand started witnessing issues in their core business operations. Moreover, the need to systematically manage everything and synchronize the elements made them feel the need of having a centralized tech interface like Unicommerce. Let’s read about the initial challenges that the brand faced before associating with Unicommerce.


  • Hard to update inventory from the Warehouse to their own website
  • Manual errors in processing products in bulk due to the lack of automated invoicing
  • Unable to track the status of their website orders
  • Witnessing problems in the manual creation of purchase orders
  • Difficulty in understanding the order return reasons, leading to operational losses
  • Manual dependency to compute and evaluate the inventory & stock count

Collaboration with Unicommerce

  • Toyfull was able to gain a better understanding of their inventory and get the overall details of the SKUs with the help of the item master feature in Unicommerce. They also created 10 custom fields in the item master, such as age, battery included, gender, gift wrapping, etc.

  • As a part of their outbound operations, Unicommerce enabled the brand to create the shipping labels & invoices via 2-clicks automatically after the picklist was created. This feature enabled them to process the bulk orders.
  • Managing returns was no more a cumbersome task for Toyfull. Unicommerce’s scalable returns management features enabled the brand to ask the customer for a suitable reason for the returns that have been made. This reduced the order damage due to the shipping process, minimizing the operational costs associated with it.
  • With the mission to empower the brand to manage their warehouse workflows, Unicommerce enabled handheld devices to create putaways so that they can scan shelves and SKUs while putting the products in a systematic manner.
  • Unicommerce enabled the brand with a Tax Class configuration for Kuwait states (as states were being picked from here) that allowed them to create purchase orders efficiently.
  • Earlier it was difficult to track the order shipment status. With the implementation of Unicommerce’s warehouse management system, they were able to streamline their order fulfillment processes as it enabled them to track the order status automatically, and check at which stage the order is.
  • Earlier Toyfull had to audit the inventory multiple times in order to check the inventory count. Unicommerce offered systematic dashboards & reports to the brand where they were able to check their daily progress, and calculate the inventory in real-time.

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

Post onboarding Unicommerce as their e-commerce technology solutions provider, Toyfull not only managed their warehouse operations but also enabled product mapping, which allowed them to keep a live catalog count of 5.5K+ items.

Additionally, with the enablement of handheld devices, the brand was able to have better control over their inventory, eventually leading them to manage a live inventory count of 5.9K+ items. The centralized system also streamlined picklist management that simplified their outbound operations.

Moreover, the automation of processes enabled the brand to attain an order fulfillment rate of 99.99%+. It was also able to grow its catalog size by 45% in just 5 months after onboarding Unicommerce.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Real-time management of orders ensured a 99.99%+ fulfillment rate

    Handled live catalog count of 5.5K+ items

    Efficiently managed a live inventory count of 5.9K+ items

    Robust inventory management resulted in 45% growth in catalog size in 5 months