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Choice of a good mattress really affects a great night’s sleep. This depends on whether the choice is good or bad. Mattresses are made up of a number of layers, and so is a sprung mattress. The layers include; a cover, a comforting layer and a supporting layer. Many mattresses contain spring. A long piece of wire coiled into springs is what makes a sprung mattress. The springs support the body as one sleeps. Buying a good mattress is a very great investment. A good mattress with high guality gives a deeper and very refreshing sleep since they give a better support. Purchasing a new mattress nowadays is not as easy as it seemed to be in the past. The choice of a good mattress depends on many factors so before you go to the shop to get a “good” mattress then one should put into mind the following factors:

1.     The bed one is lying on should always be a few centimeters longer than the tallest person who will lie on it, say like 10cm longer. For instance, if a six feet person is intending to lie on a bed, then the bed should be a king size. This implies that the mattress must also be king size.

2.     Inside the sprung mattresses, there are fillings such as cotton and wool.

3.     If your hands fits freely on a mattress, and the mattress is soft, though not soft, and also firm then the mattress has supported you properly.

4.     The type of bed also affects the feeling of the person lying on the bed. A spring bed will make a mattress seem softer than a slatted bed.

It also has a firm edge which helps in the retaining of shape. This is due to a rod of wire that a sprung mattress has.


1.     They are lighter than the other mattresses.

2.     It has got a longer life since it can easily be turned in all directions.

3.     It also has a great value for money.

4.     The level of comfort may be increased by adding a foam topper to the open sprung mattress.


1.     Open sprung mattresses are less supportive

2.     They can also dip in the middle as a result of prolonged usage

3.     They are also less responsive due to the connection of all the springs

The open sprung mattresses are best for; occasional use since they are not much expensive so they can easily be replaced as soon as they begin to “dip” in the middle. They can last for as long as three to five years before they require replacement when being used by children. The cost of open sprung mattresses is as low as $15.most open sprung mattresses offer great comfort zone due to their softness


From the discussions above, we find out that the choice of mattresses really affect our lives today. This is mostly because an average person sleeps at least six hours in a day. This is almost a quarter of a day. Most people even sleep at work place and this may be because of the types of mattresses that they have at home. Discomfort during sleep is not liked by many people since nobody really enjoys losing the sweet dreams at night just because of a mattress. This is the reason why many people today really prefer going hungry but have to observe the mattress that they sleep on. For children and occasional use, open sprung mattresses are the best. An average child sleeps for over 12 hours in a day so a child’s mattress is likely to get torn so fast. This is why parents are advised to purchase open sprung mattresses since they are cheap to replace even if they get torn or even if they “dip” in the middle. Open sprung mattresses are so cool and cheap making them affordable for everybody.