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by | Jul 2, 2020 | E-commerce Industry

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On International MSME Day, 27th June 2020, the Middle East audience witnessed a one of its kind, mega webinar that brought together 10+ influential eCommerce experts on a single platform for over 500 businesses to interact, learn and implement best practices for their businesses in order to simplify eCommerce Selling!

“We have moved a step further in our initiative to strengthen the Middle East eCommerce ecosystem in order for businesses to recover and grow their businesses amid the new order of things. With the webinar, sellers, retailers and all of the eCommerce businesses have been able to gain a lot of insights from the leading players of the GCC eCommerce domain on the best practices to further strengthen their business”  Kapil Makhija, CEO – Unicommerce

eCommerce Reimaged: Strategies and Growth Levers Post COVID-19 focused on providing a platform for the entire eCommerce industry to get live strategies and proven solutions to their problems in these uncertain times and the event concluded with an overwhelming response and gave way for tremendous growth to eCommerce businesses.

Core takeaways gathered from the Webinar

The Webinar equipped businesses with highly knowledgeable & result-driven strategies to focus on the critical areas of growth and improvements. Some of the key deliverables included the understanding of: 

  • Launching business online
  • Ensuring Business Growth
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Implementing Automation in Supply Chain
  • Leveraging Social Media for Sales
  • Discovering new methods of customer reach

Apart from this, the speakers gave out some key takeaways for each business to have a clear picture of what all needs to be focused on in order to move forward.

Some of the major pointers included: 

Ravi Kant, Head Strategic Partnerships – Noon indicated that “While offline is and will be on the decline for the foreseeable future, E-commerce will continue to grow exponentially. Getting the right strategies and adapting to new technologies will be key for managing working capital, unit economics and growth in E-commerce”

Hasan Alhazmi, Co-Founder & COO -Salasa advised businesses to find fulfilment partners to meet the rapid shift in demands that will allow flexibility to businesses in terms of locations without increasing their fixed costs to ensure better outcomes.

In order to increase efficiency, Anshuk Aggarwal – Co-Founder, Adyogi indicated 4 key levers of social ads for your web store and suggested using Facebook and Instagram ads for increased sales.

Talking about the shifted dynamics of commerce and how to make the most of the digital era, Sean McCarry, Sales Director –  Magento Commerce said “Implementing extensive digital online strategies and offering to maximise transaction are the keys to ensure eCommerce business growth”

Pranshu Kacholia – VP Business, ClickPost said that real-time tracking, consistent customer updates and automation can lead to up to 60% reduction in customer queries and a 15%  increase in fulfilment. 

Samar Layoun, Co-Founder -Addbloom too indicated that businesses need to put digital at the heart of their thinking and have a more comprehensive & cohesive online e-commerce strategy, to be able to grow and scale.

According to Rajiv Ramanan – Director, Freshworks “ Customer engagement is the biggest differentiator for brands today. By investing in intelligent and consistent customer experience across channels, businesses can grow exponentially”

As logistics being the backbone of the entire industry, Mohamed Bahaa, Co-Founder – Wimo said “To capture maximum consumers and to minimize disruptions, eCommerce businesses need to depend on analytics and technological logistics backing extensively to track real-time and last-mile deliveries”

Raghu Ravinutala – Co-Founder, Yellow Messenger gave insights on how the end to end ecosystem of Whatsapp commerce can enable businesses to reach millions of users, increasing digital transactions and building  a loyal consumer base

Keeping the current trends in mind and how COVID-19 has changed the way to business, Vikas Panchal – Business Head, Tally emphasised on accommodating strategies and ways to provide higher precision and more security that can enable accessing data from anywhere at any time seamless. 

With such highly significant insights, the audiences found ways of managing their business forward and work towards eliminating any more unforeseen issues.

To understand that our efforts bore results and our initiative was going in the right direction, we ran polls with very crucial and pressing questions such as ‘What were the biggest challenges you encountered during COVID-19?’

The most votes went to ‘Order fulfilment & Logistics’ followed by ‘Customer Retention’ you

These and more such questions were presented to the audiences to capture LIVE feedback, to ensure that the audiences stay engaged making the webinar a successful event. 

In Conclusion

With the association of 10 of the biggest names in the GCC eCommerce region and further participation of a large audience, the webinar successfully managed to fulfil its mission of implementing the best possible solutions for all businesses.

We at Unicommerce are constantly working towards bringing more such helpful and astute opportunities for the eCommerce industry.