The First On-premise Training Program for the Sellers a Huge Success!


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The first batch of On-premise Seller Training and Doubt Clearing Session was held on 12th November at Unicommerce, Delhi. It was a successful event attended by ecommerce sellers from various marketplaces. The main purpose of this program was to meet the sellers in person to understand their concerns and clear their doubts as well as educate them about various features of Uniware, which can help manage their business with ease.

The session was highly interactive, where sellers shared their concerns and gave their feedbacks as well. Some of the key points discussed included…

– Common issues faced by sellers during Order Processing.
– Inventory Management, especially for Bundles and Managing Putaways
– Reconciliation
– Effectively using chat support to get quick resolution
– Reports

Further, the team introduced their upcoming offline POS system to the sellers.

The overall seller response to this 3-hour session was overwhelming. They really appreciated the effort and most of them requested similar sessions in the future too. The event not only helped sellers understand the various features of Uniware but also cleared their doubts on how to utilize the benefits to streamline their daily business operations.

Besides, it served as a great opportunity for the sellers to interact with each other and share their experiences. “This gives us a lot of confidence in doing such events at more frequent intervals, and even doing this in other locations such as Mumbai.” – Chief Organizer, Seller Training Program, Unicommerce.