Unicommerce’s New Age D2C and Omnichannel Solutions empowered Chumbak to boost sales across 58+ Retail Stores with a 99.99%+ fulfillment rate

chumbak case study

Company Overview

Founded in 2010, Chumbak is a Design-led Home & Lifestyle with a unique product range that is joyful and vibrant. The globally inspired brand offers products across multiple categories including home décor, watches & accessories, and personal care.

Chumbak’s vibrant collection is inspired by cultures from around the world blended with Chumbak’s classic modern aesthetic. The brand exhibits a unique warmth, casualness, and authenticity, with its one-of-a-kind home & lifestyle collection.

Chumbak opted for Unicommerce, the #1 e-commerce-focused technology platform to achieve its vision of offering a seamless omnichannel experience to its end consumers. The implementation by Unicommerce has empowered Chumbak with multichannel management and seamless integration with the brand’s existing customized ERP system, Microsoft AX.

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

The idea behind the vision and mission of the brand was to create a Chumbak way of life through its home & lifestyle range.

Since the brand was growing rapidly, they needed a unified platform that could enable them to cope up with the demand that’s coming across offline and online sales channels to omnify the shopper’s experience while maintaining great customer service. Right from managing the warehouse operations to integrating multiple sales channels, Chumbak was determined to scale up on their order fulfillment rate. With sales across multiple channels, the major goal of the brand was to streamline its operations across multiple sales channels, while ensuring that it could maintain data sanctity in its ERP system (Microsoft AX).

  • Unaligned inventory visibility across offline and online sales channels
  • Difficulty in integrating  their ERP system
  • Delayed order processing and fulfillment
  • Lack of full automation to manage warehouse operations for e-commerce
  • Inaccurate business reports and analytics

Implementation Details

Collaboration with Unicommerce

The omni-enabled solutions synchronized their inventory across offline stores and warehouses, helping them realize their vision of offering a seamless omnichannel experience to end consumers. Additionally, Unicommerce also introduced the brand with the auto hopping feature that enabled the store staff of Chumbak to accept or reject any or all of the items of an order. Once rejected, the item will hop on to another store. This feature further empowered Chumbak to improve the customer experience by increasing fulfillment rate & SLA.

Being the ideal middleware solution, Unicommerce sorted the biggest challenge of the brand as it seamlessly integrated their online business with their bespoke ERP system, Microsoft AX through APIs.

Unicommerce offered in-depth analytics through dashboard & reports that enabled Chumbak to check their performance on a routine basis. Moreover, through the sales order report, they were able to monitor the revenue earned and items sold on each of the sales channels.

Unicommerce also provided the auto acceptance feature, which is an extension to the order hopping feature. If no store has that product in stock or has not accepted the order due to some reason, the order directly goes to the warehouse where it will be auto accepted so that they don’t miss any order.

Unicommerce helped them gain total stock visibility and restored calm in their warehouse with their centralized inventory and order management solution.

With Unicommerce’s inventory management system, it became easier for Chumbak to dispatch goods with the packing note (invoice) and courier label automatically printed in real-time at the time of order fulfillment.

Unicommerce helped them gain total stock visibility and restored calm in their warehouse with their centralized inventory and order management solution.

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

Collaboration with Unicommerce has empowered Chumbak’s Team to automate their in-house business operations in many ways. With full inventory visibility, the stock was more accurate, which considerably reduced the scope for manual adjustment errors, resulting in a 99.99%+ fulfillment rate. Moreover, Unicommerce empowered them to control the quality and process their orders easily, which eventually enabled them to track at which stage their orders were.

Additionally, Chumbak is currently managing 13 channels; Own website (Magento), Ajio, Amazon Flex,,, Flipkart, Myntra PPMP,, Nykaa Fashion, along with integrations with key omnichannel platforms such as Myntra omni, Amazon omni, Flipkart omni, and Tata CLiQ omni.

Chumbak post adapting the advanced platform of Unicommerce has managed to easily dispatch 64K+ orders per month, all while keeping a 5.5K+ live catalog count and a 600K+ live inventory count. They also witnessed significant improvement in their on-time delivery record due to the highly automated order fulfillment processes.

Unicommerce has enabled the brand to seamlessly integrate via Plug & Play E-commerce Integrations and manage uninterrupted businesses across 58+ stores and 1 warehouse.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Efficient management of Omnichannel operations across 58+ stores and 1 warehouse

    Systematic management of orders and inventory for quick deliveries resulting in 64K+ dispatches per month

    Successfully handled live catalog count of 5.5K+ and live inventory count of 600K+