How a Fashion & Accessories Brand Managed 145 Stores With Omnichannel Implementation

Company Overview

Started its operations in 1995, this leading brand is one of the most sought-after fashion & accessories retailers. Inspired by the regional culture and modern aesthetics, the brand brings multiple product categories including, ready-to-wear apparel, accessories, and jewelry, for both men & women. The brand with its rich values advocates compassionate living for both people and the planet.

Moreover, the brand owns and manages retail brands, including a contemporary brand crafting sophisticated & western wear, and a boho-inspired brand, showcasing bright hues with a joyful aura.

This leading fashion & accessories brand has a wider customer reach that expands to beyond the borders of India. However, the absence of a single platform to manage orders and inventory seamlessly was acting as a roadblock in their journey. The brand was facing issues in aligning its operations to serve its customers across the globe. All of this paved the way for Unicommerce as their e-commerce technology partner for streamlining the flow of the value chain.

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

With the growing demand for their designer apparel, it became hard for the brand to manage everything manually. Moreover, post the onset of COVID-19, the brand started facing issues in their offline sales, which eventually led them to seek a feature that can integrate offline & online sales seamlessly. The brand adopted Unicommerce’s scalable omnichannel-enabled solutions to empower operations across channels.

  • Inefficiency in monitoring inventory levels
  • Hard to manage orders & update inventory across multiple sales channels
  • Difficulty in locating the inventory across multiple warehouses
  • Delayed order fulfillment and processing across locations
  • Unable to implement efficient reverse pickup feature
  • Struggled to enhance the overall customers’ buying journey

Collaboration with Unicommerce

To render a uniform experience to the customers, the brand deployed the omnichannel solutions of Unicommerce. The solution empowered them to align their offline & online sales seamlessly, enabling enhanced customer experience.

  • Centralized Inventory Management: Being the leading fashion retailer, the brand wanted to manage the inventory via a centralized panel. With Unicommerce, the inventory operations got automated with inventory management software, which empowered the brand to monitor & track the inventory level efficiently so that they don’t face the situations of stockouts.

  • Omnichannel Enabled Warehouse Management: When Unicommerce came into the picture, it became easier for the brand to locate its inventory across various warehouses and pull the inventory faster by creating a picklist.
  • Superior Returns Management: To enhance the experience of its customers, the brand leveraged the returns management feature of Unicommerce, which minimized the operational cost while improving the customers’ buying experience.
  • Integrated Omnichannel Order Management: Before the association with Unicommerce, the brand was updating the inventory manually via excel, which became a tedious task for them. Post-implementation, Unicommerce not only enabled them to manage orders across various sales channels but also automated the tasks to update the stock level on channels regularly. This was possible through integrations with Ginesys and SAP.
  • World-Class Logistics Integrations: Hastening the process of delivery was difficult for the brand before Unicommerce. Post-implementation, the brand was able to integrate third-party logistics partners such as DHL (for international deliveries), and Bluedart, Shiprocket & Delivery (for national deliveries).
  • Customized Feature: Unicommerce also provided a customized feature to the brand – Wallet feature – which enabled them to calculate the value of returned orders. Unicommerce empowered them to calculate the return value by segregating it into Loyalty points or Refunds.

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

Unicommerce has been a technology partner of the brand since 2015. Post the inception of Unicommerce, the brand saw incredible results in terms of business sales, yielding 154% sales growth since 2019. The highly advanced solutions of Unicommerce empowered the brand to manage 145 omnichannel stores while managing 7 marketplaces & carts, including Ajio, Flipkart, Myntra PPMP, Nykaa Fashion B2B, and Tata Cliq along with their cart on Magento 2. Moreover, Unicommerce enabled the brand with hassle-free and quick integrations with DHL to ship their orders around New York and Mauritius.

Unicommerce’s simple yet stable product interface enabled the brand to manage operations across 3 warehouses. Moreover, the brand has been maintaining a live catalog count of 250K+ products using the scalable and high-performing technology solutions of Unicommerce, which has supported the brand to build optimized and customer-supported retail capabilities.

With the power-packed inventory management solution of Unicommerce, the brand has also been able to dispatch 65K+ items per month. With the full visibility of stock, the operations were more accurate, which dramatically reduced the manual errors, while letting them successfully keep a live inventory count of 600K+.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Streamlined order & inventory management across 7 marketplaces & carts

    Real-time tracking of operations resulting in 65K+ dispatches/month

    Handled live catalog count of 250K+ and live inventory count of 600K+

    Seamlessly managed 145 stores with omnichannel implementation