How Unicommerce empowered Payo Asia, leading last-mile delivery platform in South East Asia to achieve 10X growth in sales, simplifying their operations across 43 Facilities!

payo case study
unicommerce empowered payo asia to achieve 10x growth

Company Overview

Payo Asia is a one-stop solution provider for last-mile delivery and fulfillment services for e-commerce businesses in South East Asia. The platform enables brands and e-commerce sellers to enhance their shipping processes, lower cancellation rates with accurate fulfillment support, and provide better customer service with efficient tracking information. 

Payo Asia excels at connecting sellers to their customers even to the farthest of locations by allowing them to choose from a range of courier services and also gives an option to its clients to store their products at Payo Asia warehouses eliminating storage costs and restricting issues of wrong deliveries, product storage, picking, packing, shipping, etc.

Being extremely popular among SEA e-commerce sellers, the service provider experienced huge demands for fulfillment services. This raises a need for a platform that could enable them to amplify productivity with fast-paced technology solutions to meet all the demands. Unicommerce empowered them with excellent and responsive support, letting them achieve phenomenal results. 

This all paved the way for Unicommerce that’s proven to empowered other 3PL service providers in South East Asia with the automation of fulfillment and warehouse operations by providing excellent and responsive support.

Challenges Faced By Payo Asia

Payo Asia is one of the most popular platforms in SEA as it empowered various e-commerce brands with logistics and delivery solutions. Given the main goal of the solution provider is to process orders quickly, the growing demand made it difficult for the brand to manage bulk orders, increasing the technical glitches. This made them seek a platform to automate the fulfillment and warehouse operations. Moreover, to expand operations in the Philippines, it became necessary for them to join hands with Unicommerce.

  • Lower order fulfillment rates
  • Unoptimized inventory management
  • Difficulty in tackling multiple warehouse operations
  • Unable to ship across multiple regions in the Philippines
  • Inaccurate reports and real-time updates

Collaboration with Unicommerce


Order Fulfillment Solution:

With Unicommerce’s order fulfillment and processing solution, Payo Asia successfully managed to amplify their operations, enabling them to provide quick and fast deliveries.

Inventory Management Solution:

Before Unicommerce, maintaining the quality of the inventory while routinely checking the availability of stock was difficult. Now Pay0 Asia can scrutinize and distinguish between good and bad inventory, enhancing their overall operational efficiency.

Warehouse Management Solution:

Managing both online and offline brands is not a challenge anymore as Unicommerce has enabled Payo Asia with its robust Warehouse management solution. This has led them to manage 43 Facilities.

Customized Solution:

Increasing their poll of customers was possible after Unicommerce came into the picture. Payo Asia was able to expand and maintain operations across regions of the Philippines effectively.

Real-time Reports:

Unicommerce enabled Payo Asia analyze highly customizable and systematic reports resulting in on-the-mark tracking of fulfillment, inventory, returns, etc. Moreover, the brand managed to maintain separate reports for all of its clients, enhancing their serviceability.

Results – Then and Now, How the things changed

Payo Asia has been operating across 43 facilities for 30 brands across 6 locations with complete ease using the advanced warehouse management solutions of Unicommerce, which enabled them to increase their total sale orders from 5K to 54K+ in only 5 months, amounting to 10X growth in sales

Unicommerce has enabled the 3PL service provider to manage multiple facilities spread across 5 states, dispatching 54K+ items all from a single panel, and has been able to amplify their productivity, ultimately increasing their overall profitability.

Post-implementation of the solutions provided by Unicommerce, Payo Asia has not only been able to serve customers spread across many regions of South East Asia but has experienced greater ROI.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Smooth and efficient operations across 43 facilities

    Optimized inventory management lead to 10X growth in sales

    Real-time maintenance of order fulfillment ensuring 54K+ dispatches/month