Upscalio Achieved a 99%+ Order Fulfillment Rate While Demonstrating a 100%+ Order Growth Over Last Year

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What Upscallio Achieved Using Unicommerce?

99%+ Order Fulfillment Rate

100%+ Growth in Sales Order

654% Increase in Catalog Size


Expansion in Sales Channels from 7 to 14


Maintained Average O2S Time of 27.4 hours

2 New Facilities Introduced

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About the Company

Upscalio is a dynamic technology consulting and software development company that partners with digital-first brands selling on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Nykaa.

Upscalio aims to help these businesses profitably scale 5-10x by providing funding and operational support. The brand assists with multi-marketplace management, digital marketing, branding, logistics, sourcing, finance, and business operations, all optimized using advanced analytics. It’s a portfolio of 11 brands that covers a wide range of segments, from homeware and kitchen appliances to automotive accessories, footwear, and ergonomic furniture.

Before partnering with Unicommerce, Upscalio struggled with integrations with their previous solution provider. These weaker and lesser integrations led to SLA breaches, stock-outs, and other inventory and WMS-related issues. However, with Unicommerce’s help, Upscalio overcame these challenges and achieved profitable growth.

Challenges Faced by Upscalio

  • Managing Multiple Brands and Marketplaces – One of the major challenges for Upscalio was to manage multiple brands and marketplaces for each of these brands through a single platform (dashboard). They needed better visibility of their overall operations, including sales data, product analysis such as their best-selling and low-selling products as well as a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the brands under one umbrella.
  • Difficulties in Inter-facility Stock Transfer – Previously, Upscalio was managing their inventory from multiple 3PL warehouses across different cities; they wanted to become more self-reliant and shift their stock seamlessly from 3PL warehouses to their own warehouses. They sought a reliable and robust system that could create gate passes to transfer the stock without any loss or damage to inventory.
  • Inefficient Order Routing and Allocation – The roll-up firm was experiencing significant challenges with its order routing and allocation system. Upscalio encountered difficulty in routing orders to the correct warehouses and allocating inventory to fulfill the orders accurately for its brands, resulting in delayed shipments and stockouts.
  • Single Billing Party Created Operational Confusion – With multiple brands and marketplaces operating under a single billing party, it became challenging to differentiate between them and accurately track which transactions belong to which marketplace or store. This led to difficulties in reconciling financial records and accurately allocating expenses.
  • Need for Customized Report and Analytics – Upscalio’s complex operations demanded customized reports and analytics, particularly in managing returns data to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize losses. Having a comprehensive understanding of their returns data was critical for Upscalio to achieve a better order fulfillment rate.

Solutions Offered by Unicommerce

  • Enhanced Traceability at Item-level – Unicommerce provided seamless traceability at the item level, allowing Upscalio to track every item throughout its journey in the warehouse. This helped the brand to identify and manage inventory more efficiently, reducing waste and spoilage. 
    Moreover, implementing expiry management, such as the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method, enabled Upscalio to identify soon-to-expire inventory and take proactive measures to liquidate it.
  • Optimized Order Routing and Allocation to Facilities – Before partnering with Unicommerce, the brand struggled with order routing and allocation. To resolve this issue, Unicommerce implemented dynamic real-time mapping in their warehouses, allowing orders to be fulfilled from warehouses with available inventory. Upscalio also leveraged Unicommerce’s platform (Uniware) to create dropship panels and establish 128 allocation rules based on various parameters, including channels, facilities, and SKU codes. This flexibility enabled the brand to prioritize order allocation to vendor panels, ensuring that critical orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently.
  • Streamlined Returns Processes – The brand has revolutionized its returns processes by utilizing Unicommerce’s e-commerce returns management feature. With the ability to track reverse pickups, returns, and cancellations in real time, the brand has greatly streamlined its operations, reducing the time and effort required to manage customer refunds. 

    This has increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately enhancing Upscalio’s reputation and driving its growth.

  • Access to In-depth Reports and AnalyticsUnicommerce’s advanced reporting and analytics capabilities helped Upscalio improve its inventory and order management. They now have a customized automated inventory report that updates every 12 hours, providing a detailed inventory snapshot of opening and closing stock for the day’s first and second half.

    To improve their returns management, a custom report called ‘Upscalio All Returns – Item Wise’ was created, which included courier and customer return reports sorted by item barcode. This report provided fields such as return invoice date, product SKU code, product name, and more, enabling Upscalio to gain deeper insights into their returns management.

  • Need for Customized Report and Analytics – Upscalio’s complex operations demanded customized reports and analytics, particularly in managing returns data to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize losses. Having a comprehensive understanding of their returns data was critical for Upscalio to achieve a better order fulfillment rate.

“Unicommerce’s robust solutions have revolutionized our operational efficiency, helping us achieve unparalleled growth in sales. With their seamless ERP integration, optimized order routing, allocation, and streamlined returns processes, we have managed multiple brands and marketplaces more efficiently than ever before. We are proud to have Unicommerce as our trusted technology partner, and together, we will continue to scale new heights of success!”

Gautam Kshatriya

CEO and Co-founder, Upscalio

Impact on the Business

Upscalio’s journey began with a single small brand, trying every option available to centralize its multi-warehouse operations. But after rigorous research and trial, they found their perfect match – Unicommerce. 

Since then, Unicommerce’s cutting-edge technology has allowed Upscalio to increase its catalog size by an impressive 654% while also achieving a perfect 99%+ order fulfillment rate. The brand has also expanded its sales channels from 7 to 14, including the addition of its own website. The company is now processing over 2,000 orders per day across its portfolio of 11 brands covering segments like homeware and kitchen appliances, automotive accessories, footwear, and ergonomic furniture.

Furthermore, the company has increased its facilities from 4 to 6, which has greatly improved the management of inter-facility stock transfers. The implementation of Unicommerce has also resulted in improved operational metrics, with an O2S (order-to-ship) time of 27.4 hours on average over a 3-month period, which is an impressive feat. 

With enhanced traceability at the item level, seamless ERP integration, optimized order routing and allocation, streamlined returns processes, and access to in-depth reports and analytics, Upscalio’s multi-warehouse operations have reached new heights of efficiency and profitability. 

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