How Dubai-based Vidiwell achieved 230% sales order growth in 7 months while implementing seamless shipping to 5+ countries in the Middle East using Unicommerce

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About The Brand

Vidiwell is an e-commerce store that offers a plethora of products in the beauty, health, and well-being sectors. Currently, the brand delivers across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain. The mission of the brand is to offer world-class products, and services to its customers.

With the team’s continued efforts and smartly curated product range, the brand started to witness a boost in traction. Not to mention, the pandemic-led e-commerce boom in the Middle East amplified their overall order sales volume. But with this boost, it eventually became difficult to handle overall inventory, order & warehouse management, thus impacting their customer experience.

Challenges Faced By Vidiwell

Facing a tough time in handling inventory and order optimization, Vidiwell was in dire need to synchronize their APIs so that they could get real-time order updates at each stage. Additionally, counting inventory manually became tedious for them. From implementing the bulk order update to centralizing inventory over multiple marketplaces, automating the functions in an organized manner was missing from their operations.


  1. Witnessing error-prone reports due to manual management of data
  2. Tracking inventory manually across different software and spreadsheets was time-consuming
  3. Lack of systematic management of inventory across multiple sales channels
  4. Difficulty in following Government compliance (mention country where the product is manufactured) due to the absence of a stable backend system
  5. Hard to manage warehouse operations, including batch management, bulk order management, inventory accounting, and more

Solutions Offered By Unicommerce

1. Robust Inventory & Order Management

  • Inventory snapshot feature & robust tracking system: Earlier Vidiwell was witnessing the issues of error-prone and inaccurate reports as they did not have a stable backend that can support them to analyze data. With the inventory snapshot feature, they were able to segregate the current status of inventory items in various states, including good inventory, bad inventory, QR rejected inventory, etc. Moreover, Unicommerce’s inventory management system gave Vidiwell a centralized view over their inventory, which enabled them to calculate its inventory level seamlessly at any moment.
  • Automated order management With the robust order management software solution, Vidiwell was able to pull marketplace orders and then create and process them while automatically updating the dispatch status on marketplaces. Order returns are also pulled from marketplaces via status sync. Additionally, Vidiwell was able to implement bulk order updates with Unicommerce’s inventory tracking procedures. The single interface eased out their problem of managing multiple sales channels. Currently, Vidiwell is managing 5 channels; Amazon. ae FBA, Magento 2, Noon, Shopify, and their own custom channel.
2. Custom Use Case Handling

  • Country of origin handling: As per Government compliance, it is important for the manufacturers to disclose the country of manufacture to the customers. Vidiwell was able to maintain this transparency via Unicommerce as it enabled a custom field for them (Country of Origin).
  • Seamless tracking of changing consumer price: Vidiwell changes the prices of their products to keep up with the market trends. With the Consumer Price custom field provided by Unicommerce, the brand was able to keep track of their changing price range in order to compare them and analyze the demand of consumers for their products at a particular price range.
  • Simplified invoice template: Unicommerce also provided Vidiwell with a customized invoice template having a simplified structure while adding special fields, such as Discount Amount.
3. Automated Logistics Management

  • Leading logistics integrations: Pre-integrated with best-in-class logistics players, such as DHL and Aramex, Unicommerce enabled Vidiwell to ship orders in 20 hrs while attaining 99.99%+ order fulfillment rates.
4. Reports and Dashboards

  • Export invoice report: Unicommerce offered Vidiwell a customized Export Invoice in regards to the VAT system prevalent in the region. This enabled them to get a bigger and better view of their sales order.
  • Copy of Tally ERP new: Unicommerce, through its integration with Tally ERP, introduced customization in Tally reports by introducing columns, including MRP, Discount Amount, Consumer Price, etc. Moreover, the calculations done in this report are based on each item which further gave Vidiwell an even more in-depth view.

Impact on the Business

Possessing the capabilities of a powerful backend system, Unicommerce has empowered Vidiwell every step of the way. Before using the e-commerce supply chain solution of Unicommerce, Vidiwell was working fully manually. But when they saw their customer base increase, their manual system started to break, that’s when Unicommerce came into the picture. Right from order to inventory and warehouse management, Vidiwell is boosting their sales with the curated solutions of Unicommerce. After the implementation, Vidiwell seamlessly achieved 230% sales order growth in 7 months. .

The stable inventory and order sync have also allowed the brand to maintain a varied product portfolio over 5 sales channels (Amazon. ae FBA, Magento 2, Noon, Shopify, and their own custom channel). The automated inventory system supported Vidiwell to handle a live inventory count of 58K+.

Unicommerce’s stable and power-packed logistics integrations, such as Aramex and DHL, enabled the brand to fulfill orders quickly while achieving 99.99%+ order fulfillment rates. Moreover, with the continuous involvement of Unicommerce (from order placed to order packing to dispatch) Vidiwell was able to dispatch all orders in 20 hours of average time.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Real-time management of orders ensured a 99.99%+ fulfillment rate

    Efficiently managed a live inventory count of 58K+ items

    Seamless inventory management resulted in 230% sales order growth in 7 months

    Automated logistics management allowed them to maintain 20 hrs of the average dispatch time

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