Unicommerce Multichannel and ERP Integration Solutions help Chumbak boost sales across multiple sales channels

Company Overview

Chumbak, a Design Led Lifestyle Brand for products across Apparel, Home and Accessories opts for Unicommerce, the No. 1 E-commerce focused technology solutions to strengthen its Online and Offline operational efficiencies. The implementation by Unicommerce has helped Chumbak with multichannel management and seamless integration with the brand’s existing customized ERP system, Microsoft AX.

Client’s Goal

Chumbak, the leading lifestyle brand, was founded in 2010 as an idea for creating a range of fun souvenirs for India and Indians gives the world something cool to take back from their travels to India. Chumbak now retails over 100 categories across 50 stores pan India, a web store and 5+ marketplaces.

With sales across multiple channels the major goal of the brand was to streamline their operations across existing ERP system and other sales channels:

Seamless Integration
with Microsoft AX

Order Management

Inventory Management

Smart & Fast
Order Fulfillment

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

Since they were growing so quickly as a business, they needed a system that could help them scale up and cope up with the demand coming across multiple channels while maintaining great customer service. Their major challenge for not investing in technology since long for managing their E-commerce business was their own bespoke ERP which they were using for inventory management.

Without a proper system to manage the warehouse, the operation suffered from poor inventory and picking accuracy and sub-optimal productivity.

Major challenge was with their ERP which lacked both the functionality and flexibility needed to manage its fast-growing operations across multiple marketplaces.

To manage their exponential growth in the Indian market they needed to work across several marketplaces and logistics partners for smart and fast order fulfillment to ensure on time delivery.

They were looking for a system that was user friendly and made data readily available for management reporting and analytics.

Implementation Details

Collaboration with Unicommerce

Chumbak had ambitious plans for growth so a key requirement of all the new systems was the ability to scale. In Unicommerce they found a system that was well-supported, both during installation and on-boarding, but also during day-to-day operations once live.

Unicommerce sorted the biggest challenge of the brand, being the ideal middleware solution, and seamlessly integrating their online business with their bespoke ERP system, Microsoft AX through APIs.

Unicommerce ability to provide integration with 40+ leading marketplaces and 30+ global logistic partners ensured on-time delivery of products across the country and abroad.

Dispatching goods was made much easier with the packing note (invoice) and courier label automatically printing in real-time at the time of order fulfillment.

Unicommerce helped them gain total stock visibility and restored calm in their warehouse with their centralized inventory and order management solution.

Results - Then and Now, How the things changed

Collaboration with Unicommerce has helped Chumbak’s Team, to fulfil the volume of their orders during the peak trading days. The system has automated their in-house business operations in many ways. With full inventory visibility, stock was more accurate, which considerably reduced the scope for manual adjustments errors. The brand got a wider view of their business and there was closer understanding of business processes, leading to continuous, incremental changes, post the implementation.

A large number of processes have been automated, which has increased the efficiency and reduced overhead costs.

They witnessed significant improvement in their on-time delivery record due to the highly automated order fulfillment processes.

Unicommerce helped them boost their sales with centralized order and inventory management across 5+ marketplaces.

Complete eradication of data entry process and associated human errors with integration of Unicommerce Solution with their ERP Software helped them to scale up their revenues and save operational cost and time.

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What Our Clients Are Saying?

With Unicommerce on board we aim to further strengthen our Omni Channel capabilities & this will also help us follow a systematic approach for our Order System Management. With a proven track record in the Fashion sector, we are glad to have Unicommerce as our Technology Partner

Prashant Bokli
Head of IT, Being Human

It has always been difficult to manage customer journeys (coming via our own brands’ outlets, website, marketplaces, etc.) in our system. With Unicommerce streamlining our marketplace operations, it was a natural choice for us to extend this solution to our offline stores, given the robust inventory management and integration capabilities of the tool.

Saurabh Bansal
Head of Omnichannel and E-commerce, TCNS

Partnering with Unicommerce will give us an edge in e-commerce space to manage returns, just in-time inventory, direct drop ship and enable coordination with sellers through integrated management system.

Pratik Gupta
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