Uniware Advanced Warehouse Management for one of the LeadingGlobal Health and Wellness Products Retailer

Company Overview

The health products retailer operates on a network of approximately 9,000 locations worldwide. Their products range majorly includes protein, performance supplements, weight management supplements, vitamins, herbs and greens and wellness supplements. They have a significant global presence and continue to expand in India, with the current footprint including a warehouse and around 45+ stores across the country.

Client’s Goal

With their presence in the online arena of Indian markets, they are now working on a multi-channel business model which now drives them to fulfill below goals as an organization for higher revenues.

Being a successful global player, the company intends to scale their online operations significantly, and thus wanted to invest in a technology solution which can help them achieve the following goals:

Simplified Warehouse Management

Order Management

Inventory Management

Higher Stock Freshness
In Supply Chain

Challenges : Process, Operations & Management

The company has a diversified, multi-channel business model and intends to sell its products and services in India through its physical stores as well as online medium. It would also include franchise activities, third-party contract manufacturing, e-commerce and corporate partnerships.

Since it is a globally present company and sees a multi-fold growth each year, their team had specifically forecasted some of the challenges they expected to face in the Indian markets:

With the orders coming in from various channels, including the online retailing, physical stores, along with third party selling, they required all the orders to be received in one system which can be processed centrally.

Comprehensive dashboards including precise calculations of sales and revenue generated per day or on a weekly or monthly basis was required.

To manage product inventory flow across multiple sales channels, stores and online sales etc. well-organized warehouse with a centralized inventory management system was required.

Maintaining perishable products and keeping track of their expiry dates was the biggest challenge for most of the products they deal in, so as to ensure higher freshness of the products they supplied to their customers.

Implementation Details

Collaboration with Unicommerce

After implementing Unicommerce Warehouse Management solution, they no longer had to rely on manual processes resulting in increased productivity in terms of orders picked per person. Since their operations were completely automated and centralized, they managed to maintain stock accuracy and visibility.

Unicommerce‘s unified-panel supported them to manage centralized inventory in a multi-sales channel business ecosystem.

Entire lifecycle for order processing from picking, packing to dispatching and delivering was managed centrally with Unicommerce centralized order management.

The pain areas of monitoring the expiry date and keeping a track of shelf-lives of medicines and other health related products were now easily accomplished with an implementation of FIFO, First In First Out.

Unicommerce’s strong mechanism to handle Returns and Cancellations, helped them to make real-time inventory replenishment updates.

Customized Reports and dashboards assisted the online retailer to analyze its sales, predict revenues and manage order flux.

Unicommerce customized the item label barcode for them to generate random series to avoid copying and counterfeit.

Unicommerce provided seamless integration with their own PHP based website. This integration helped them to pull orders and manage inventory centrally.

Results - Then and Now, How the things changed

With Unicommerce WMS platform, the company quickly improved its warehouse management team’s efficiency and ability to keep pace with accelerating orders and fulfillments through multi sales channels on a day to day basis.

The most positive impact Unicommerce Warehouse Management System has had on their business, is the fact that they have been able to scale to where they want to be and will be able to keep growing without the need to change.

With Customized Item label barcodes the retailer of health products was able to use barcode scanners at products in to identify and
count all incoming SKUs

High level of inventory accuracy and visibility enabled better stock planning leading to lesser stockouts and higher sales.

Unicommerce Warehouse Management System helped them to automate their operations with more accurate inventory counts and better reporting.

With no external consultancy or significant investment, Unicommerce helped the Global health.

Products retailer to increase efficiency and improve order fulfillment, which results in higher customer satisfaction and improved sales.

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Happy to choose Unicommerce as our e-commerce technology partner! It has been a catalyst for our significant sales growth across 10 marketplaces over the span of 3 years.

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We are very much satisfied and happy to have found Unicommerce as our Complete Inventory & Order Management solution. Managing 6000+ SKUs and Integration with different platforms become very simple because of overall efforts by Unicommerce team.Customer support team have been very supportive with their personalized efforts on Whatsapp and other media channels. Great work team!

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