Real-time Inventory Management System Designed for Businesses in the UAE!

Automate stock control, inventory forecasting material and handling with Unicommerce’s easy-to-use and powerful Inventory Management Solution.

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Rated #1 in the Inventory Management Software by the industry experts from the E-commerce ecosystem.

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The UAE’s Highly Sought-After Inventory Management System

You need a software package that can allow you to track inventory across multiple warehouse locations, scrutinize inventory reports, get quick updates on items with low stock, and more. That’s when Unicommerce’s cloud-based Inventory Management System comes into the picture. Being barcode-integrated, the software ensures smooth order processing, enabling you to achieve high fulfillment rates effortlessly. Top-notch brands like RedTag, Gulf Oil International, Yalla Baby, Hotpack, and YZ Buyers have already achieved remarkable success by leveraging our advanced inventory management solutions.

Improve Your Business’s Bottom Line With Industry Focused Inventory Management Solution

Take complete control by automating the flow of inventory operations to enjoy 99.99% fulfillment rates at low operational costs. We've successfully assisted industry leaders like RedTag and YZ Buyers achieve their goals and enabled brands like Vidiwell to experience a remarkable 230% sales order growth with our robust inventory management solutions.

Get a 360-degree view of your entire inventory cycle and manage everything from procurement to shipping with an integrated system approach.

  • Virtual Inventory Visibility

By getting a virtual view of inventory, you gain the ability to unify the overall inventory levels of your products, achieving efficiency over inbound and outbound processes.

  • Track Inventory Levels And Stockouts

With systematized inventory management software, you can track and examine inventory levels in order to avoid unnecessary stockouts.

  • Update Inventory Seamlessly

The centralized view of inventory lets you update all the inventory from online, offline, warehouses, and fulfillment centers.

  • Control Order Cancellations 

The automatic stock synchronization ensures accurate stock visibility while controlling order cancellations.

centralized view of inventory management

Get hold of your company’s expenditure while locating the inefficiencies in operations with comprehensive Inventory Management Software.

  • Reduce Overstocking Cost

With inventory being streamlined across systems, you can reduce the unnecessary cost involved in over-stocking, eventually leading to improved profit margins.

  • Minimize Labour Cost

With workflow being automated and daily operations being synchronized, you can minimize manpower costs, all while reducing the chances of manual errors.

  • Save Stock Movement

You can organize the movement of your stock by organizing the placement of your stock, saving both time and cost.

  • Optimize Routine Operations Cost 

With an organized system, there is no chance of wrong product delivery, so you not only save your operations costs but also grow the bottom line exponentially.

reduce over cost with online inventory management software

Automate your backend processes associated with inventory management while eliminating any type of process discrepancies with the support of an integrated solution.

  • VAT-Ready System 

The inventory management system of Unicommerce is VAT-ready which eventually facilitates smooth and enhanced order processing.

  • Efficient Scanning

Capturing the in-depth details of your inventory is easier than ever with the superior inventory management software of Unicommerce.

  • Smooth SKU Management 

The SKU management software works smoothly with all your business function ERPs, so when there’s a change in the system, it will be automatically reflected in other ERPs.

  • 220+ Hassle-Free Integrations

The robust inventory management platform offers 220+ stable integrations with global marketplaces, carts, logistics providers, ERP, and POS systems for smooth management.

enhance inventory management operations

Enjoy the benefits of the user-friendly dashboard that offers a concise view of operations with reports features while controlling the inventory inward and outward based on supply and demand patterns. .

  • Analyze The Latest Trends 

With an elaborated view of inventory in the dashboard, you can scrutinize and analyze the fastest-moving SKUs so as to invest in the right set of stock.

  • Determine The Price 

Based on the fast-moving inventory, you can make decisions in concern to determine the pricing factors of the products.

  • Eliminate Least-Moving SKUs

The systematic data-driven inventory dashboard enables you to get an understanding of the products with zero orders in the last month so that you can make wise decisions.

  • Avoid Manual Error

The accurate dashboards & reports let you avoid any sort of errors that can occur manually, saving you the cost of unnecessary wastage.

avoid manual error by getting detailed reports and dashboards

Simplify Inventory Tracking Across Multiple Sales Channels with Our Powerful Inventory Management Software

Effortlessly manage your inventory and streamline your sales process with our advanced inventory management system. Print invoices in real time and organize stock operations seamlessly across multiple channels for a hassle-free selling experience


Manage your inventory with a unified log-in panel. This will let you handle the stock movement easily.

  • Virtual Inventory Visibility

The system gives you a virtual setting. It boosts the stock visibility for multiple warehouses.

  • Track Inventory Levels And Stockout

The automated system lets you track stock levels. This also lets you avoid stockouts.

  • Update Inventory Seamlessly

The system allows you to update your stock from online & offline channels and warehouses.

  • Control Order Cancellations 

The powerful stock sync allows 360-degree visibility. It also lets you handle order cancellations.

centralized view of inventory management


Minimize the cost of operations with an organized system. You can also refine the order rate with utmost ease.

  • Reduce Overstocking Cost

The powerful reports let you analyze your overall stock volume. This way you can lower the cost involved in overstocking.

  • Minimize Labour Cost

The software lets you keep your operations organized. You can reduce the manpower cost and lower the chances of errors.  

  • Save Stock Movement

You can organize the positioning of your stock. This can let you reduce irrelevant movement, saving both time and money.

  • Optimize Routine Operations Cost 

The organized system leaves no chance of wrong product delivery. This way you can grow the bottom line of your business.

reduce over cost with online inventory management software


Make the most of a feature-rich platform that has the power to refine your operations. You also get a chance to expand your horizons with streamlined processes.

  • GST-Ready System 

The inventory system comes GST-ready. This lets you ensure smooth order processing and achieve excellence.

  • Efficient Scanning

The end-to-end barcoding system lets you capture intricate details of your inventory easily. This way you can refine the quality of your products.

  • Smooth SKU Management 

The SKU management software works smoothly with all the ERPs. Any change in the system can be automatically reflected in other ERPs.

  • 220+ Hassle-Free Integrations

The inventory system comes with 200+ stable integrations across marketplaces, carts, logistics providers, ERP, and POS systems.

enhance inventory management operations


Take wise decisions by analyzing your performance at every stage. The detailed reports also let you get control over operations..

  • Analyze The Latest Trends 

The insightful dashboard lets you analyze the fast-moving SKUs. It also allows you to invest in the right set of stock.

  • Determine The Price 

On the basis of the fast-moving inventory, you can make better decisions in determining the price of the products.

  • Eliminate Least-Moving SKUs

You can get a better understanding of the products with zero orders in the last month through a data-driven dashboard.

  • Avoid Manual Error

The accurate dashboards and reports let you avoid any sort of errors. You can also save on the cost of unusual wastage.

avoid manual error by getting detailed reports and dashboards

Why Choose Unicommerce’s Inventory Management System Platform?

Stay integrated with your core business operations by automating the backend process with Unicommerce’s Inventory Management System. Specifically designed to solve inventory management issues of businesses in the UAE, our robust system enables you to optimize order processing and achieve higher fulfillment rates.

sku bundling

SKU/Item Level Bundling

Introduce your product assortments in combo packs to the larger customer base with the organized yet unique bundle management feature.

Order Routing

Manage and match the orders efficiently from a particular channel, all while routing, updating, and replenishing the stock continually.
multichannel price control

Multichannel Price Control

Manage and control the price changes and updates of your inventory across multiple sales channels with centralized stock management software.
multi location sync

Multi Location Sync

Broaden your business capabilities and operate on a system where your entire inventory will be synchronized across multiple fulfillment centers and warehouses.
custom alerts

Custom Alerts

Get an alert on your current workflow by keeping track of the information related to your inventory operations so that you can mitigate the market risks, including underselling.
vendor management

Vendor Management

Give your vendors limited access to your system so that they can examine their inventory, track new and pending purchase orders, and update the stock level and prices at no additional cost.
barcode integrated

Barcode Integration

Catch an array of details by integrating with a unique barcoding system for your inventory to facilitate smooth order processing and returns.
erp operations

ERP Integration

Manage the supply chain flow using the system that is pre-integrated with ERP systems so that you can push your inventory to online marketplaces and reflect actual products available for sale seamlessly.
easy stock rotation

Easy Stock Rotation

Address the challenges of inventory aging and define the criteria and priorities to ensure regular stock rotation with our robust stock management solution.

Highly Rated by Leading Industry Experts & Users

With a prominent presence across 6 Countries, Unicommerce has successfully satisfied over 3500+ global customers.

highly rated by ecommerce industry experts
highly rated by ecommerce industry experts

Unicommerce - The Global Choice for Inventory Management Software - Trusted by 3500+ Businesses Worldwide

top businesses trusts unicommerce inventory management system
top businesses trusts unicommerce inventory management system
“We are opening a gateway for global sellers and brands to enter and serve the consumer demands of this region. Thus, flexibility and knowledge of the regional MENA and India market are some of our top-of-mind requirements for any partnerships that we pursue. Since the beginning of RSA Global, we always extend the operational benefits of having a strong tech infrastructure to our customers, so we are looking forward to working in close unity with partners like Unicommerce. We see that this development is especially important now that more brands are seeing the huge opportunities and demands from MENA and India consumers. And we cannot wait to help those e-commerce companies create a lasting consumer experience."
Abhishek Shah

CEO and Co-founder, RSA Global

“Unicommerce was easy for us to use since the very start and we’ve been using it for over 5 years now. Within a few weeks, we had our analytics functioning, all our e-commerce channels synced, inventory managed and order processing onboard with the help of the software. Unicommerce is user friendly and intuitive. We’re able to find solutions to our tasks effortlessly.“
Solomon Mathew

CEO, Toyfull

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How Kuwait-based Toyfull streamline Warehouse Management Operations?

The automation of processes enabled the brand to attain an order fulfillment rate of 99.99%+. It was also able to grow its catalog size by 45% in just 5 months after onboarding Unicommerce.

Frequently Asked Questions on Inventory Management

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management refers to the process of overseeing and controlling a company's inventory levels to ensure optimal stock availability while minimizing costs. It involves tracking and organizing inventory, forecasting demand, placing orders, monitoring stock levels, and managing storage and distribution.

What is the role of Inventory Management?

The role of Inventory Management is to efficiently oversee and control the flow of goods within a business. It involves maintaining optimal inventory levels, minimizing costs, ensuring product availability, avoiding stockouts or overstocking, and optimizing supply chain operations to meet customer demands effectively.

What Inventory method do most companies use in the UAE?

Most companies in the UAE commonly use the First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory method for managing their inventory. This method assumes that the first items purchased are the first to be sold or used, ensuring a proper rotation of inventory.

Who uses the FIFO Inventory method?

The FIFO (First-In, First-Out) inventory method is commonly used by FMCG businesses that sell perishable or time-sensitive goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals. It ensures that the oldest inventory is sold first, reducing the risk of product obsolescence and spoilage.

What is the common problem of Inventory Management?

The common problem of inventory management is inaccurate forecasting and demand planning, leading to overstocking or stockouts, which can result in increased costs, loss of sales, and customer dissatisfaction.

What are the requirements of an effective Inventory Management System?

An effective Inventory Management System requires accurate real-time tracking of inventory levels, efficient order processing, automated replenishment, integration with sales and purchasing systems, demand forecasting, barcode/RFID technology, and robust reporting capabilities.

What are the 3 major Inventory Management techniques?

The three major inventory management techniques are just-in-time management (JIT), economic order quantity (EOQ), and days sales of inventory (DSI). Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the type of system used depends on the specific needs and requirements of the business.

What are the 3 causes of Inventory shrinkage?

The three main causes of inventory shrinkage are theft by employees or customers, administrative errors in recording and tracking inventory, and supplier discrepancies resulting in missing or damaged goods.

How barcode scanning helps in managing the Inventory?

Barcode scanning helps in managing inventory by streamlining the process of tracking and identifying products. The scanned barcodes link to product information, allowing for real-time updates and better inventory management.

Achieve Optimal Inventory Control and Enhance Operational Efficiency with Unicommerce!