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An online seller faces a number of challenges and a lot more questions in the early stages of setting a profitable eCommerce business. Those questions could be around:

  •         How to choose Marketplaces and Platforms to sell products.
  •         Identifying the right kind of Marketplace for a specific category of products.
  •         Right pricing strategy to stay competitive yet make profits
  •         Updating multiple marketplaces and platforms on a daily basis

Besides those questions, preparing for the approaching festive season could get really daunting. At Unicommerce, we know what you need and have planned something for you. We are coming up with a Mega eCommerce Sales Summit to help you maximize your sales and profits in the Festive Season ahead.

At the Mega eCommerce Sales Summit, Unicommerce is bringing together 10+ Marketplaces including Amazon, Flipkart, LimeRoad, Meesho, Myntra and Snapdeal; 15+ Service Providers including Adyogi, DHL, Lucria, Nimbus, Pickrr, Prione, Seller App, Shipway, Shoptimize, Shyplite, Spyne, Thirdwatch, and Trade Partners; and 25+ Speakers who are acclaimed business leaders, marketing gurus, and eCommerce experts. They would be joined by 2000+ online Sellers to learn, network, and grow their eCommerce business.

The Mega eCommerce Sales Summit will be held from 26th to 28th September 2020 and it will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about the best practices to be followed to boost sales in the festive season. Overall, the objective is to make eCommerce selling simplified.

Agenda & Schedule: Mega eCommerce Sales Summit

Here’s the Agenda and day-wise Schedule of the Mega eCommerce Sales Summit.

Day 1:

26th September 2020 | Time: 11 AM – 05 PM IST

Marketplaces: Magento, Meesho, Snapdeal, Flipkart

Service Providers: Prione, Tally, NimbusPost, Shoptimize

Day 1 will feature marketplaces in the first half to learn the best practices for growing sales on each marketplace and the second half would be taken up by Service Providers to enlighten about important aspects such as marketplace management, Accounting and ERP, Logistics, Promotions, and getting an eCommerce Website ready.

Day 2:

27th September 2020 | Time: 11 AM – 05 PM IST

Marketplaces: Cloudtail, 2Gud, LimeRoad, Shopify, Myntra

Service Providers: Shyplite, Adyogi, Shipway, Thirdwatch

Day 2 will have 5 marketplaces to begin with and subsequently the Service Providers will demystify the working with logistics aggregators, promoting the products and e-store on Google and Facebook, post-shipping experience and tracking, and Return management & fraudulent order tracking. 

Day 3:

28th September 2020 | Time: 11 AM – 05 PM IST

Marketplaces & Service Providers: Amazon Global Selling, DHL, Payoneer, Pickrr, SellerApp, Tradepartners, Spyne, Lucria

Day 3 will be highly focused on Cross-border selling with the first session by Amazon Global Selling team. This will be followed by various Service providers in the departments of end-to-end eCommerce enabling, Logistics, Shipping, Payments, Listing support, Marketplace promotions, Compliance and Legal covered by DHL, Payoneer, Pickrr, SellerApp, Tradepartners, Spyne and Lucria respectively.

Why to attend Mega eCommerce Sales Summit?

If you want to boost your sales in the upcoming festive season like never before, this Sales Summit will be an eye opener as it holds the key to successful eCommerce business. You would get the complete picture of the eCommerce industry,  the success stories, the best practices, tips and tricks and not to forget the chance to e-meet the best in the eCommerce Industry in India.

After attending the Mega E-Commerce Sales Summit, you will:

  •         Know the USPs of marketplaces, service providers
  •         Bring Operational Efficiency with better Inventory and Stock Management 
  •         Improve your Positioning and Pricing Strategy
  •         Network with the best in the Industry
  •         Forge tie-ups with prospective Partners or other e-Sellers
  •         Learn the best practices in E-Commerce Industry
  •         Get answers to all the questions that are leaving you behind in online business sales.