How Unicommerce’s advanced D2C Solutions helped PlumGoodness in Inventory Management across multiple sales channels!

plumgoodness case study
unicommerce helped plumgoodness to achieve 69% growth in sales

About the Brand: PlumGoodness

One of the most sought-after beauty brands in India, PlumGoodness is a fresh line of 100% vegan beauty products. It is a one-stop location, bringing a variety of makeup and beauty products free from Parabens and Phthalates. 

The brand strives to craft cruelty-free products that are neither a risk to the environment nor harmful for the skin. Their product range includes face wash & scrub, hair mask, body mist, lip balm, facial moisturizer, etc. As their collection is inspired by natural ingredients encouraging healthy skin, the brand’s vision is all about celebrating inner beauty. 

Being a D2C brand, they strongly believe in delighting their customers and respecting their values while selling with complete transparency. 

With the best-selling products and a growing customer base, PlumGoodness was on a rapid search to stabilize operations, fulfill orders faster while enhancing their customers’ experience. 

To help the brand manage its orders and inventory, Unicommerce came into the picture as their trusted eCommerce supply chain technology partner. And the results delivered were incredible!

Challenges Faced By Plum Goodness

Since its inception, the brand has been crafting 100% chemical-free products for its customer base. With growing prospects, the brand started to have issues in order and inventory management. Being a D2C brand, they had to focus more on their account hygiene on various marketplaces. This made it difficult for them to align their operations effectively. In a dire need to optimize everything on a unified panel, they onboarded Unicommerce as their trusted eCommerce technology partner.  

  • Unable to manage orders efficiently
  • Difficulty in controlling inventory shrinkage 
  • Hard to keep a track of inventory 
  • Inability to trace the shipment

Solutions Offered By Unicommerce


Order Management Solution:

Being a D2C brand, it was difficult for PlumGoodness to manage its order across multiple sales channels. With Unicommerce’s robust order management solution, they were able to optimize their operational cost while facilitating order fulfillment effectively.

Inventory Management Solution:

With Unicommerce, PlumGoodness was able to identify any kind of theft, damage, pilferage, or misconduct, etc., renewing the physical inventory presence in their warehouse. This helped them reduce the shrinkage while enhancing their customer services.

Inventory Tracking Feature:

Tracking the lifecycle of the product is very important as it helps you distinguish between the good and bad inventory. With this advanced feature of Unicommerce’s eCommerce solutions, PlumGoodness was able to keep a track of its inventory while restricting the deadstock that minimized the risk of overselling.

Logistics’ Integrations:

Unicommerce comes pre-integrated with various last-mile delivery partners that ultimately helped PlumGoodness manage the shipment and track delivery status from new to successfully delivered.

Impact On the Business

With Unicommerce’s advanced supply chain management solution, the brand quickly enhanced its inventory management operations across 6+ sales channels (marketplaces & carts), ensuring quick order fulfillment. Initially, the brand wasn’t able to control the shrinkage in inventory, which was hampering their overall operations. 

The brand now got a wider view of their inventory management as there was a better understanding of the order management processes. With full visibility of the inventory, the stock was more accurate, yielding a 69% growth rate in sales.

Moreover, with the inventory and shipment traceability feature, it became easier for them to keep a track of their stock and orders that eventually enhanced their customer service. 

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