Order & Inventory Management Case Study – How XYXX Apparels Streamlined Processes across 17+ Marketplaces

xyxx case study
unicommerce helped xyxx to maximize sales

About XYXX Apparels

Started its journey in 2017, XYXX Apparels, India’s preferred Men’s Innerwear brand is one of the most successful D2C businesses in India. The brand offers an exclusive collection of Men’s innerwear and loungewear made from eco-friendly fabrics.

Since its inception, the brand has kept one mission – to change the innerwear and loungewear culture around the nation. XYXX Apparels strives to offer ultra-comfortable clothes that are extremely soft yet fashionable. Their collection is crafted with a vision to give a stylish edge with quirky designs and prints. 

Being immensely popular among online shoppers, the Surat, Gujrat-based brand sees a daily demand from customers around the nation. Moreover, the brand sells its products in combo packs which paved the way for Unicommerce, the #1 e-commerce solution provider that helped them streamline their order management, and the results were phenomenal! 

Challenges Faced by XYXX Apparels

  • Unable to sell products in combo packs 
  • Hard to process orders efficiently 
  • Difficulty in updating SKUs across marketplaces 
  • Lack of efficient source to manage inventory centrally

Solutions Offered by Unicommerce

  • Using the robust inventory management system of Unicommerce, XYXX Apparels began to seamlessly sync its orders and inventory, resulting in quick processing of orders.

  • Unicommerce allowed the brand to sell in combo packs with their Bundle Management feature that lets them create combo packs while updating combo product SKUs in real-time across multiple sales channels.
  • Being a D2C brand, it was important for the brand to align its operations efficiently across sales channels. With Unicommerce’s advanced e-commerce solutions, it became easier to sell across multiple sales channels.

Impact On the Business

Unicommerce has played an integral part in XYXX’s growth journey. It helped the brand to maximize sales, leading to 72% growth while simplifying the order and inventory process so that they can enhance their overall customer service.

With Unicommerce’s advanced e-commerce warehouse management system, the brand was able to automate the day-to-day e-commerce processes, letting them scale on high profits. Since XYXX sells its products in combo packs, it became easier for them to process combo pack orders quickly.  Moreover, Unicommerce streamlined XYXX’s operations across 17+ sales Channels (Marketplaces & Carts).

XYXX has been able to cut off all the extra expenses right from order management to multi-channel management. The brand is all set to broaden its horizons by targeting higher ROI, enhancing overall productivity.

Hassle-free Business | Higher Sales | Lower Operations Cost

    Smooth and efficient operations across 43 facilities

    Optimized inventory management lead to 10X growth in sales

    Real-time maintenance of order fulfillment ensuring 54K+ dispatches/month