eCommerce Boom in SEA: Carving the Way to a Powerful Tomorrow


Jul 14, 2020 | E-commerce Event

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As the world steps into a post COVID-19 time, the eCommerce industry has seen some highly unpredictable times and is in a complete transition phase.

Due to a sudden change in consumer behaviour in the South East Asia region being shifted to buying online and depending on swift deliveries of essential items, there has been a complete and immediate focus to the digital commerce industry, stressing upon the importance of implementing technology-driven solutions to ensure growth and stability of businesses.

With these challenges, and an uncertain future glaring ahead, we at Unicommerce understand the need to find the best possible support to adapt to this completely new and different approach to what the previous practices have been. 

To make that a possibility and to be able to rise up above all odds, we at Unicommerce have been driving a series of highly insightful and knowledgeable events across all geographies and now have anchored on to our South East Asia audience.

We are bringing a first of its kind, mega webinar for the South East Asia region with 15+ biggest players in the industry coming together to interact LIVE, answer queries and provide the most suitable suggestions to enable a stronger, better, & smoother future for your eCommerce business.

‘eCommerce Boom in SEA: Best Practices for Brands & Retailers post Covid-19’ is about to unfold on 18th July 2020 with a vision to allow one unique forum for the entire eCommerce industry to interact, learn and implement best practices for their businesses that will help them tackle all the challenges currently prevalent in the post COVID world.

What does the SEA Webinar Bring to you?

To go LIVE on 18th July 2020 from 2 PM Singapore Time onwards, the webinar is being brought to you in collaboration with 14 of the biggest names of the South East Asia eCommerce industry.

Our Prestigious Partners: 


As these big names in the eCommerce ecosystem of the SEA region will be empowering and strengthening the webinar, 15+ industry leaders will be sharing the screen together to take a deep dive into the problem areas being faced by businesses in and around South East Asia and will give insights to overcome those issues and move in the direction of success.


Our Exceptional Panellists:

We are set to e-host 1000+ businesses for the webinar and in order to have a complete understanding and how will the entire event proceed, here is the entire schedule along with the topic and speaker details.





Building a Successful D2C Brand |

2.00 PM – 3.00 PM SGT

Anshuk Aggarwal, CEO, Adyogi

Namra Nillove, Sr. Manager, Shopify

Vamsi Reddy, Country Manager, Deskera

Agus Daud, VP, Shipper

Haren Chelle, Director, Yellow Messenger



Growing eCommerce Sales (Domestic and Global) |

03.15 PM – 04.15 PM SGT 

Rachmat Kaimuddin, CEO, Bukalapak

Hadi Kuncoro, CEO, PowerCommerce

Sushil Verma, Director, NewZealandPost

Ram Menon, Director,  Sellerapp

Miguel Warren, Regional VP, Payoneer



Adapting Omnichannel as the new norm post COVID-19 |

4.30 PM – 05.30 PM SGT 

Sreekanth Chetlur, Head of Digital, Matahari

Pranshu Kacholia, VP, ClickPost

Saket Jha, CRO,  Netcore

Sushant Mantry, VP,  Zilingo

Rajiv Ramanan, Director,  Freshworks


What Will You Get Out of Attending the Webinar?

The webinar will be first of its kind virtual accumulation bringing together 15+ biggest industry experts on a single space and giving a platform to over 1000 businesses to interact, learn and implement best practices for their businesses in order to simplify eCommerce Selling!

Participating in the webinar, you can:

  • Identify methods to Sell Directly to Customers
  • Find out the Best Steps to Grow Sales
  • Follow Proven Methods to Engage Customers 
  • Learn Top Strategies to adapt Omnichannel
  • and more…

So join us live on 18th July, from 2 PM SGT onwards, and drive your business to be better tomorrow!

To register now, click here: