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If you plan to sell only remotely, then you are missing out on great opportunities, especially when the world is only a click away from connecting.  Many e-commerce retailers do not prefer to expand their business beyond the boundaries, simply because they consider it to be a great hassle. The reason does not hold ground anymore. 

With Amazon Global Selling Program, a program by Amazon that allows the sellers to list and sell their products on Amazon’s global marketplaces. You can smoothly go on a spree to sell internationally. Amazon has put a lot of effort into helping the eCommerce sellers sell internationally. 

Still unclear?  Let’s go on an in-depth understanding of how it works and how you should be ready before entering the international business. 

Why Sell Internationally?

Even though  e-commerce vendors consider international selling to be intimidating, here are the reasons to change your mind:

  • Huge Customer Base

With Amazon Global Selling (AGS) program, you can tap and sell into different countries and engage millions of customers. Your unique products have a chance to gain popularity and sell at an exponential rate when you broaden your horizon. 

  • Pick, Pack & Ship (Amazon FBA)

International shipping or customer service is no longer an issue! Fulfillment Services by Amazon (FBA) are at your rescue! The process of this is simple. Your products/items are stored in the fulfillment centers with Amazon doing all the picking, packing, and shipping, along with providing customer services. Currently, FBA offers three international fulfillment programs for you to select from in order to create your product listings.

  • Opportunities to Sell on Different Marketplaces

Currently, Amazon operates in 13 global online marketplaces. It enables the sellers to expand their business globally, irrespective of their business being physically established somewhere else.

How to sell internationally with Amazon Global Selling?

  • Register on the Desired Online Marketplace

Once you have made up your mind to expand your business internationally, the first step is to create your Amazon seller account for the respective country you want to sell in. For you to register and sell on Amazon Global, you have to pay a monthly fee for each active account.

  • List Your Products

After completing the registration, list all your products and items you want to sell. Select offers by defining rules, or choose specific SKUs.

  • Customers Purchases

When customers see your products and make a purchase, you automatically get notified where to ship your products.

  • Deliver  Orders

You can either deliver products to the customers and confirm the shipments on your own or choose Amazon Fulfillment Services to fulfill the orders.

  • Amazon Fees and Deductions

Amazon will deduct its usual fee from the customer’s account and transfer the funds to your listed bank account. Now that you have a clear choice, here are some tips and guidance on how to enter the Amazon Global Selling Program.

Five Essential Things To Do Before Entering Amazon Global Selling

  • Optimize Inventory in Real-time

When you are selling internationally, you shouldn’t leave any scope for errors because one mistake could bear huge losses. You should ensure the timely and accurate stocking of goods. The best option is to automate your inventory management system. This will update, replenish, and provide you an exact stock position. 

You should no longer bank on excel spreadsheets and run inventory software manually if you are aiming to expand your footprints in different geographies. To grow unhesitatingly, you should have sustainable and reliable inventory support to gear up your business operations. Constant monitoring of stock movements and analyzing the data helps to build a steady stock pipeline and disbursement across all the sales platforms.

  • Reassemble Warehouse Operations

Warehouse operations are the backbone of any eCommerce business. Centralize crucial tasks such as maintaining healthy stock levels automatically and location-allocation in multiple warehouse sites for you to save time in traversing to the shipping sites. Given that omnichannel solutions are taking commercial activities by storm, keep yourself updated by tracking warehouse activities. Track every item moved in or out of the warehouse, thus reducing the difference between actual inventory and virtual inventory.  Along with this, build the capability to process orders in bulk and reduce operational costs.

  • Ensure the Best Logistic Services

If you are not employing the fulfillment services by Amazon (FBA), then you need to make sure that you choose a logistics provider available at hand. You need to have a system that provides you the best logistic service and shipment partner because international shipping requires its own sweet time. You need to be prepared well in advance to make timely delivery.

  • Leverage Technology for Shipment Status

Whether you choose FBA or fulfill orders on your own, you need to keep track of the orders. It doesn’t get over with just tracking the status of customer’s orders. You also have to track the shipment of your stock from manufacturers so that you can optimize your warehouse well in advance.

  • Hasslefree Order Returns Management

International selling can grow intimidating if you are unable to manage order returns. The volume of returns from multi-channels poses a tough challenge to manage the returns impeccably. Courier returns or returns to the point of origin, and customer-initiated returns need to be differentiated with a proper procedure. The best way to manage order returns is to automate the order returns management process. When you have a centralized panel to manage returns across all sales channels, it improves your overall profit as well as the customer’s experience.

Unicommerce is your one-stop solution for all your supply chain operations and to help you get ready for the international market. Along with that, you can also tap into additional marketplaces as we have 200+ integrations with leading marketplaces and logistics providers. Align your business now with Unicommerce and spread your horizon in the international market place. 

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