Measurable Operational Data leads to excellent management. Learn how with Unicommerce.


Jan 4, 2018 | E-commerce Industry

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The simpler the explanation of operations is, the critical it is to an organisation’s success. Achieving efficiency in supply chain processes is a strategically important requirement for the companies. It is almost an impossible task to manage the operations without relying on data. An accurate and timely data boost the operational function and yield more profits and gain more market share.

Unicommerce can play a vital role in simplifying data generation and synchronisation across all the SCM stages and help excellent management of businesses.

The data should be measurable and assured of accuracy, actuality and reliability to be able to make a difference to the efficiency of the operations.

The manual data update has some significant drawbacks. Such as,

  • Erroneous input of data
  • Duplication
  • The omission of information as it needs to be updated with all other software.
  • Delay in data recording

The 4 pillars of effective operations management are

  • Data generation
  • Data retrieval
  • Data synchronisation
  • Data Analysis

The above catalysts backed with exact, timely and dependable data, fuel the supply chain functions to reach optimum efficiency. Unicommerce’s automated software platforms provide seamless assistance in data handling.

Data Generation

Uniware captures data from 40+ marketplaces, orders from various channels, warehouse, online and offline stores, vendors and logistics companies about sales, pending orders and deliveries, goods movement, stock availability etc.

Data Retrieval

What is equally important with generated data is its systematic presentation. A single window data display presents every detail regarding each product category and channel for the quick and easy data view.

Data Synchronisation

The data is synchronised across all the software platforms in real-time. You can get up-to-date information about anything related to your operations on your finger-tip by just a click. Accurate and actual data reflects the present market scenario, stock levels across all the channels (online and offline), and thereby helps in planning and strategising of inventory levels and order fulfilment process.

Data Analysis

Analysing and deriving key contributors and correctors become s hassle-free as the systems generate accurate data in an easy-to-understand format. The businesses can review daily, weekly and monthly reports within seconds or at any given time.


The centralised and automated software platforms project actual data in real-time, ruling out the foggy details on sales figures and stock levels from manually updated systems. The centralised management improves productivity and profits margins.

A quantifiable data help measure the efficacy of end-to-end operations across all the functions. Integration of information on all levels speeds up the customer deliveries and raise productiveness of administration of supply chain process while utilising the tangible and intangible resources optimally. The data helps the businesses to have a robust management framework to meet the business challenges and opportunities adequately.