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Are you wondering how to launch your Direct to Consumer operations? 

Thinking about going hyperlocal and incorporating omnichannel in your customer experience?

Looking for the best tools for automation and ways to digitize your business post Covid-19 era?

To answer all these questions and much more, Unicommerce presents to you SARAL- India’s First ever Mega Virtual eCommerce Summit, set to unveil on 30th May bringing in 500+ brands, retailers, eCommerce sellers, 25+ eCommerce experts in an 8-hour extensive knowledge-driven interaction.

The need behind SARAL

Moving into the new reality of a world connecting people beyond borders, through online medium all from the comfort of their homes, this summit is brought to you all with the thought of enabling your business to continue scaling up with the help of well tested and highly effective strategies and solutions that our panellists will share.

We understand that it has become imperative to explore e-commerce for your business, especially post Covid-19, and this is why SARAL would be hosting 25+ speakers, who come with a strong background of years of experience from various parts of the eCommerce industry to cater to the requirements of sellers, retailers, brands, SMEs, and Enterprises.

This blog will walk you through the entire process of SARAL which includes 5 extensive session discussions with unique topics in each one of them and gives insights on the entire agenda of the virtual summit. With all the information in your hand, you’ll be able to easily select the sessions that align well with your requirements or you can choose to attend all!!

Both ways, you will be able to witness a great event from where you will come out well informed and fully equipped with the knowledge to decide the best course for your business. 

Unveiling our Proud Partnership

Here are the best in business eCommerce brands and businesses who will grace this event with their powerful association in making SARAL an even bigger success.

Get Inspired by 25+ Thought Leaders

Take a look at the 25+ outstanding industry leaders that will be a part of the panel for SARAL and share their ideas and insights on various pain points surrounding the new norms and methods of doing business.

Complete Session Details

SARAL will commence in the form of multiple sessions and various experts from all around the eCommerce industry will share one single screen from all parts of the country to indulge in highly knowledgeable and insightful discussions with the participants. 

Beginning the summit, Kapil Makhija, CEO Unicommerce will share his keynote and welcome all the panellists and introduce SARAL to all the attendees.

The entire session agenda is as follows: 


The first of 5 sessions will be a panel discussion and 75 minutes long. Thought leaders from the Frontend, Delivery, Payments, Customer Engagement and Performance Marketing industries will share their intricate insights on Direct to Customer E-commerce: The anatomy of building a successful eCommerce brand’

The panellists from each brand representing these industries will include:

  1. Sandeep Komaravelly  – Director -International Growth, Shopify
  2. Parinay Itkan – Co-Founder, Shyplite
  3. Vedanarayanan Vedantham -Director-SME, Razorpay
  4. Raghu Ravinutala – Founder & CEO, Yellow Messenger
  5. Abhishek Shah – Founder, CommerceX


The second session will proceed with presentations on the theme of ‘Optimizing eCommerce presence’. Industry experts from the Marketplace Management,eCommerce Marketing, Payments, Influence Marketing and Logistics industries will be a part of this session which will last for 75 minutes.

The panellists from each brand representing these industries will include:

  1. Amit Monga – Co-founder, ANS Commerce
  2. Anshuk Aggarwal – Co-founder & CEO, Adyogi
  3. Gaurav Shisodia – Director, Payoneer
  4. Deepesh Jain – Head of Growth, Wobb
  5. Rhitiman Majumder – Founder & CEO, Pickrr


The third session will include industry pioneers from with discussions on the theme of ‘eCommerce Automation: The perfect toolkit for growth’. Thought leaders from the Customer Experience, Logistics, Retail ERP, SMB Accounting, Frontend and Middleware will be a part of the panel and the session will last for 75 minutes. The session will talk about key trends observed in different ecosystem areas across 3 phases – Adversity, Revival and Alleviation

The panellists from each brand representing these industries will include:

  1. Rajiv Ramanan – Director, Freshworks
  2. Kapil Makhija – CEO, Unicommerce
  3. Gautam Kapoor – Co-founder, Shiprocket
  4. Prashant Lohia – CEO & Founder, Ginesys
  5. Anshuman Jain – Senior Manager, Shopify
  6. Pugal T – Senior Consultant, Tally


The fourth session will also be live for 75 minutes and will include experts from the Retail ERP & POS, Middleware, Logistics, and payments industries. This panel will commence with talks on ‘Offline-to-Online: The “new normal” in post COVID era’ 

The panellist from each brand representing these industries will include:

  1. Swarndeep Singh – Managing Director, Logic
  2. Sanjeeb Padhee – Head of Sales, Unicommerce
  3. Rohit Gupta – Vice President, Shadowfax
  4. Mohit Gopal – SVP, Strategic Initiative, PayU
  5. Navin Joshua – Co-Founder, Green Honchos


The final session of this summit will involve presentations from the best in business from Logistics, Return Management, Marketplace Management, Middleware talking about ‘Profitable e-commerce operations: bang for the buck!’ and will be 75 minutes long.

The panellist from each brand representing these industries will include:

  1. Shashank Agarwal – Founder, Thirdwatch 
  2. Pranshu Kacholia – Vice President, Click Post
  3. Mohammad Mubashshir – Head SMB, Unicommerce
  4. Sumit Agarwal – Founder, Green Honchos 

Each of these sessions will include a 15-20 minute Q&A part at the end in order for businesses to interact with the panellists and discuss their challenges, shortcomings, and possible solutions to all your questions in order to succeed and bounce back from these tough times.

The summit will be concluded with a thank you note from Sanjeeb Padhee, Head of Sales, Unicommerce to all the designated speakers and attendees.  

With all these influential personalities onboard, you should certainly not miss this incredible chance to be a part of this mega event.

Join us to unlock new possibilities for your business right from the comfort of your homes.