Unicommerce Recognized as Notable Vendor in the Forrester Order Management System Landscape, Q4 2022


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With the e-commerce landscape rapidly changing, more businesses are now adopting advanced technology to increase operational efficiency. Using an Order Management System (OMS) has now become a key part of e-commerce business, enabling them to focus on growth and increased profits.

To help digital businesses compare and choose OMS based on their functionality, Forrester released its Order Management System Landscape Report for Q4 2022. The report identified a set of 24 vendors providing innovative solutions across different stages of order management. And we’re honored to be listed as a notable vendor in this report.

Unicommerce believes in providing multichannel retail businesses with flexible, dynamic, and scaleable order management solutions that help them power their growth. Standing out in this landscape is no small feat, but we’re proud to have earned this distinction. We ensure that our order management solution offers unprecedented flexibility and scalability with a commitment to elevating the post-purchase experience.

OMS Features that Contributed to Our Success

unicommerce order management system features

Order management systems (OMS) can be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses in the e-commerce space. It helps decrease operational costs, increase productivity and streamline operations. Unicommerce’s OMS is no exception and offers customizable features that adapt to business e-commerce needs.

Forrester overview identifies Unicommerce OMS specialty use cases as pick and pack orders for fulfillment, support international selling, and manage store inventory, receiving, cycle counting.

Our centralized Order Management System manages orders in bulk over multiple channels, such as offline stores, online marketplaces, carts, and D2C websites.

We enable quick order fulfillment for businesses by facilitating the following:

  • Efficient order processing through hundreds of channels
  • Improved product visibility and performance
  • Reducing the risk of errors in order processing
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with plenty of seamless integrations

How Unicommerce Can OMS Help You Achieve Higher Operational Efficiency?

Unicommerce OMS is the right choice if you want to improve your business’s operational effectiveness. Here is why:

  • Your business will never run out of stock thanks to automated order placement for out-of-stock products.
  • Get a single scan to create an invoice that is tax-compliant.
  • Businesses can generate shipping and regulatory forms for all orders with our OMS in just one go.
  • Get access to simplified order manifest generation leading to convenient and faster order dispatches.
  • For precise order tracking, businesses can enable automatic emails to customers.
  • Integrate an ERP system to process orders effortlessly and manage them on a unified panel.
  • Manage order returns seamlessly with a comprehensive returns management system.

Unicommerce’s Vision for the Future

The market is changing rapidly as more people are turning to e-commerce for their everyday needs. Being the market leader, Unicommerce’s vision for the future is to simplify e-commerce selling for online sellers, retailers, and brands across the globe.

The mission of the Unicommerce team is to make e-commercing easy, efficient, and profitable. We are focused on providing large brands with a unified platform that enables them to seamlessly sell their products across multiple channels and boost business sales.

About Unicommerce

Unicommerce eSolutions is India‘s largest e-commerce focused supply chain SaaS technology platform. Founded in 2012, Unicommerce provides businesses with integrated software for multichannel selling, order management, inventory management, and warehouse management. The solution is designed to meet the business needs of e-commerce and e-tailers across sectors and has served over 20,000 satisfied customers globally.

We are currently present in ten countries across the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and African markets with 50+ international clients. Unicommerce currently manages over 3000+ stores and 8000+ warehouses and processes over 600 Mn+ transactions annually, amounting to USD 7Bn+ GMV.

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